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  1. When did that happen? I recall Reagan blew their navy out of the water and we haven’t heard from them until Obama appeased them. This lady sounds like the SJWs who seem to know how the police could have avoided shooting an armed mentally ill suspect.

  2. How refreshing to see a political figure in the Democratic Party talk about policy aims and have a dialogue about solutions rather than the old 'Orange man bad' mantra that is driving people away from the Democratic Party .

  3. Military industrial complex is like an oil industry.

    We have tech to replace it. But we make business of destroying the earth/humanity.

  4. for those that dont know BRAC was the cause of Clinton's reduction in the Deficit/Debt..
    so when lieberals cheer what Clinton did he didnt do anything, it was BRAC shutting down military bases saving money and he had nothing to do with it..
    he even lied when campaigning , he told every base he gave a campaign stump, he will not shut the base down…. I was at McClellan AFB when he said that..
    I kept telling everyone he had nothing to do with it, he cant stop it..
    they laughed at me, but it was I who was laughing at them when they got either relocated or lost their job..
    Clinton getting idiots to vote for him, their families and relatives thinking it would save their job..
    Actually he never told a lie, he stated a FACT he didnt close the bases down, it was BRAC..
    he mislead people to think he could save their jobs..

  5. According to the latest news on income. The top 1% since 1989 (the last 30 years), they have had a 21 trillion dollar increase in their income. The lower 50% has lost over 800 billion in their income. I think maybe she can change this direction it has been going for a long while.

  6. I wish you knew her, her history, her current beliefs, her family as I do. As a resident of Hawaii for 47 years, don't let this woman fool you. I guarantee you'll regret it. She's one of the most manipulative, opportunistic and dishonest people I've ever had the misfortune to encounter. Please do your homework, read reputable sources, don't depend on her words, they are as changeable as the weather.

  7. I like this lady, Tulsi, and agree with many of her views, but on the issue marijuana, cocaine, etc. I see a flaw in her thinking. I can't argue with her view that if people want to use marijuana, cocaine, and other drugs they should be able to use them; however, I do not agree that when these people who choose to use these drugs end up sick and unable to look after themselves that the rest of us have to pay to get them rehabilitated. It's inconsistent. They want to use drugs, fine. They get sick let them die. Don't tax the rest of us!

  8. On medicare choice, it sounds good, but look what the government has done with social security. I don't trust the government to run anything efficiently. Tulsi may have good intentions, but if you want something to get screwed up, give it to the government.

  9. She is great. It's too bad the world has islam, china, Russia, and, and, and in it…..can't have a female president just yet. too bad, but that's reality

  10. She seems really down to earth and reasonable, but I've heard her talk about stupid liberal talking points like reparations and racism and climate change, and all 3 of those topics are bullshit. The government should NOT be in charge of ANY INDUSTRY especially healthcare.

    The federal government RUINS EVERYTHING they touch! We should talk about REAL problems in America, I dont care about Iraq or Afghanistan or any other country. We need to rebuild America.

    Rebuild our bridges and roads, take care of OUR children, let's clean up our country first. We need to take power AWAY from the federal government, not give them more. Our programs should make sense and we need to turn a profit instead of going in debt.

  11. Most sympathetic candidate for the Democrats.
    Still i am anti gun control and minimum wage.
    Her argument that cost of living in NY and California is skyrocketing just put the link in my head of Demo's running these states..

  12. I was surprised when I asked my dad, if a Democrat would win in 2020, who would you pick? He said Tulsi. Tulsi is the only democrat who will bring the country together.

  13. Curious if anyone will mention the BILLIONS being given away by the FED everday to the banks who supposedly have trillions in assets?

  14. Gabbard is an unrepentant war criminal who deserves to be hanged for treason. She openly violated her oath to "defend the constitution" by willingly and actively participating in an illegal, unconstitutional war. Until she publicly apologizes for her crimes, I wouldn't allow her to shine my shoes, let alone vote for her. Males need to ignore their dicks and her looks and base their judgment of her on the FACTS presented above.

  15. Everything she said was pretty good for a democrat. Except her comments on the minimum wage is completely inane. Its hard for me to take any of her economic policies seriously when she believes such economic crockery. Why don't we just change the minimum wage to $30 and hour so everyone can have a comfortable life.

  16. She is not seeing the bigger picture. The goal of all these illegal interventions was not to help people there, but to exert control over that region. Iran is not a threat at all, unless you realize that a reason for attacking all these countries and now targeting Iran is because all of them were ready to ditch dollar from international settlements which is the real threat to US as its economy would collapse if dollar was not the only world reserve currency. Simple reasoning says, if US attacked Iraq, Lybia and now Iran, why not Saudi Arabia which is the worst of them all.

  17. Drugs costs are absolutely higher than any other country to subsidize big pharma vacations, CEO salaries, and the lobbies for them in Washington. The EpiPen has gone from $100 for a two-pack in 2009 to $708 today. Mylan raised EpiPen prices "to get filthy rich at the expense of Americans.

  18. Insulin was a Canadian invention. Charles Best, Frederic Banting, J. B. Colip, J. J. R. Mcleod. Banting and Mcleod won the Nobel for it.

  19. Insulin: discovered in Canada.

    On college costs… the student already has "skin-in-the-game", $1.5trillion in outstanding student loans. But, just as in health care, the customer has no real bargaining power, no real influence on the price of the product. Many foreign gov'ts have shown that through gov't, voters can have such influence. US gov'ts, however, don't seem to be very good at holding the line on costs (it could be regulatory capture, it could be that voters just don't care about cost, it could be that politicians prefer to shirk the work of regulating and instead just propose not regulating).

  20. Coconut Milk mommy is not going to make good decisions in office but she is pretty. Her good foreign policy ideas do not make up for her foolish other policies that appear to be from the far left. No thanks, but her face is really pretty for a politician.

  21. Hello, everyone 😉 Affordability is only part of the problem! Healthcare in America is a vast industry, and because of that, it is very difficult for the patient and for the Healthcare entity, treating you to navigate through… Also, because it is a huge industry, unfortunately, it is very corrupt, and it is corrupted by insurance companies who are driven by great wealth! To keep that wealth, they deny coverage at the worst possible times to the most vulnerable, and to make matters worse, they have a significant corruptive influence over our politicians – that can not be a good thing. So when you are corrupted and have great power and wealth, they will say and do anything… So with that said, Tulsi Gabbard or any other inferior plan keeps them in the game, and when you have such great evil, it's nature is always to devour the good… For me personally, another reason why I'm for Bernie's plan is that the insurance will come directly from the government and not from the employer. It is not right that something so personal and vital comes from someone that already has power over you! I can relate to this because this happened to me; I stood in a job that I hated for years because I needed the insurance for my family, and not every job offers coverage for your family so I was stuck in an abusive environment until I could get myself out of there… I can see why some depressed person goes postal, just saying… These are some of the crucial reasons why I'm for Bernie's plan 😉

  22. I am grateful for this in-depth interview John. Tulsi is brilliant and you come off, to be polite, less than smart about what is going on in America and the world.

  23. The economy does not need workers it can all be automated so giving a minimum wage of 15$ to hypothetical non existent job is irrational what you need to do is tax every banking automated machine and every mcdonald automatic cashier and every automated process need to be taxed and the money given back to people.

  24. If the Dems throw her under the bus like they did with Bernie in 2016 people should write her name in on the ballot. She is easily far and above ALL the other candidates in the race. As far as minimum wage – riaising it won't do any god unless you guarantee a 40 hour work week too.

  25. John i really hope when you said people have two jobs because they want more stuff was not serious and just an interview tactic to get a response from Tusli. Nobody works 2 jobs because they want to. They have 2 jobs because they want to survive. What's the point of having more stuff if you have no time off to enjoy it?

  26. It is so obvious from this interview that Yang and Gabbard are almost 100% aligned. If one wins the nomination, the other would be the clear VP choice.

  27. I like her attitude. I wished she was a libertarian. She has some good points, but she misses that the money has got to come from somewhere. I don’t see the fiscal responsibility a politician needs to have.

  28. so much hypocrisy. She claims to be a follower of Bhagavad-gita–techings of Lord Krsna but at the same time she support the right of a woman to choose–e.i. abortion, the killing of innocent human beings. This not acceptable. This is disgusting on her part to promote her political ambition hiding behind the religious identity that she is misrepresenting. Horrible!!!!!!!

  29. Tulsi gabbard is a puppet, if she were really so virtuous, she would tell of the real reasons behind these wars we get into, they are all about maintaining hegemony. Destroying any nation that challenges the petrodollar. Overthrowing legitimate governments to install our own US lapdogs and central banks. That our world monetary system is controlled by evil Zionist banking dynasties. That almost every president in the past century is guilty of heinous war crimes. She was invited to the Council of Foreign Relations meeting. Just as every president was. Selected by globalist elites. She is just another horse in the race.

  30. You freaking people can't see a trojan horse when it is right in front of you! Every corrupt politician blows this same smoke up your asses every 4 years and you eat it up. "She's so well spoken and genuine sounding" Obama was too, he also said he was gonna bring "Change". He bombed more innocent people than any prior president. You are all fools! Open your eyes!

  31. She was the most "moderate" of all the Democrat candidates. But she lost me with supporting "Universal Background Checks", re-implementing the "Assault Weapon Ban", and free college tuition for all. Tulsi, you took an oath as a military officer to uphold the Constitution, which includes the 2nd Amendment. What happened?

  32. "T" :  TRUTH & nothing but the truth …
    "U" :  UNITY for US and for the world …
    "L" :  LOVE for the people & the planet …
    "S" :  SERVICE above self …
    "I" :  INTEGRITY, no PAC $ …
     🙌 TULSI !
    The president of our hearts …

  33. Tulsi is a Complete Fraud. She said she served two terms in Iraq. Yet not once has she mentioned Depleated Urainium. For 20 years America has waged a limited NUCLEAR WAR. Our Brave boys and girls as well as IRAQI have died of cancer no thyroids they have contaminated their families. Their Babies Born with no legs no arms no eyes no brains. Only Radiation destroys DNA AND RNA the building blocks of Life. Humans Animals Plants. Tulsi cares about the Troops like HERO Mc Cain Did ( Another FRAUD war hero ) Screw Her. POS Sellout!!!

  34. I love the balanced way in which you conduct your interviews!! Also she needs to be the nominee. I'm for Trump, but shes a close Second in my mind.

  35. I wish you asked her about the 2nd ammendment. I could possibly support her even with the social program views she has but she supports gun control and that is an absolute no go for me.

  36. Tulsi Gabbard is literally the only Democratic Candidate to even consider voting for, just because she is willing to talk about all the topics.
    I disagree with more then half of what she had to say, but she seems to be the most honest and wants the best for America.

    My main disagreements are;
    1- Entering back into the Iran deal and paying them billions of $$$ to not go nuclear. Bad idea. Tariffs and withholding products and Services have always worked and cost use nothing.

    2- To not wipe out the ISIS Caliphate with our Allies just doesn’t make any sense and we have achieved that, except for small pockets of resistance. We must continue to wipe out Terrorist no matter where they are.

    3- Cutting our Military budget was insane by Obama and the reason the cost is high today is to get us back to the point of Defending Ourselves against China & Russia. To think that we must cut here is not in the Best interest of our Country.
    Russia didn’t comply with Obama’s reduction in Nuclear Warheads except on the bigger, long range missiles, as they kept the 1500 short range warheads, which are a threat to our Allies, whom Gabbard didn’t mention.

    4- The cost of Medicare for All will far outweigh the current spending, even when allowing Families to keep their workplace Insurance. If they do this, then every employee who decides to keep their insurance should get their share as a Stipend to pay their part of their workplace insurance.

    5- Free College cannot work in a System with Tenured Professors who do not even teach, which is most of them. The real reason College cost more is basic Supply and Demand. If people are willing to pay to go to very expensive Out of State Colleges, then they must pay their own way. By the way, she got it wrong as to who is paid the most at the prolific Division 1 Colleges, where the Head Coaches are the Highest Paid Employees at Colleges and the Students are paying to go to their favorite Sports School, so they pay the price. The pay to all employees at All Colleges that are Not Private and are Federal and State Funded can be found at , this is a website to allow every American to see where there Tax money is Spent.
    On the Flip side, Community College should be the Focus to be Made Free for everyone and basically is based on tax law. Each Student gets a $2,500 tax refund for college, even if they do not pay a dime in taxes. Parents would know this if they do their own taxes & this benefit is given per Student for 4 years. I realize this does not include all the cost of local Community College, but does cover most of it, so raising this value would not be so hard on the economy.

    6- The $15 minimum wage is the worst idea and will and has caused layoffs from Small Businesses. Gabbard stayed that her parents ran a Restaurant where the Kids all helped out. She missed the point that the Family was dependent on their Children’s help, the same way a Farmer is of their Children.

    7- Paying everyone a living wage. I want my part as well even though I make a good living, because I refuse to carry the lazy or uneducated because of their poor choices.
    If you’re a High School Drop out and cant get a decent paying job and have to work 2 jobs to make ends meet, then that is what you have to do. But, you will always have the opportunity to make a decent wage working in Construction as a simple helper and make more then a minimum wage employee, but that is hard work. Again, it comes to choice. We cannot take jobs away from out teenagers and college students because businesses can’t afford to pay the minimum wage to someone not worth $15 an hour. Besides, it is super beneficial for our Children to work while in High School and College, to teach them good Spending, Saving Habits while they are young and it gives them an advantage over all the other lazy kids, when it comes time to go get a real job.

  37. Of all the candidates she is the best. Andrew Yang is good too though I reckon America is not ready to have an Asian face as President. 30 to 50 years from now perhaps.

  38. Im as far right as you can get without being an anarchist. And Tusli is the best democrat running. Still cant vote for her but id lick her clean from head to toe, if you know what i mean.

  39. Tulsi is just a petty face. The only solution to Iran is bombing Tehran into nothing. Nothing short of levelling the entire city will resolve anything. WE MUST DESTROY THEM COMPLETELY! Why are we wasting our time with these imbeciles like Tulsi?

  40. 27:25 Americans should start questioning the govt on prices of health care drugs in USA insulin in India costs less than 1$ for a vial

  41. The latest Democratic debate:
    Warren= 22 mins speaking time
    Gabbard= 8 mins speaking time

    they are systematically silencing her

  42. WE say thiis war was somone ekses and we want war to stop we mustt srop e war iin a=AMERIXA a fiirst.. YYou ppicck oon Lyndsey GGrraahamm,,wheb he is only human the truth is we ssoont know and just because you served your an exxppert,, nnoo your not.

  43. I like Tulsi but when she States that al Qaida is soley responsible for the twin towers(never a word about tower seven) although that the physics of planes bringing those towers down is an impossibility( just proven in a four year study,, as if a person with a brain needed it to be) and that in the vane of fighting terrorism we hap hazardlly invaded Iraq (weapons of mass destruction [lie]) Libya (Bengazi ,,,it was some video by a Californian )a failed attempt in Egypt because the Egyptian people know bullshit when they smell it.. now there's an un holy alliance between iseral ,Saudis and our country killing the Yemenis( crickets) and even though the couldn't sell us chemical weapons in Syria (and they tried through 2 administration's) now troops are being withdrawn… the Syrians might have a shot for peace… so many lies so many murdered… Tulsi will never get to the cause ,they why,the who… but if she can get the armed forces out of there it will be nothing short of a miracle.. but it really is our job as citizens to bring these boys and girls home…. just fed up

  44. Here is a great video that debunks the Syrian war lies that the US journalist are spreading. So if some one says what about Syria you can have your own what about.

  45. Funding for all the wish list items comes from redirecting away from murdering people in the Middle East and provide for Americans.

  46. Tulsi is the new Ron Paul and would make the best president out of all the candidates – but she missed two major points when discussing the issue with universities in uh'murrica – probably bc to tell the truth about sports is totally taboo! The first issue with insane tuition prices are actually not just the administrative salaries but the fact that in 49 out of 50 states the highest paid state employees are actually the football coaches being paid more than the presidents of the universities and the governors!!! Sports are literally killing america due to all college sports costing the universities between $10-15+ MILLION dollars annually bc no matter how many asses they put in the seats of sports arenas, they still all lose money – mostly due to coach salaries and free-ride scholarships, housing, meal plans, et al for athletes – pushing their tuition bills over into the rest of the student body to pay for! I know this first hand from working in several universities and it's absolutely disgusting – especially given the fact that most people are completely unaware of this fact! Ignorance is bliss…

    The other issue that was omitted is that 85%+ of graduates in America don't even work in the field that they were educated to work in. This is counter to the rest of the world where you HAVE to be trained in the field you were educated in in order to work in that field and crossing over to another field pretty much doesn't happen – at least not without additional training and education in that field. You can't be "xyz" unless you went to uni to be "xyz", or you can't be a mechanic unless you went to college and trained to be a mechanic. But she did get it right when she said that the universities answer to no one and have ZERO accountability – not even to the state governments that run and fund them! There's also the fact that in Europe and most of the rest of the world tuition is free for all universities vs 'murrica where it's a giant tax free corporate business with no accountability to its shareholders [read: taxpayers]!

  47. I wonder who is pulling the strings of the main stream media. Why do they keep pushing Biden and Warren instead of Gabbard?

  48. She says she enlisted after 9/11 to go after al-Qaeda
    What does that say that she bought into all the lies, told by the Bush administration?
    Not, that Saddam was not a bad guy, but he had nothing to do with al-Quaeda and anyway, he was the US puppet in the proxy war against Iran.

    Many didn't have the instinct to join the army after 9/11. I haven't really heard her admit her naivety about geopolitics and US imperialism; just they attacked us lets go find and kill thousands of people because that's how one fights ideology…

    Also, she only focuses on US loss when speaking of the cost. But, US loss was nothing compared to the death and suffering they visited upon the people of Iraq/Afghanistan – innocent people – women and children who had nothing to do with 9/11. Even now the legacy of depleted uranium left behind is causing birth deformities in Iraq, much like the legacy left in Vietnam through agent Orange. and nuclear in Bikini Islands.

  49. I like her a lot!

    I don't agree with everything she believes but she seems very reasonable and level headed. I think she could be a deceant leader. She doesn't seem to be a fake Hillary type or a far leftists AOC type either, which is great!

    I would definitely vote for her over Trump and I think I could feel comfortable with her as president.

  50. Every sit down interview she does, she comes across as such a refreshing difference from what has become the status quo of political discourse. I disagree with many of her positions, but feel inclined to support her candidacy purely on her intellectual approach.

  51. She mentioned several past presidents that met with dictators from other countries…..except she left out President Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un….the  murderous North Korean dictator like his father….Gee I wonder why….

  52. A huge part of our homeless population became that way because they took drugs. A large number of mothers who have had their children taken away from social services lost their children because they decided to take drugs. A large number of violence is committed by people high on drugs. A large number of thefts are the result of unemployed people stealing to support their drug habit. These people are unemployed because drugs have made them unable to work. Who knows what the adverse effects are of second hand marijuana smoke on children? How much brain damage occurs because of drugs? How many children take Marijuana because their parents do? Tulsi pretends that taking drugs is a free choice that doesn't hurt other people but it does. Drugs such as crack have devastated communities. Education can only go so far. There has to be deterrence. Tulsi ought to know that that's what the military does. There has to be penalties for drug use. There have to be measures to keep people off of drugs.

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