Student Government Constitution Amendments
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Student Government Constitution Amendments

October 14, 2019

Hey, thanks so much for taking a minute to vote for these to important revisions. The first change that we would like to make is the addition of two Student Government positions. First is the Vice President of Clubs and Organizations. This position helps students start and manage: clubs, their events, and projects. Previously, there was only one Club Senator that played this role, but Clubs recently became more active and engaged, and it became necessary to create an entire board with a head, such as the VP of Clubs and and Organizations, to better serve students and the club leaders. The second position is the Vice President of Activities, who leads the Activities board. Activities board consists of six coordinators who plan events for all students, on and off campus, each with a specific topic focus. Having a position designed just to lead this board, makes it more organized and creates better events for students. The second change that we would like to make, is to the number of signatures required on a petition to amend the Constitution. As a student at-large, If you felt it were necessary to change the Constitution, you could start a petition, and with the signatures of 25 percent, of Pierce College Puyallup students, the amendments could go to the vote of the student body. However, Student Government feels that 10 percent makes this option more accessible to students, and therefore, this is the change that we would like to make.

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