Student Parliament Nov 2017
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Student Parliament Nov 2017

November 29, 2019

Hi, name is Alisha and today we
have been at the Natspec Student Parliament and we have talked about a
lot of topics. First we talked about accessibility which I found quite
interesting because we spoke about different opinions which we learned a lot from each other. Hello, my name is Harvey and
I’m a student at Hereward College. Today I will be I will be talking
to you about what happened at conference – and what we spoke about in the
conference is that I and Callum did a presentation about pavement parking,
because we’re trying to raise awareness for people not to park on pavements. Hi, I’m Dan Baxter – I’m a development consultant for the National Union of Students (NUS), and for the last three years I’ve been working with some specialist
colleges who are members of NUS to improve our accessibility, and the work
that we do with them. Over the last year I’ve worked with Natspec to develop a
Student Voice Parliament, that is led by students on each of their campuses – we
meet together once every term so that students from those colleges have the
chance to have their voices heard and to work together to fix issues they might
be having on their campus, in their personal lives or in
their local communities, and we’ll continue to work with them as a

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