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Students Against Gun Violence

October 28, 2019

– Today we have a student gun violence summit which is where students from all over
the country are coming together to talk about how gun violence
affects them individually and as a community— and that’s how students are affected mentally,
physically, and emotionally by gun violence. – Most of the people who are here are in
some way a survivor of gun violence. – Every student here
has a different story of what they’ve experienced and
what they’ve gone through. School shootings, robberies, domestic violence… – To fight for real change…
How do we best use that opportunity? There’s too much gun violence
in our schools and in our communities and we’re here to come together as students
and educators and concerned citizens to create a Student Bill of Rights and to help
ensure that our communities and schools are safe. – They should
go to their congressmen, they should go to their governors, they should go to their school boards, and say, “This is what we need.
Can you sign onto this for us?” “Can you give us what we’re
asking for in this bill of rights?” – We need to make this an issue
in voting on November 6th. Your safety, our safety, our schools’ safety. – We can’t do this without our elected officials
standing up for us and listening to us. And if they don’t do that then I guess
we’re going to have to vote them out and elect ourselves. – They brought in the diversity of ideas—
the diversity of the people who were here. It was a perfect mix and I loved it. – People are answering these questions
the way that we want them to, so if you just get them involved
in the political process, you can get whatever you want.
And it’s not as hard as it seems; we’ve had a great success already. – You need to have the mindset of social change. And it’s time for the school systems
and the government to catch up to that. We’re ready for that change. And the union—they’ve realized it, and that’s
why it’s so important for them to be here. – I know that I’ve made connections
that are going to last a lifetime; connections with people who are
going to stay in this movement for as long as it takes to get the work done. That’s what needed to really create
change that starts locally, but then grows into a national movement
and into national change. Friends, not violence! – We’re on our way to changing
Washington, changing policies and changing what school safety
and community safety looks like.

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  1. People who know absolutely nothing about firearms, firearms safety, or even what gun laws are already on the books attempting to tell the rest of us what gun policies should be adopted.

    So often, I see proposed bills that want to outlaw things that are already outlawed. Other times, they want to outlaw things that don't even exist (like guns that cannot be found by metal detectors).

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