Style Frames for Motion Design
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Style Frames for Motion Design

October 20, 2019

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  1. I watch it twice: once to learn the lesson and once to fall asleep to. You have a great voice dude!

  2. Your videos are really helpful for those looking to do motion design professionally. I tend to always skip pre-production and get straight to animating as soon as I have an idea which usually just ends up as an unfinished project file on my computer. Thank you for sharing your process!

  3. I really enjoy your pre-production videos. I am doing a bachelor degree on visual communication where I'm trying to focus on motion graphics, while the main focus of the program is not motion graphics. Your videos help me focus on learning how to create good processes for my projects. Thank you for making these videos, looking forward to the next one!

  4. Thanks for all of the great tutorials! Don't mind me suggesting you use trim paths on your runaway eyebrow. Much love!

  5. i love this design stuff reminds me a lot of the design course i took at school of motion it was such an eye opener on how to properly go about creating designs.

  6. Also another way to export them for clients is exportthem as a pdf so anyone can scroll through it its also a popular approach to present work that I learned from school of motion design bootcamp.

  7. Liked the video but you have a hair of you eyebrow that is a little too long a very distracting. Love the video though

  8. really amazing video and so useful, keep going please, you help us to improve our works to be like professional people, many thanks also for milanote , it is so amazing website and it is so organized website , many thanks

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