Success: Parliament sends copyright plans back to the drawing board
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Success: Parliament sends copyright plans back to the drawing board

November 16, 2019

We did it! Together, we have shown today that important decisions about the future of the internet can not be made behind closed doors. But: The fight is far from over. What we have achieved today is that the entire Parliament will have a debate in September and will vote on changes to this copyright reform. So we must be vigilant We cannot stop the public pressure now The Parliament is going on summer recess so we can take a little breather of a few weeks but it will be back at the end of August So I’m calling upon all of you who have supported the and SaveYourInternet campaigns to get together for an action day on August 26th, which is the Sunday before the Parliament is back in session Together, all over Europe we can send a clear signal that the public is still watching and that we will not accept a copyright reform that includes upload filters or the link tax But now, let’s celebrate, and we’ll see each other soon!

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  1. A true hero of the people and of the internet. Thank you so much Julia! Today we have shown that Europe is not Iran, Syria, or Communist China.

  2. Ist das ein Aprilscherz?
    Really? Dank Dir Julia!
    Wie kann man Dich denn nun politisch unterstützen, wo Du nicht mehr bei den Piraten bist?
    Lieben Gruß

  3. Ganz dicht bist du mädel nicht du sitzt nicht im Parlament deine Haare haben ein Schimmer, grüne leihnwand. Fick dich alte

  4. Wohl ne fake nazi piratinnen wa! Die hier bitcoin miming und etherium miming betreiben. Ihr seid noch dümmer als die Polizei, dabei seid ihr Hexen, schämt euch ihr trottel mach mal was anständiges als Blackhat hacking dafür bist du zu dumm ey….

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