Summer Research – Forest Composition
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Summer Research – Forest Composition

August 25, 2019

So I’m Beth Lynch. I’m an associate
professor in the biology department at Luther. My name is Savannah Wilson, umm, biology major with an environmental focus. So this summer Savannah and I are conducting a
plant survey, umm, to document all of the different plant species that live at
Finch Memorial Hardwoods Preserve, which is part of the US Fish and Wildlife
Service Driftless Area Refuge. We’re also focusing on, in this reserve, there’s a really interesting micro-environment created by the Algific Talus slope. What makes summer research at Luther special is that you get to, as a
professor, work with students in a much more hands-on, intensive way than
you ever do in a classroom. You’re just in a completely different
environment. So, during school we’re in the fall, winter, and spring, where here you’re
in the summer, and that’s a completely different environment from what I’m used to. So specifically with my research, it opens up new plants that I wouldn’t
normally see during the school year. I’ve known Savannah since she was a
freshman. Umm, she was in my intro bio lab and
expressed interest in plants, and, since I’m a botanist I thought that was pretty
great, and when the opportunity to work at Finch came up she was sort of an
obvious person to, umm, to do the work, because she has the skills. I’m doing this to not only
learn more about the natural areas of Decorah and Bluffton, but also to get more experience in the field, hopefully turning this around
to like maybe future research opportunities through like grad school
potentially, or even just like outside of school, working for other companies.

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