Supreme Court Hears First 2nd Amendment Case In A Decade | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
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Supreme Court Hears First 2nd Amendment Case In A Decade | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

December 5, 2019

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  1. I have a question for the gun lovers out there.Would you trust me to come into your house,let's say as a plumber,with a loaded gun in my pocket ?

  2. All the violence you described is why l have guns – trust me , your fists aren't any good against a criminal who DOES have one of the millions of stolen guns . "Shall not be infringed" & l'm NOT giving mine up ! That's talk from the Elite who fear & loathe the general public and perceive an un-armed public as easier to "CONTROL" , NO thanks ! Crime rate would explode and our predatory injustice system would be the primary beneficiary … Leaders are HUMAN and are prone to do HUMAN THINGS ! So the 2nd is to keep any anti-democracy ldeas at bay , also ! Thank you ✌

  3. Guns don`t shoot people. People shoot people esp in the inner cities with illegal guns. BTW all those cities re ru by democRATS!

  4. At least 90% of the American people have spoken, and we have stated that we want to see better and safer gun legislation passed.  So why are Republicans and the NRA holding the entire country hostage?
    The problem with republicans is that they couldn't care less about what happens to Americans, well, that is until it affects them, or one of their loved ones.

    Republican Mike Turner announced his support for a ban on sales of “military style weapons” following the deadly mass shooting in downtown Dayton Ohio after he discovered his daughter was close to being one of the casualties.

    “I believe these are necessary steps forward in protecting our country and a testament to American values, which include protecting human life,” Turner, said in a statement

    Turner, a Dayton native, said he would also support legislation placing restrictions on high-capacity magazines as well as so-called red-flag laws, which allow police and family members to “quickly identify people who are dangerous and remove their ability to harm others.

    Turner made this statement after he found out that his teenage daughter was across the street from the shooting that night and she had just missed being out on the street when the shooting started by just seconds.

    So now all of a sudden he cares. He should have cared back in 2012 when 20 babies were cut down with an assault rifle.

  5. More guns is not the answer for a country already besieged with gun violence. That's like saying more heroin is the answer to the heroin epidemic.
    It's also like saying "ignorance is strength."

  6. I live in a Blue Second Amendment State and it's confusing sometimes, some people are so responsible while others are freaking ignorant, I do have a rifle but I really want a crossbow partly because of the controversy.

  7. The British tried to take the guns from the common man and there was a shoot heard around the world. To bad it wasnt a shoot heard throughout time. Only Nazis and fascists want to regulate guns out of the hands of common men.

  8. The next generation of weapons the government will provide to law enforcement and military will make guns in the hands of the public passé !
    Today, if you are a criminal or bystander with a gun and a LEO sees it in your hand, YOU ARE DEAD! They shoot until you drop the gun or you stop moving. Proving guns are DANGEROUS!

  9. money buys a lot of poluticians and then the lobbyists need to be paid back. VOTE GOP-GRIFTER OLIGARCH PARTY OUT!!! VOTE BLUE IN EVERY BOX IN 2020. SAVE DEMOCRACY FOR ALL! VOTE BLUE.

  10. The only MSNBCannibal that cannot be defeated by a gun is Andrea chainsaw Greenspan who easily chainsaw deflects bullets when under fire ..

  11. 2nd amendment is you right! For ever time their shooting you can’t blame law abiding citizen for someone else’s crime!

  12. NYC changed the rules only after SCOTUS took the case, because they were clearly afraid of losing. Such tactics and trickery should not be tolerated by the higher courts. The court should listen to the case on the merits, and also sanction NYC for this crooked move.

  13. The American people should ALL have the right to protect themselves in this day and age with the ownership of a gun !
    We are vulnerable to be attacked on a grand scale and we should be able to protect our families !

  14. The scum recently added to the Supreme Court, like Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, will do exactly what their political puppet masters tell them to do.

  15. Notice that she stated that 1:30 that, London has stricter gun laws there was a terrorist attack! The key word is terrorist! Which means they don't care about the law! Which means, gun laws are not the problems it's the people they will do anything to get their hands on whatever weapon they need to terrorize hence the word….☝😎

  16. America leads the world in gun violence & gun murders (40,000 per yr), suicide & gun ownership. We are #1 in this respect by far.

  17. With Republicans controlling the Supreme Court, they can now push their agenda of murder, corruption, and installing an authoritarian government.

  18. Still waiting for all those Second Amendment supporters to take arms against a corrupt and tyrannical government.
    Unless all those people are actually just hypocrites who don't actually believe in the Second Amendment but just want to be allowed to murder people.

  19. As a Jewish American I am pro second amendment. All gun laws are unconstitutional and unamerican. Only tyrants and nazis want to disarm the population. In fact tyrant always do, Hitler certainly disarmed the Jews. I will not stand for tyranny, I am a free man. Only slaves are disarmed!

  20. OMG, don’t let the Supreme Court get ahold of a 2A issue, it’s just political now.

    Translated: This will take gun control in the wrong direction, per the gun control crowd.

    Well, you Gun control people want to make cases. More need to go to the Supreme Court. If I was a wealthy New Yorker, it should be open season. Virtually every law New York has needs to be reviewed for it’s Constitutional merit.

  21. If we cannot have common sense gun laws that placers limits to increase our safety, then outlaw them all. The constitution can be amended, should it be? I am not willing to settle for the status quo.

  22. So they want people to be able to bring a gun to a maga rally? America is broken snd may have no way back after the trump presidency. Im done with it

  23. The GOP supports states rights unless you live in a blue state. They use the SC to pass legislation that no one but the Federalist Society and their billionaire so-called think-tank sponsors demand to secure their power over American citizens. The majority of Americans want to live in a peaceful society, not one full of angry, ignorant, misled people who are all slinging guns. The GOP needs to be removed from office immediately, along with Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and especially, John Roberts.

  24. What about all the weapons that zombie corpse Pelosi runs thrru ratlines and funding isis with Hillary hooking up NK with all their nukes?

  25. The issue is the Constitution’s Second Amendment: A well regulated Militia,being necessary to the security of a free state,…shall not be infringed.
    The US Supreme Court, being a coequal branch in government, can weigh in where the Executive and Legislative branches have been barren on regulations.

  26. Would be blatant infringement of the 2nd amendment, what part of "well regulated" is so difficult to understand, to undermine a state, city, or local municipality to regulate as they see fit, would be exactly that… Tony Baloney already has infringed on the 2nd of course, so I say the 2nd should be considered invalidated.

  27. Clearly the way forward for the US is pass a law that makes it a requirement for all residents over the age of 12 to carry a fully loaded gun st all times. Just think how safe everyone would feel.

  28. This is the main thing keeping me from being a democrat. I love guns. And if you start a war on guns you're just gonna create a deadly black market for it, more deadly than what we see now. But whatever.

  29. so, what, they're done with the DACA case, or it is just on hold so than get in a ruling first that would allow them to be shot instead?

  30. If you genuinely believe in the thin blue line & support law enforcement, you should also believe in laws that take guns out of reckless/unstable hands. The extent to which the population is armed is what makes policing so dangerous. SCOTUS and the NRA pushing the system way off balance isn't helping, either. Now it's basically come down to a need for individuals to arm themselves and dispense street justice when cornered, because government at most levels (especially local) has lost control of the weapons situation.

    There's really only one direction all of this can go if you follow the inertia of the system to its logical end. It's a future where cops are in even more danger as proliferation occurs among the brainless masses, and eventually the repeat shootings and disorder will force some kind of massive crackdown. This could easily begin as an issue of police attempting to retake gang-controlled neighbourhoods.

    Abandoning the concept of keeping a sensible buffer in place in the form of 'reasonable gun control' could easily force public opinion past the breaking point — and well into a constitutional amendment — somewhere down the line. I think, though, that as a general rule this largely comes down to public awareness and perception of the violence. There's a chance things might already be halfway there.

    Congress, of course, can't be bothered to consider any of this because many of them have been off collecting paychecks from the NRA and the arms industry — a phenomenon that's been repeatedly documented across numerous elections now. Go ahead, check out OpenSecrets.

  31. We already know what's gonna happen next…When the court decides to not hear the case, New York fascists will roll out a similar law infringing on gun rights. Scotus should hear the case anyway to keep unconstitutional lawmakers at bay.

  32. The awe and unreflective respect for the amendment as something god given and divine has to stop. It’s an almost 250 year old document!!!!!
    Haven’t America evolved since then? What if it said something else? For 40.000 people to jump off a bridge every year?,..

  33. I am â Londoner. All the idiots suggesting that lives could have been saved on London Bridge with guns are…Well, think of stupid squared. Anyways. We have Narwhal tusks, fire extinguishers and fists. Because the terrorists haven't guns.

  34. Your "expert" is an anti white racist MSNBC?
    Why not get a kluxer for balance.? I am sure the DNC still has their contact numbers.

  35. Very bad comparison! the terrorist who killed 2 people with a knife was already convicted for terrorism and he would never be allowed to own guns. If you want to get an illegal gun, you can get it… Here and anywhere pretty much.

  36. Its not moot – basically what what the left has been doing is getting away with WHATEVER they felt like because the Supreme Court was not acting. Then when the Supreme Court said they'd take a look at this case, NY quickly changed the law in attempts to not have their law that violated the constitution, held up to the light of scrutiny.


  37. New York changed the law after the SCOTUS took up the case because they KNEW it was unconstitutional, and that it would be struck down. Same thing happened in DC, when the city had their "Good Reason" restriction for CCW permits overturned. They decided not to appeal to the SCOTUS because they knew this law was unconstitutional, and had a good chance of being struck down.

    That being said, I think the Anti gun side is putting too much hype behind this case. Likely it will be a narrow ruling that will repeal this blatantly unconstitutional law, but otherwise uphold the status quo…but I'd be happy to be proven wrong.

  38. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    The brave men who fought a Revolution and built the Constitution made the right to defend ourselves the 2nd amendment. Respect that and stop being so stupid.

    People are irresponsibly using weapons because there is severe mental health issues and everything is so politicized and polarized. Let's focus on peoples mental health – and not attacking our 2nd amendment rights. THESE ARE OUR RIGHTS PEOPLE – stop trying to eliminate YOUR OWN RIGHTS.

  39. If the New York law was so common sense and constitutional why did they nullify it rather than defend it? Maybe it was a titch extreme.

  40. Why is Hong Kong and Tibet not a democracy and under major threat from china but but Taiwan is free? Because Taiwan armed themselves to the teeth with guns to prevent tyranny!

  41. I don’t understand how a gun law, or any law for that matter, can be passed without a high court evaluating its constitutionality. That should be step one, not something we investigate years after the fact.

  42. I think this lady is on to something. If the Brits had access to guns, they wouldn’t be limited to narwhal tusks and fire extinguishers to ineffectively subdue a terrorist.

  43. My issue is this. No one has ever defined the meaning of the second amendment. Not the Supreme Court and not Congress. Why? I guarantee that my definition of the 2nd,is totally different than a gun nuts definition. A sentence that says people can own guns does not say you can own any gun. It’s time that someone looks at the history of the second and defines what was meant when it was written.

  44. Don't worry you yanks will have your guns and be out shooting each other in no time. SCOTUS is loaded with neocons so guns always, everywhere, everybody……
    Get at it…the less yankees the better!
    No civilized country lets the people run around with guns….Congo and Syria perhaps!

  45. Teach people to respect guns and how to use guns properly and safely, don't teach them to fear them, that they are bad and anybody who owns them are bad.

  46. No. It doesn't have to throw up state regulations up for grabs. All it has to do is speak on the travel restrictions placed that make it a danger to the public. In NY, MD, NJ, MA, CT if I want to travel with my guns to the upper states, I can not stop and rest, use the bathroom or eat without being at risk for being arrested. NY does not care about federal transportation law.

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