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Switching & Composition Tutorial – SlingStudio Tutorial

September 21, 2019

Welcome to SlingStudio. In this tutorial,
you’ll learn how to switch, apply transitions, and create compositions. On
the main screen, you’ll find your video sources on the left. You can have ten
total sources and four active sources at a time. You’ll also find your preview
screen at the top right in your program screen representing what’s on your show.
On the bottom right, there are two ways to bring a source into preview. You can
single tap an image in your video sources or drag and drop it into the
preview window. When you are ready to switch your preview into program, hit the
preview to program button. Alternately, you can send a source directly to
program by double tapping or by dragging it directly to your program window. As a
default, SlingStudio will cut to your next shot, but you can set up a
transition as well. To set your transition to dissolve, touch the
transition icon next to your preview-to-program button, and select dissolve. Now
all takes will mix your program gradually with the following shot. You can also select ‘White’ from the same
menu. To set the duration of your transition, go to the transition menu and
select time. You can set the slider to make the transition longer or shorter. At the end of your program, you may want
to fade to black. This function can be found in the transition menu as well.
Once you select fade to black, video and audio will immediately fade out. SlingStudio allows you to create a variety of multi source compositions. In your
preview window, select the multi source icon above the text icons. You can create
multi source compositions with 2, 3, and 4 shots, as well as a picture-in-picture. Once you select the template, you can add and arrange your sources in the
provided boxes. Click the check mark to keep the
composition. Clicking ‘Save’ will store your composition here for later use. Use
preview to program to bring your multi-source composition into program. In the
picture-in-picture template, you can place one source over another. The foreground image can be moved and
resized. Open the saved split screens menu to
access your compositions. For more tutorials, check out the rest of our
videos here MySlingStudio.com

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  1. We are starting to use the sling studio for high school sports. Many schools in the area do not have wifi. What is the best way for me to connect to wifi with unlimited data and no slowage? I almost bought the Skyroam Solis just now but found the section that describes live streaming is not recommended. I really do plan on using the sling studio multiple times a weak so im looking for the BEST option without spending hundreds of dollars a week… any suggestions?

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