SW:TOR Timeline #1: The Treaty of Coruscant [napisy EN/PL]

February 14, 2020

Greetings. I am Master Gnost-Dural, keeper
of the Jedi archives. the Jedi Council requests I perform a daunting
task-to revise the order`s historical records in light of new revelations about
the formation of the Sith Empire. I am specifically guided to trace back the
conflict between the Empire and the Republic, the Sith and the Jedi, and uncover the roots
of the struggle which plagues our time. I’ve chosen to begin with the singular defining
event of recent years-the unprecedented peace agreement between the Sith Empire and
the galactic Republic – the Treaty of Coruscant. It was three centuries after the death of
darth malak and the end of the Jedi Civil War that the true Sith Empire first returned
from deep space, attacking the Republic and beginning a war unlike any other in the galaxy`s
history. The Great Galactic War dragged on for decades.
Hundrets of Jedi and Sith were slain, and countless star systems ravaged. despite seizing control of half the galaxy,
the Sith Emperor grew impatient – he had expected his triumph to come quickly. the Lords of the Emperor`s Dark Council
surprised the Republic Senate with an offer of peace – a reprieve the Republic could not
afford to ignore. The matters has become complicated for Republic
war efforts since the critical trade route between the Outer Rim and Core Worlds was
recovering from Mandalorian Blocade. the Jedi Council urged the Senate to consider
the Sith`s offer with caution, but even the Jedi had to agree – the war was unwinnable – peace
was the only hope. Republic and imperial diplomats convened on
the planet of Alderaan to discuss a galaxy-wide cease-fire… but the Sith still had one play to make. the Imperial Fleet launched a surprise assault,
bombarding the Republic Capital of Coruscant from orbit and then storming the city-world`s
bottomless towers. with Coruscant`s defenses incapacitated,
the imperials annihilated the Jedi Temple, captured the Senate tower, and held the entire
planet hostage. Back on Alderaan, Republic diplomats had no
choice. Despite unfavorable terms, the Treaty of Coruscant was signed. Jedi and Republic troops began withdrawing
from battlefields around the galaxy, leaving star systems to fend for themselves and to
be quickly swallowed up by the Sith Empire. the Jedi returned to Coruscant to find their
temple in ruins and irate senators blaming the Jedi Order for all the Republic`s troubles. Though still committed to defending the Republic,
the Jedi relocated to their ancient homeworld of Tython – there to rest, meditate, and seek
guidance from the Force. Thus began an unprecedented stalemate – the
Jedi reconnecting with their roots, the Republic nursing its wounds, the Sith consolidating
their power, and a galaxy divided between darkness and light. In retrospect, this outcome was inevitable,
and would have come sooner were it not for some of the Republic’s less savory allies.
I will elaborate on this theory soon.

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