Syrian Kurds protest exclusion from constitutional committee
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Syrian Kurds protest exclusion from constitutional committee

October 23, 2019

With an invitation from the self-administration, and the participation of thousands of people, demonstrations took place to protest the exclusion of the self-administration areas in the committee. The biggest demonstration was in the city of Qamishli. Demonstrators expressed their discontent with the exclusion of the self-administration in the committee. They said the right of every Syrian citizen should be protected in the constitution and they also condemned the silence of the United Nations. We ask for our rights, we don’t ask to take others’ rights. We sacrificed the bloods of our sons and daughters to defend Syria. Look at the photos and see how many martyrs fought and died for this country. Thousands sacrificed their souls and blood to defend the soil of this country. 11,500 martyrs [from this region] fought and died for the country. There are also 24,000 injured and disabled [from this region] who fought for the country. All these sacrifices were given for humanity and the brotherhood of peoples and nations. The people of this region are excluded from participating in drafting their constitution; it is unjust to ignore people’s rights while they defend their soil. Officials of the self-administration say the current constitutional committee does not represent all Syrian people, especially the nearly five million people in northeast Syria who do not have representatives in the current committee. They also say the current committee is politicized and, thus, the self-administration will not abide by any decisions coming from it. This committee will fail. This is because it has been formed due to political interests and gains of certain groups. As the Kurds and other components of this region are not included, the Syrian crisis will be prolonged and exacerbated. Such committees will be unable to decide the future of Syria and they will never be able to reach any solutions. After about a year and a half of negotiations, the United Nations announced a constitutional committee, but the self-administrations was again not represented in the drafting of the Syrian Constitution. The self-administration says if they are excluded from the constitutional committee, they will not accept the constitution coming from it. Reporting in Kurdish: Lava Asaad, Kurdistan 24, Qamishli English subtitles: Hisham Arafat

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