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T-Mobile | Wireless Customer Bill of Rights

September 24, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING] My fellow wireless customers,
three years ago, we, the people, brought forth a wireless
consumer revolution. But there’s a hell of
a lot more that’s got to change to guarantee the basic common
sense consumer rights we all deserve. We deserve a Wireless Bill of Rights! [CHEERING] Like no service contracts,
no overage penalties, we deserve to use our data
without the fear of bill shock. [CHEERING] [BLEEP] is that all about? How about we get to keep
what we’ve paid for? Don’t yank that data out of
my hands before I can use it. It’s how you get slapped. Come on. Let’s cut the bull– [BLEEP] This isn’t complicated. This isn’t rocket
science, whatever that is. These are obvious. We deserve the right to stream
our music and video without fear. [CHEERING] These are basic wireless rights. It shouldn’t be so [BLEEP] hard, people. Together, we can make it happen. [CHEERING] Together, we can make it right! [CHEERING]

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  1. I like to think that T-Mobile also respects our privacy, especially from fascist government and corporate marketing snoops… is it even possible? If so, can T-Mobile prove it?

  2. This commercial made me laugh, but I wish the cursing wasn't beeped out.
    But still, my one problem is: "Coverage without limits"
    If only your Network was good enough to make this one come true. I live in NYC, and my friend has a cheap Obama flip phone that works in my Elevator, while my expensive TM Note 4 phone drops dead as soon as the door closes. I feel so embarrassed being out-networked by a Obama Phone on Sprints network. I thought the new extended LTE would help, still not seeing that on my phone. Come on TM, do better!

  3. Gotta love t-mobile. Best overall carrier ever! Don't know why people say t-mobile has bad coverage, never had a dropped call in the 10 years i've been with t-mobile, the scrolling marquee is hilarious!

  4. Would have shared if it wasn't so full of curse words, making the video unprofessional. I support the Wireless Bill of Rights, but can't share the official information from T-Mobile because of the unprofessional way they presented it. How am I supposed to send this to my Boss? My Family? My neighbors?

    Please T-Mobile; make a new video about the bill of rights without foul language and you'll have more support from conservatives. It will make you appear more professional with your words too. Great idea, but presented in a way I can't agree with.

  5. Nice, now if they can stop billing me months after I've switched to another phone company that would be nice.

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