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  1. Greetings Dr and asistent Hoover I so happy that just find this series of transitions that you are showing but somehow I can not find part 1 and 2 …and I do not want to jump to part 3 without the fist 2…… would you please can you tell me how can I found this tos parts(1-2)I rely appreciate is to me (beginner) the best that I can feel very confi doing this exercise, thank you very much.

  2. Thank you for this wonderful series. I have been attempting to develop basic Tai Chi movements for several years, and though have found it to be very beneficial end enjoyable, I haven't really gotten beyond basic warm up exercises. Your presentation is truly exceptional and Brilliant. Fair to say that your videos have been a life changer for me and have enabled me to progress in a a manner that I have been aspiring to for a while. My wife and I share a common enthusiasm and goal to master the 24 moves. Its really a major part of my daily routine thankyo so much. And your integrating examples of its application as a martial art for protection is right on. G- d bless you and protect you. Thanks again.

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