Take a look around Liberty Hall at Sheffield Hallam University
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Take a look around Liberty Hall at Sheffield Hallam University

November 28, 2019

I live in Liberty Hall and it’s really great living here, because it’s near the City Centre and all the clubs. There’s a great sense of community here, I feel safe. I feel like I’m at home and it feels like part of a family. I kind of want to live here again next year. I just really enjoy living here this year, purely because I’ve met some of my best friends. There’s such a diverse group of people here. There’s such a great sense of community here because everyone is just really nice. The staff take in all of your parcels and your letters in the main reception. If you ever have a problem, the people in the office are always straight there to fix it. It makes it a lot easier being away from home. I really like my room, it’s a three quarter size room. In the room you get your bed, your desk, a desk chair, your wardrobe, and it’s nice and spacious where I could have everything that I want here. My room is just a nice relaxing place to go. It makes it feel cosy and comfortable. All the rooms at Liberty Hall have an en-suite. It’s nice to have my own bathroom, I love it. The flat has a kitchen which is shared amongst the whole of the flat. We spend a lot of time sitting at the breakfast counter. The kitchen is really open and friendly because you can be cooking whilst your friends are in the living room, and you can chat to them. The common room itself is a really great place to make new friends. The common room includes a cinema room, where I can go and watch films with my mates. It also has study areas where you can privately study. The accommodation is in a really really good location, because it’s so close literally two minutes from the City Centre. Ten minutes walk to get to City Campus which is where my course is based, and about fifteen minutes to get to Collegiate Campus. All bills are included which makes it easier for me to budget every week. It means I can save a bit of extra money and I don’t have to worry about it. Liberty Hall is a great accommodation to live in. I personally love how sociable and friendly everyone is, how close it is to the City Centre, to my Campus and to the nightlife. Definitely the best student accommodation I’ve seen. I’m even coming back next year because it’s so great. I really enjoy living here. It feels like home.

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