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Take better photos – composition

October 7, 2019

Like you, I use my phone to take pictures,
to capture and share my experiences. Paying a little extra attention to composition
is one simple way to make your photos better. Composition is how you make a photo balanced,
or draw attention to the most important part of the image. Let’s start with the rule of thirds. Your phone has a grid feature you can turn
on and use as a guide when you want to use the rule of thirds. The idea is to place the most important element
in your shot on one of the lines or where the lines meet. Following this rule will make your photo more
balanced and interesting than if you simply centered your subject. Choosing a creative point of view can have
big impact on composition. The most common approach to point of view
is to take a photo straight on at your subject from standing height. Instead, try getting low, high, close, far
away, taking pictures from the side, or behind a subject. Shooting a person, car, or animal from the
ground can make them look heroic. Shooting portraits at eye level will be more
flattering than from below the face. Get out and practice a few of these simple
composition tricks, and have fun taking awesome photos that you and others will love.

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