Take BETTER Photos with These COMPOSITION Tips
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Take BETTER Photos with These COMPOSITION Tips

October 9, 2019

Today we’re talking about something really important for storytelling Composition But first, thanks for the 100K And thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring this channel Whether you need a domain, website, or online store Make your next move with Squarespace Composition in our opinion is one of the most important tools you can use to convey your story in a photo It helps tell your viewer where his or her eyes should go Let’s get started with some tips You’ve probably heard of the rule of thirds But if you haven’t, here’s what it is Rule of thirds asks to you place your subject in any of these four interesctions or as they’re better known the thirds composition also calls for head room which is space over your subjects head And looking room which is more space between your subjects face and the frame that they are facing than the amount of space behind his or her head It asks you to refrain from cutting your subject at the joints and a few other things that we will get to shortly But we want that these rules exist for a reason They give photos balance and help your viewers easily know what is important in the photo However, wa also want you to know that you are totally allowed to break these rules Breaking rules of composition can create added interest and tension in the photo Breaking the rules well, can draw your viewers into a photo in a way that standard rules of composition just can’t do There are a few tools that you can use to add to the composition of your photo Framing is a great way to box in your subject And, or add interest to an otherwise boring setting Leading lines help viewers unconsciously follow them to your subject So make sure the lines in your photo are working for you and not against you Light can also highlight your subject so if your frame should have a stream of light in one spot Putting your subject in that light can highlight it Both literally and figuratively There are a lot a choices you have to make When composing a shot, perspective is one of them Shooting straight on at you subject, and shooting straight up at him or her can create a drastically different story and feeling Recap Know the rules of composition and know that you can break them Framing, leading lines and lighting Perspective So we’ve been using Squarespace for quite a few years now Across three of our websites They have award winning design templates Award winning 24/7 customer service And it’s all-in-one platform so there nothing to install or upgrade, ever To get 10% off your first purchase Go to squarespace.com/mangostreet And enter the code mangostreet at checkout As always thank you so much for watching Subscribe if you haven’t already And we will see you next week

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  1. Roses are red /
    Michael Scott nailed that deposition /
    Please enjoy this tutorial /
    On photo composition. #poetsofyoutube

  2. I was one of the first 2,000 subscribers.. you guys have done really well in a short amount of time. congrats!

  3. How do you guys dress for wedding shoots!? I don't want to dress too casually but I'm not sure what to wear. Anyone have any advice?

  4. Another great video and congratulations on 100k!!! I'm gonna miss it when you guys when you'll no longer be able to read all of our comments

  5. The Chicago Bulls jersey was distracting! Hahah thought about Jordan and Rodman the whole time watching this

  6. Very helpful and amazing video as always! Also; would you consider making a video about how to pose boys/men who aren't models? The video you did about posing friends was more fixated on girls. That would be very much appreciated since I am just getting started with photography 🙂

  7. This is such a lovely channel!! I have a question; I am using wix.com at the moment for my photo site, should I switch to square space? Is it worth it? Please also check out my Instagram @briephoto !!! (I'm trying to create a name for myself in my small town please help!!)

  8. You guys are amazing! Lovin' the vibe and aesthetics you guys produce! All your videos and photos are inspiring!

  9. i remember stumble upon few of your videos.i remember them to be short yet compact, full of good things but i hadnt bothered to subscribe because i dont really interested in photography. and when the curios side of me showed up, i try to amend my mistakes by subscribing now. i watched variety of camera related channels and i find yours is one of the best. i really like how you guys explain things and especially the recap session. i'm glad you guys still uploading and creating great contents. but if i may put a suggestion, please position the camera in the eye level and use tighter fov while sitting since i feel that you guys are not really comfortable giving an intro while standing. but i maybe wrong and it maybe your artistic choice which is really fine. i can only hope for the best for you guys and would love to see guys have silver, gold, diamond or even ruby play button!

  10. again, so much great stuff in an under 3 minute video. What is the location of the shot at the 0:25 mark?

  11. great video!!! <3 <3 <3
    i appreciate all your videos they are so gud I love you both you guys are cool

  12. hey your link for the Lightroom Preset is crashed, can you plase re-upload? Btw really cool video, keep up with the good work

  13. I would loveee if you could perhaps make a video on self portraits. That's my next photography project in school so it would be very helpful:)
    Btw your videos have been a ton of help so thank you!

  14. This is honestly the most helpful photography channel on YouTube ever, plus I love how you guys keep it professional. I really wish more people knew about this channel and your guys' work, I'm a big fan 😭

  15. Btw, could you guys also do a tutorial on uploading full resolution photos to instagram with and without using Lightroom? It would be super helpful:)

  16. I'm delighted that I stumbled across your video just now, it's exactly what I need. Can't wait to view the rest!

  17. Ah I just found this channel and it's so helpful as a beginner all your videos are so interesting and useful thank you

  18. you guys are easily my favorite photography channel on youtube, if not my favorite channel overall. i wish you uploaded more but at the same time i appreciate how much thought and work goes into these videos! keep on keepin on, friends

  19. Thanks for your videos. Please talk about how to pose big group of people.
    From 6 to 20. Including different sets of families (adults and kids)
    Thank you

  20. These videos are such great refreshers! They're so bitesize that I can watch them real quick before an editing/photo session to "get my head in the game", as they say. Kudos to you guys for creating such great content!

  21. Your Videos are extremly inspiring to me. I just feel like going out and shoot some photos!😊🤘📸

  22. Where did she get the sunglasses? I can't find those type of sunglasses anywhere and I really
    like those types 😂

  23. I'm not a photographer, I'm an artist but these tips helped me so much for improving my composition in my paintings

  24. I love how the first photo example blatantly wasn't in the rule of thirds though, her face was in a whole different section 😂

  25. those tips were basics and very useful! Thank you! It was more useful than most of my photography classes in university.
    Check on my instagram if you feel interested: https://www.instagram.com/pelaslentesdebela/

  26. These are things I already know but easily take for granted. I keep forgetting how much they can transform a simple photo into something W O W. thanks for this! ✨

  27. Guys, I just discovered your channel and I loved it! You make such professional videos and helpful content! Subbed!! 😀

  28. I just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate these easy quick videos. I teacher photography and I show them to my students all the time. I also share them on my Blog.
    If you ever want to see any student work inspire by your videos you should check them out at artisttechnology.blogspot.com

  29. Composition and lighting is key! Great video guys and congrats on all your success on this platform. You both deserve it so much!

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