Taking the WFG Act to UK Parliament

January 15, 2020

It’s great to be at the House of Lords today, talking with Peers and Parliamentarians about the Well-being of Future Generations Act in Wales. And there’s a huge amount of interest in what we’re doing in Wales and whether it could apply at a UK level. Certainly, the issues that the Well-being of
Future Generations Act are trying to tackle are issues across the country and there’s a huge amount of enthusiasm here today from Peers and MP’s in terms of how those principles in our legislation could actually help to be addressing problems across the UK. What do we do about the future generations? When often what we’re doing is, we’re doing short termism, rather slap dash things. How can we just get through the day, the week, the month, the year? I would like the discussion to begin. What do we do next? What we do next is inform all of the Parliamentarians. There were 20 Parliamentarians today, that’s a very very good beginning. and let’s keep in touch with them. Let’s find out what they would like to see done, and then let us work together with your office down there in Wales. I came into the House of Lords to dismantle poverty, not to make the poor more comfortable. There are many many people who are concentrating on trying to get the poor through the next day. I’m trying to say ‘Well how can we prevent the poor from being the poor in 10, 20 years time? How can I prevent the next generation of Big Issue vendors?’ I don’t want any more Big Issue vendors. and that is why the Future Generations legislation is so important. I know that there’s real enthusiasm from Lord John Bird to keep promoting the Well-being of Future Generations Act, and how we might be able to develop something similar at a UK level. Demonstrating that Wales can lead the way in terms of what the rest of the UK could and should be doing.

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