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  1. How tiresome this leftist moralizing. Furthermore, white supremacy is a prevalent in Pakistan and Thailand as it is in UK and NZ. 20min into talk and he has stated only the obvious.

  2. "Extreme center." That is an oxymoron. In political discourse, the "center" refers to a position in the middle, between the extremes. It's like telling me about a very violent peace, or an oppressively hot freezing cold day.

  3. And I call BS. China is not going to overtake the US anytime soon, and probably not at all. China is slowing down, the US is speeding up, and China is not only far poorer than the US, but the US has basically become energy-independent (or NAFTA independent), while China has had to cut 300,000 soldiers from its military.

    Plus, China has no "carrier killer" missiles as they claim to, and even if they did, they cannot sink out pacific island airbases. Nor can they invent more than we can (most Chinese patents are junk, designed to rip off other countries), and modern Chinese culture has very little pull with non-Chinese people, food aside. They also lack reliable allies and will soon be overtaken in population by India.

  4. He's full of shit. Those drone strikes mostly kill terrorists. To say that 1 or 2 in 50 killed are terrorists is a lie, plain and simple.

  5. I hope the migrants that have been accepted by Europe will honor EU laws regarding individual liberty and never demand Sharia for Germany/Austria/Iceland/Sweden etc…

    P.S: When has the Left anywhere protested against Islamic fascism without mentioning the words 'Empire', 'Capitalism', 'Imperialism', 'CIA', 'Carter', 'Reagen', 'Cold War' etc ?…
    What happened to the 'religion is the opium thing'?
    Does Islam enjoy some special rights in Leftist circles as its largely a non-western faith?…Alas, political correctness demands the constant lampooning of 'white-man'. It always sounds sexier compared to condemning Sharia enthusiasts in UK/US.

  6. 9:12 " wealth redistributed from poor and middle class to rich and extremely rich, dissent not permitted, …it is this that I call extreme centre" that is as much obfuscating fraudulent as "strategic depth" label for land grab in others' lands, instead of calling it theft plain and simple! Extreme centre as he just defined it is a fraud label for fascism combined with capitalism, and the new label is made up of words that fit neither together not the state defined!

  7. 9:57 sounds like neighbour state, but still, the label is not justified without redefining the words "extreme" and " centre".

  8. 10:19 "no challenge to this neoliberal economics is permitted" – "neoliberal" is the new fraud label for the capitalistic system now?

  9. 11:36 "I've been very critical of this capitulation (by Greek government to EU, about measures to help poor malnourished due to austerity measures)" – how about criticising pak bragging about Islamic jihadists terrorism used to "break up" USSR and "defeat communism", and chastising them for leading world to fascistic times where Greek poor are malnourished, pak children are boirn stunted, and luxury resorts or cities proliferate?

  10. 12:05 about chastising the Greek government because they set a bad example, it is quite easy and cheap to chastise poor and weak, how about the same brave guys chastising anyone who voted for Reagan, bushes, or Nixon? Or allowed war criminals go free either post WWII or in '71, for politics of crushing USSR?

  11. 12:30 – 12:48 derision or criticism of Europe, west, India or any other non Muslim nation (with the only exception, China) for attempting to keep their culture or nation from being overrun by migrants demanding Shari'a or further steps along the route to becoming images of Arab world, begun with slanted critique and label – "fortress Europe", making it sound like a wealthy home closed firmly against poor hungry knocking! How about wealthy Arab nations opening citizenship to even non Arab fellow Muslims, from poor countries?

  12. 13:39 "in Europe you've seen what's going on" – for example, police vehicles hit with huge stones routinely in Muslim neighbourhood in Sweden, which those police say has seriously wounded some? "Grooming" of young native giurls by Muslim migrant males in UK, which means seduction with no serious connection intended, which if the case were reverse the guy would be murdered even if he were serious? Demands foir Shari'a? Muslim girls taken out of school and forced into marriages in countries of their parents, and brought back with view to getting European life for the groom forced on the girl? "Honour" killings?

  13. 14:40 "why not come to these countries which were responsible for the war in their countries and what happened to these countries" – that would be most unusual, historically it would have had a wave of world flocking to Mongolia by that thinking, and Arabia later, and Europe flooding into Turkey post massacre of Armenians, British crowding into Berlin after battle of Britain, USSR swamping Germany after WWII, and East Bengal flocking into Lahore in '71! This didn't happen because that is not why people choose where to migrate – people might flee war but they flee to where refuge and food and peace might be found, not to those that have tried to exterminate them!

  14. 16:31 "Australia is appalling" because the PM firmly refused Shari'a, and declared that those who wanted it could return? Or because the terrorist attack in Sydney didn't succeed quite as much?

  15. 16:30 – 18:15 appalling, unless one has not forgotten plights of millions massacred and raped in East Bengal in '71 (and India blamed for helping them to freedom), a million non Muslims in Kashmir terrorised and several thousands murdered until they were all forced to flee in ethnic cleansing attempt to force demand of the land, millions non Muslims massacred and raped with successful ethnic cleansing of west Punjab at birth of the new nation, all of which is Tariq Ali's own nation responsible for, even apart from Taliban tortures and killings in Afghanistan – does he denounce any of it? Or it is about take US money, live in Europe, attack west, never mind total absence of human rights in Islamic nations?

  16. 18:45 waterboarding of prisoners sounds appalling, no doubt; latest, an Indian woman working in SA had her arm chopped off as punishment for complaining; this was not too long after two women from Nepal used abominably by a Saudi diplomat incensed Nepal! He fled after claiming diplomatic immunity, and it is unclear if the Indian woman in SA had her arm chopped off due to revenge or discouragement measures against future complaints by other women used horribly like the Nepali women!

  17. 18:51 "what are people doing about it" indeed! About massacres by pak military, by terrorists trained and sent by pak, about human rights abuses in pak and by pak, and SA? Admitting it, or blaming India for liberating Bangladesh? Apologising to Nepal, or chopping off arm of Indian woman worker?

  18. 19:00 – 19:26 yes, that ought to include "indigenous" who lived in India (as it was always known until partition) long before 700 AD, surely? Of course, Tariq Ali and co work around such trifling difficulties by one of two ploys – either declare the place you wish to take as country of migration (India, for example – claim Aryans were migrants!), or go urbasne bored declaring need of "strategic depth" when trying to take and keep control of Afghanistan or other neighbouring lands!

  19. 19:30 – 19:45 all of which applies rather well to Islamic invasions and regimes in India, do denounce them, and infer that breaking up India was wrong! But then what of strategic depth invasions by pak, such as that of Baluchistan and Afghanistan? Apology, regret, just brazen "pak must be secure at any cost to any others"?

  20. 19:54 exactly what Tariq Ali's compatriots, some anyway, say about Muslims invasion of India – "there was no culture, no cuisine, no clothes, we Muslims brought it all to India"! It is on yt, at least one video.

  21. 20:28 and yet more than a few pak comments on yt reflect precisely this mindset of pak about India, assumption and declaration of superiority of pak based on skin colour, which some from pak àdmit they targeted East Bengal too with!

  22. 20:43 indeed, as evident in Tehmina Durrani's autobiography, deep in pak to the extent of marrying "white" women just so pak future progeny is whitewashed!

  23. Here is Tariq Ali , on a petition calling for removal of Assad , and blaming Assad for what is going on in Syria . ( solidarity-with-syria )
    He also said Assad must resign on RT interview .
    Typical of the so called Left , which now talks only about 'diversity' and other such nonsense , meanwhile calling for ' humanitarian interventions ' .
    That worked a peach in Libya .

  24. He is trying to ACT INTELLIGENT… and subconsciously telling you LETS ALL TAKE UP SHARIA AND ISLAM and everything will be all right!

  25. British-educated Bangladeshi ISIS jihadi computer hacker one of ten ISIS militants killed by US in December
    Siful Haque Sujan, 31, was killed in a suspected drone strike near Raqqa

    Mr Ali there is justice.

  26. The accent and the Passport of Tariq ali is British – but he is still a Pakistani and a Muslim deep down. Imagine comparing "Taliban in Pakistan being killed by Nato" with
    "ISIS killing westerners" as the same thing.

  27. These hypocrites live under democratic capitalistic societies and back of their minds they have to support jihadis and isis backed regimes. They should go and join them and get out of modern western societies they and their children enjoy living in.

  28. Tariq Ali. This guy makes me sooooo tired. What has he accomplished in his lifetime? Fuck all. Touring the university circuit since the end of the 60’s, kicking in open doors, preaching to the like-minded. And the perpetually moaning Noam Chomsky is another one. David Harvey… The list is long. And that's just the lefties. Then there's all the morons on the right.

    Long live Bernie Sanders and Tomas Piketty, they're actually making a difference!

  29. who the hell you are talking about…you belong to a pathetic country of killing human rights of minorities in pakistan

  30. brilliant talk and Q&A and like John Pilger and the late Alexander Cockburn he really bludgeons the fake left, cruise missile liberals and drone deaf faux progressives. love this man! and I highly recommend his book 'the extreme centre'. we need to rid them of the NDP, the Greens and SNP who are penetrating it, Labour in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the UK and the Democrats are done for however now matter what Corbyn or Bernie Sanders do and Sanders is a classic case of a socialist reformer at home but imperialist abroad.

  31. Seems like pandering to the Uncritical Left. Lots of stereotypical images of America, the political elite in Australia, but not a word about the absolutely hypocritical government of Pakistan. (Well, what do you expect? He's toast if he criticizes Pakistan.) Ali fools the fools on the left; he believes none of it himself, but wants to open the doors to masses of Sunnis to enter Australia, effectively swamping the country and transforming its culture. Let's have a round for this Master of Deception.

  32. England was not "the first country to execute its king." This is BS. Read The Golden Bough by James Frazer. Kings were regularly deposed when they did not deliver. So much BS out there…

  33. He talks of European counteries eqval to Latin American,he has not grown in europe speaks like a smart know it all some coments are valid but lack humility in his speech

  34. China has reformed economically but not politically; President Xi Jinping has accrued more power than any Chinese leader since Mao. China may still try to dominate the world, not in a good way, its ideology close to obsolete.

  35. "is known amongst all of you here today". The Australian public is the world's largest vacuum. A cultural vacuum and an intellectual vacuum. Most readers and writers do so because they want to be recognized as "intelligent". They know nothing about anything beyond Humpty Doo. You ask the average Australian about the language spoken on the sub continent and they will respond "Indian".

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