Tayyip Erdoğan: Secular Constitution Is A Lie – English Subtitles available
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Tayyip Erdoğan: Secular Constitution Is A Lie – English Subtitles available

October 20, 2019

Hey, if the people want it of course it will go! Hey! You cannot prevent this! Hey! You cannot forcefully keep it in the hands of the people! You cannot keep it in spite of the people! And what is this secularism for God’s sake? You ask them to explain it — they can’t! Sir, they say, it changes in context. What the heck kind of thing is it then? Look here! Every concept has a description in the dictionary. And every concept is required to have a precise meaning, so that each and every concept can find what? It’s place! But, the Minister of Internal Affairs comes up and says, the state can interfere with religion – uh, why don’t you say the rest? He doesn’t say religion can interfere with the state. Yesterday I was at Boğaziçi University. The youth there must have been under the influence of the place, they got up and used exactly this expression: Uhh… Honorable Mayor, what do you think about secularism? What is to come? There are worries that secularism is in danger. What’s going to happen? I said this to the young friends: Hey, the Westerner says: “Render unto Caesar what’s his, and unto God what’s Gods” But this country’s Minister of Internal Affairs say, “Cesar has rights, God doesn’t!” Even though, this country’s population is 99 percent Muslim! One cannot be both Muslim and secular! You can either be a Muslim or a secular! If you try to put the two together, it will have a reverse magnetic effect, it’s impossible to keep the two together! Since this is the case, one cannot claim to be a Muslim, then turn around and claim to be secular at the same time! Because God; the creator of the Muslim, holds absolute dominance! “Sovereignty belongs absolutely to the people” Look! A lie! A big fat lie! We made a proposal to their “constitution-eers”: we said, let’s open up a parenthesis next to the “Sovereignty belongs unconditionally to the people” article. For what? they asked. I said, we’re going to write in it “Only once every five years” They started laughing when I said that. I said, hey why are you laughing? Do the people have any such power outside of every five years? They paused, looked at each other and said, “Oh, we see, we suppose they don’t.” Yes, Who was this? You know the one, the mugger thief, that’s who! Where is he saying this? The year is 1985, In Marmara Hotel! We are having a meeting about the constitution, that’s where he is saying this. And when I said this to him, this time he got up and said, that is not doable. Just in that moment the former treasurer Vural Arıkan, shows up drunk off his mind, cannot even stand up, he is also giving advise. I said, “I’m afraid you have prepared this constitution on the same table” Why? The men do not write it on a sober head; they write it when they’re drunk. And that’s why their constitution cannot even last two years, it turns to Swiss cheese on the third year. And at this moment, the constitution is full of holes. It’s a mended rag all over. Look at what they’re saying now. The other day journalists were asking: “What do you think about this matter?” “Sovereignty belongs absolutely to the people” Look, think carefully right there; When is it the peoples’? When they’re heading to the polls. But, in material and in spiritual, sovereignty belongs absolutely to God!

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  1. في هذا الخطاب اردوغان يقول ان الله يحمل السلطة الحقيقية على البشرية, والعلمانية "كذبة كبيرة ".
    المرء لا يستطيع ان يكون مسلما وعلمانيا على حد سواء! يمكنك أن تكون إما مسلما أو علمانيا!
    إذا كنت في محاولة لوضع اثنين معا ، فإن هذا سيكون له تأثير مغناطيسي عكسي ،
    اي انه من المستحيل للحفاظ على اثنين معا!
    واذا كان هذا هو الحال ، لا يستطيع المرء أن يدعي أنه مسلم ، ثم يستدير في نفس الوقت ويقول انه علمانيا!
    ولان الله هو خالق المسلم ، فله الهيمنة المطلقة!

  2. اللى جاب الفيديوا ده فارس لسببين عشان يفوق اردوغان من السقطة اللى وقع فيها لما قالى العلمانية مش وحشة وعشان يرد على ابوحمالات لما فرح بكلامه وعمل عليه زفه بلدى

  3. @KINOWZ من يطلع على تاريخ تركيا والإنقلابات التى قام بها الجيش وأعدم من حاول إعادة هوية تركيا الإسلامية والكثير من الملابسات الكثيرة المتعلقة بتركيا قد يستطيع الفهم لماذا قال ذلك هو أخطأ وزاد فى فن المداراة

  4. This speech completely contrasts with his latest speech agreeing and exhorting secularism to all Arab nations… what hypocracy..!!

  5. Just think about how is Kaddafi become a dictator. When Erdogan was in Egypt where was a rumor that there will be a coup in Turkey. So he lied "we like secular goverment" in Egypt. At the end, no coup in Turkey while he was in Egypt

  6. Then why was religion the foundation of what made The Turks were so powerful for so 500 years. Turkish Atheists= colonized servants of Europe

  7. He has to be strategic with his words; he is an islamist without any doubt, he is using the gentle gradual approach

  8. This is false, because prior to becoming Muslims Turks were just Nomads in Central Asia, so "absorbing the pre-islamic civilization building Soul of Anatolia" never existed since Turks were not conquerors of Anatolia until they became Muslims. Please read history. Culturally you're related to Asians, since you speak a Language which originated from Near Mongolia. and Genetically you're a mixture of various genetics, that's why you look more "asiatic" than most Europeans.

  9. But Turks only became Powerful BECAUSE of Islam. You can call it primirtive, but Islam produced some of the most advanced culture of its time. and developed the modern sciences we see today. I'm not saying they invented, but they definitely developed them greatly. So this claim of backwardness is just European Slaves like Attaturk brainwashing you to stay their slave forever

  10. Atheists and Agnostics in Turkey are cowardly slaves of European Imperialism influencing Attaturk to contain and keep supremacy over Turkey. There's nothing Intelligent or reflection of having a "brain" in that

  11. This is also historically untrue since Ottomans ruled over the Arabs, so there can't be an Arab Imperialism over people you rule over. However Europeans controlled Turkey via Attaturk and overthrow the Turks and took back their lands from Turks. Everything good about Turkey was lost to Atheism and Secularism. That's why Soon you'll be sent as refugees in Europe. The Majority of Turks don't want you, they want their dignity back

  12. That's a lie and ignorance of history, The Oghuz Turks came during the 11th Century. if you mean Kipchaks then that's another story,t Turks of Anatolia were from Central Asia and ruled the Arabs The Oghuz Turks adopted Islam by their own free will, because they LIKED Islam. That's the ONLY way to explain it. And besides why are you whining? Turkish is foreign to Anatolia and they imposed themselves. At the Arabs were in line with Nature; which is the real evidence of truth

  13. The GokTurks were just after control of Transoxiania they weren't fighting because they were against Islam,. they were fighting because they wanted resources from Persia and they ended up losing. GokTurks were also enemies of the Oghuz Turks who are the ones who established the Turks in Anatolia Eventually, the GokTurks converted to Islam too over time. The Byazantines were a Roman Colony but it was actully Oghuz who destroyed them. So it seems you're Atheism is actually an Anti-Turkish scheme

  14. It matters a lot, the GokTurks just wanted their own control of the area of Transoxania, they wouldn't have cared if it was Arabs or whoever else, in fact Gokturks fought OTHER turks, so using them as an example is irrelevant in context to your claim. The conversion to Islam thing is what you made up. Because Gokturks were Nomads and were FARRR from the areas controlled by Ummayads. None of it happened to Turks or Persians

  15. That's right, you proved my point; you contradicted yourself by saying "turks are turks" this shows Turks are not all "Turks" Anatolians were forced to speak Turkish from Central Asian invaders, it is not your real culture and language. Good Primitivity is good, it is closer to Nature which is the best way. Thank you for that compliment. It was central Asian Turks who established Islam permanently in Anatolia. And your affinity to Armenians gives hints you're actually an Armenian Atheist

  16. You can't change now; you said yourself in an earlier post that genetically you're Armenoid (no such word, but I assume you mean Armenian) which means Turkish was a language and culture imposed on you from Central Asian conquerors; so you don't really care about Turks, but just trying to use that as an excuse. Otherwise you'd be against Turks for pushing their culture on you

    The Hittites were conquered by everyone, including the Turks, they didn't have much of a civilization.

  17. Yes Armenoid is a human type in a a VERY OUTDATED German Anthropology book . There is no such thing as Armenoid in Modern Anthropology. And the people who came up with the word Armenoid, derived it from Armenian nationality. hhahaha. The Middle East how great it was before Islam? Byzantines were declining, Sassanids legalized sex with siblings to guard racial purity (no lie). Now after Islam, Algebra,Algorithms, and Middle East almost conquered Europe, quite a difference

  18. The country was founded by Attaturk? No the country was founded by Europeans who used Attaturk as their puppet; The Islamists are already in power; and you're out of power, go back to the slums of Europe with your Heavy Metal wannabe stupidity. Pagan roots? hahaha What you think you're Nattenfrost or one of those idiot Black Metal Bands. Hahaha you're just trying to fit in with idiot heavy metal losers who are failures.

  19. Keyword, SECOND Biggest, which means you're ouitnumbered by Islamists.

    OWNED ..go back to listening to your European black metal, imperialist slave

  20. Turkey was greatly improved under the Rashidun's and the Ottomans.
    Are you that stupid buddy? Islam uplifted the rights of women, slaves and minorities. Ever heard of the Islamic golden age? You are literally mental.

    Reports constantly show Turkey's population is getting more religious. Your kind will soon be extinct.

  21. LOL why are people so hesitant in giving muslims credit for something? I suggest you read up on Islam. The Islamic Golden Age's headquarters were in Baghdad, a city muslims took 300 years before. There was no science or math there. WE BUILT IT.

  22. 11 yildir sen yonetiyorsun bu ulkeyi ne degisti yine yoksulluk ne yol var ne ahlak ne huzur milletin hali harab sen oradan atarsin israil in kopegi

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