Te Ākitai-Waiohua make first step on treaty claim journey
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Te Ākitai-Waiohua make first step on treaty claim journey

November 17, 2019

Tamaki iwi Waiohua-Te-Akitai
have begun their treaty claim journey, having finalised
their negotiation team last week. They may be known
as the quietest Auckland iwi, but no more, says
negotiator David Takaanini. Hania Douglas reports. Te Akitai-Waiohua is the iwi. Maunga Kiekie is the mountain,
Kiwi Tamaki is the chief. Te Akitai-Waiohua,
a local Auckland iwi. 1863 was the year the land
confiscations started in this area that affected us
of Te Akitai-Waiohua. This area is now all that’s left. And David Takaanini
and his treaty claim negotiators are ready to take the fight
to the lion’s den for their possession
that was confiscated. Ngati Whatua – it was them
who told the Crown it was them who had mana whenua. But there are many iwi
that can claim mana whenua. So because of that
we went to talk and listen. They have many dreams
for their people living in the shadow
of Auckland Airport. Te Akitai-Waiohua will
create a platform for ourselves. To return the land and iwi
back to good health. Everything said about the
confiscations are true – for Maoridom
and the next generation. Takaanini says
Te Akitai-Waiohua is aware of the challenges that lie ahead
on the road to settlement, but they are spurred on
by their dreams for their people. Hania Douglas, Te Karere.

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