Te Arawa and Hauraki discuss Moehau Maunga Treaty settlement claim

February 19, 2020

Te Arawa say their revered ancestor
Tamatekapua is buried on Moehau Mountain on the Coromandel peninsula
but a proposed treaty settlement could see the mountain
vested to Hauraki iwi. A large Te Arawa delegation
travelled to Hauraki today demanding its stake
in the mountain remain intact. Te Okiwa McLean reports. A gathering of tribes on the call
of Moehau Mountain. We’ve come in person to speak to our Hauraki relations
on behalf of Tama Te Kapua. The purpose of the gathering
is for Te Arawa to establish their mana
with Moehau Mountain, so that connection between Ngati Hei
and Ngati Huarere is strong. Moehau Mountain is Te Arawa’s
paramount chief ‘s resting place. At the moment, the mountain
is owned by the government. We want it returned to us. The 12 Hauraki iwi are also looking at
changing the name of the mountain. Descendants of Tamatekapua believe it is only right that
they have a place in discussion. Te Arawa wants to ensure that our ancestors who lie atop
that mountain are not forgotten. There must be a way
to protect their resting place. And Tamatekapua
does not rest alone on Moehau. There are four or so
of them up there. It needs to be protected. For now, the tension
remains heavy in the air, but both groups
hope to come to an agreement, not only for Moehau mountain’s sake but for those who rest
on its ranges. Te Okiwa McLean, Te Karere.

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