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  1. Yeah for Ted Cruz. He knows a loser when he sees one. Donald Trump is a traitor and has already committed an impeachable offense. By the way Donald show us your tax returns so we can see your connection to your hero Vladimir Putin and Russia.

  2. Trump supporters are looking more and more like sheep who follow whoever they perceive to be the strongest. There is a word for people who only respects strength in a man but you guys don't like to be called that.

  3. I said he's weird but I didn't say he's stupid or anything like that because he's not. I give him credit for standing by his own values and not caving to political redric. Well done Cruz. I don't care for you but you gave a remarkable speech.

  4. real americans stand together against bigotry like trump, regardless of party, he's not what america stands for. I just watched ted cruz be a real american.

    It's refreshing to see this kind of thing out of someone i disagree with. He understand what is dangerous and for that I commend him on his sticking to his guns.

  5. Im sorry but Trump supporters are not true Republicans. Trump doesn't stand for anything fundamentally and morally conservative not to mention that he changes his views too much, he hasn't said enough about protecting the 2nd amendment, helping fight the war against dumb epa regulations killing jobs and family income in places like Kentucky, he doesn't really show any support for Israel, and has this fantasy plan on how to control the border and defeat ISIS, he isnt qualified and even though he seems conservative he's proven himself to be a phony and someone I can't vote for but im not voting for Hillary no matter what bottom line so this election is a poor one. I do support Cruz and his views 100 percent and feel that he did a good job of sticking up for true conservatism.

  6. Did he say Conscience? I thought the people in that party have NO Conscience. Bunch of arrogant, ignoramus buffoons. Knowingly endorsing a man that is a bully, racist bigot and a con merchant. You are all showing your true colors. Put AMERICA first before your egos. SMT.

  7. I dont like his policy ideas, or alot of what he stands for. But he earned some respect from me tonight, he stood up for what he believed him, he did the right thing.

  8. Cruz told his Republican constituents exactly why he refused to endorse Trump & it had nothing to do with integrity. Cruz would not endorse anyone who makes personal attacks on an opponent's family. Cruz & other candidates have maliciously lied & slandered their opponents (and GOP endorses dirty politics), but they do not make personal attacks on the parents, the spouse or the children of anyone who is running for public ofc. Sane Republicans value the constitution over partisanship & EVERYONE knows Trump is only for himself. The Repub who openly reject TRUMP now will be the only ones who will get donations in 2017.

  9. Cnn's dumb boy donny will go down in the history of news media as the most insane coalescing of a dictator candidate ever

  10. Cnn is settimg this up to be a horse race but its going to be a slaughter..Trump will lose by historic numbers , he will be the biggest loser by margin ever

  11. This crowd is absolutely horrific. Looks like a mix of 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' meets 'Children of the Corn'.

  12. Notice how when Cruz mentions Sterling and the Charleston victims, the applause grows significantly thin. WTF is wrong with these people? If you didn't know it, you'd probably guess this was a KKK rally.

  13. Wow..I was wrong about this guy. Not establishment. Not a sell out. He says what he means and stands up for his beliefs. Whether you agree or not what he did at the convention took some balls. More balls than either of the candidates left standing have. I wish he would have shown me and America this side of him when he was running.

  14. I don't think Ted Cruz did anything really all that controversial in this speech. So he didn't use the words "I endorse Trump," but it's not like he made a big protest and spoke against Trump either. He vilified Obama and Hillary, he said he supports building a wall, he praises the GOP and says he believes it's the party of freedom. Basically every single thing he said in this speech was 100% in-line with what everyone else at the RNC said and what their platform is. In the end, he said "Vote your conscience," which is the single most American statement you can make. The theme of every election should always be "Vote your conscience." Watching this speech, Cruz may not have endorsed Trump, but he said pretty much every single thing the GOP always say, and he clearly did not endorse Hillary either. So to "boo" someone for saying "Vote your conscience" and even try to attack his wife over it, is just being an aggressive and unruly crowd.

  15. The Republicans made it clear that they love Donald Trump because he speaks his mind (even if he's insulting or maligning someone's character). He has been very disrespectful to Senior Republicans and has made if very clear that the knowledge of party Policies is nonsense – "straight talking again". Ted Cruz "straight talked" just as Trump does. He didn't care about being "Politically correct" just as Trump does. He didn't related to Party Policies just as Trump does. Why is it then, that the Republican Party is angry when the party was founded to "end slavery" and to "fight for freedom". What message are Republicans trying to send? Ted spoke his mind and Republicans should adore him just as they do Trump.

  16. I will say that Trump was right in saying that the republican national convention looked visually better. The warm lighting and circular stage are 10 times better than the dark lighting and rectangle stage in the democratic national convention.

  17. WHEN are the Cruz supporters going to finally accept their humiliation and roll over

    for the man that lied about, disparaged and belittled Cruz.. They must learn to submit

    to the will of Trump. Bow your heads and submit ( although Cruz sure didn't )

  18. These have to be some of the most idiotic responses to a convention speech I have ever read. The words of one, Never Endorse and JFK Plot sold it for me the dumbest one I have read so far. Wake up America, these things aren't the real threat to America, right now Putin is 1000 times more dangerous to the United States but not a word of foreign policy is ever discussed. Cruz is still selling the same terrorist and fear mongering bullshit as the rest of the republican party. Here's a question for ya, how has the world been told about ISIS, who has made the assumption following every horrible act in this country that it was because of ISIS, has an accused ISIS terrorist ever been captured, has a non-citizen of the United States ever committed an act of terrorism in the name of ISIS. The disenfranchised are being filled with hopes of grandeur. Every time the news makes the names of these killers, all over the world, synonymous with the acts they commit, some crazy loser bastard tries to figure out how to become one of those never forgotten. The media is the number one advertiser for the ISIS ideals; where else have you ever heard about ISIS if not on the news. These people aren't even aware of what's going on in the world and worse than that, they don't care.

  19. I'm a democrat, but respect to Ted Cruz ok standing by his beliefs. Cruz, Kasich, or Bush would have been a better candidate, instead I'm stuck between two Demons lol

  20. I am proud of Ted Cruz my respect for being brave and not supporting a man who wants to fuck his own daughter !!!!

  21. ted cruz I'm not a fan of you.but you have real bolls to be in the wolf cave,and said that.congratulations you are the men!!

  22. Ted Cruz has no morals or principles, he broke his oath and sabotaged Ben Carson's campaign, You can't trust an oath breaker.

  23. Just imagine a Cruz, Rubio ticket. I know some people won't like that since they would be two very young politicians. But just imagine those two in 2020. If Trump doesn't win.

  24. if you love our country, and love your children as much as I know you that you dodo stand and speak and vote your conscience-vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the constitution

  25. So much for principles. After all of this (the speech, etc.), Cruz actually ends up endorsing Trump because he realized it would be politically advantageous for him to do so. Cruz is nothing but your average slimy politician that only cares about himself and his career. Once again, so much for principles as far as Cruz goes, and so much for putting the American people first. What a sleazeball!

  26. Damn this guy is good. However, as a European, I simply cannot endorse, much less abide, the use of the attacks in Paris to promote policies that are not in the best interest of France. I'll also have it known that the US is in a better state than now than before Obama took office. And big goverment doesn't mean less freedom, some of the most livable and happiest countries in the world right now, live in a social democracy. Oh and of the many western nations that have royal families, none of them are governed by them. Ted Cruz knows this. But he also knows that his electorate is retarded enough to buy it all.

  27. the future will one day come where they have time machines. they will come back to find out that this guy is a booger eater.

  28. the only time in a long time I heard of "Freedom" now I heard is government and NOT "freedom" So proud of Ted Cruz as a Texan but more important as a American.
    "Freedom, live liberty and pursue of happiness"
    NEVER forget America" aka USA!

  29. The media used the word "Remarkable," to describe the Trump supporters' response to his non-endorsement. I disagree. I think it was highly disrespectful of Senator Cruz, who was the better man by agreeing to speak at the Convention given the lies Trump used during the Primaries. The non-endorsement is EXACTLY what Trump deserved. And I'd like to see any one of those who want to criticize Ted under the same set of circumstances. Ted Cruz has more intelligence and class in his pinkey finger, than President Trump will ever have in his lifetime.

  30. If Donald Trump never entered the race Ted Cruz would have been elected President of the United States of America. I'm so glad he lost. Donald Trump makes a better President than this Canadian Senator.

  31. Wait, Ted Cruz actually says something positive regarding black people, almost no applause.? Lmao, no surprise

  32. Notice how when these people that claim to love “freedom” started booing its because Cruz said you have freedom to be gay or straight…

  33. The crowd was on his side, until 18:50 when all the booing began because of his refusal to endorse Turmp.

  34. Interesting looking back on this now. Ted Cruz knew something we didn’t at the time. That Trump was a threat to law and order and Democracy. 😮. What did he know and not tell us?

  35. If you want to know why, as an American and a conservative, I can't stand the Republican party, skip to about 19 minutes and hear the booing from there on out.

  36. People should thank God for Ted if not for him Trump would not have won the presidency if he was able to steal the election from President Trump, we would be saying Madame president to Hillary Clinton. So just be thankful to God that we did not get him. Look up Cory chase with Ted Cruz liking her porno videos. Cory chase specializes in mother daughter porn. That is where Ted Cruz has his true loyalty So look it up. See the truth.

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