TEDxNoviSad – Lazar Novkov & Frame Orchestra
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TEDxNoviSad – Lazar Novkov & Frame Orchestra

November 10, 2019

Translator: Jelena Ačanski
Reviewer: Ivana Korom Good afternoon. My name is Lazar Novkov, and this is “Frame Orchestra”. You can greet us with an applause. (Applause) We actually came to present to you our latest invention called Ka-Ka — — where for one minute of our performance, you get your life extended by 3.5 seconds. (Applause) We will try in the future to extend that length so you must come to our future performances. Today’s musical-speakers besides me:
Sinisa Mazalica, (Applause) Vladimir Opsenica, (Applause) Branko Boskovic (Applause) and concert maestro,
Mr. Cukovic Vladimir. (Applause) (Music) (Applause) (Music) (Applause) (Music) (Applause)

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