TELOS – The Bill of Rights, Supreme Court and You
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TELOS – The Bill of Rights, Supreme Court and You

October 13, 2019

Hello my name is Katy Bergenholtz and I’m
excited to be teaching The Bill of Rights, Supreme Court, and You. In this class we’ll begin with a brief refresher
on the American system of government, the role of courts, and some basic principles
judges use in making decisions. After that we’ll dive right into the Constitutions
Bill of Rights, looking at important cases dealing with topics such as Free Speech,
Freedom of Religion, the Right to Bear Arms, Criminal Law, Privacy, and Equal Rights Protections. Have you ever wondered whether the action
of flag burning or giving money to a campaign is protected as speech? And if so, why? What is considered cruel and unusual punishment? And what do the Bill of Rights and the Supreme
Court really say about gun rights, abortion, family relations, and privacy? These are some of the issues we’ll be looking
at and discussing together with respect given for wide ranging opinions. Perhaps you’re like me and have been feeling
discouraged about the nature of political discourse these days. If so, an enlightened and civil discussion
about our government and individual rights might be just the anecdote we need. And maybe our discussions will give us all
renewed respect and appreciation for our government and its foundational documents. Please join me. I look forward to seeing you in class.

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