Tenali Rama – Ep 693 – Full Episode – 27th February 2020
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Tenali Rama – Ep 693 – Full Episode – 27th February 2020

March 8, 2020

Give me permission. I will kill the
one who has stopped your dreams from coming true. Decisions taken in anger
are always harmful. And remember one thing. Even Pandit Ramakrishna’s death cannot kill him. You mean.. – I mean
even his murder cannot kill him. In fact, he will become a martyr for
Vijayanagara forever. Pandit Ramakrishna is there
in the hearts of people and in the history
of Vijayanagara. Just by taking his life Pandit Ramakrishna will not die. Because Pandit Ramakrishna
is not just a name or a person but a thought that resides in the minds
of people of Vijayanagara. So, if we want to kill
Pandit Ramakrishna then we have to destroy
that thought first. Pandit Ramakrishna’s life lies in his reputation. We have to destroy
his reputation that has given so much of honour
to Pandit Ramakrishna. What do you want to say? I mean, we have to damage
his reputation in the eyes of
Vijayanagara’s people. When the people who love him start hating him that will be the end of him. Whenever I look
at Pandit Ramakrishna then I feel like it is
impossible to defeat a great scholar like him. But after that you came. Minister Pralayankar. Your presence has assured me that there is someone who is on my side and who can not only
stand up to Pandit Ramakrishna and defeat him as well. Today, I shall teach Bhaskar
a lesson that he will never forget.
– It is him again. He is always desperate to become
an obstacle in my love story. How will I meet Amrapali now? There.
Even they have arrived. Unwanted guests. I think, the sidekicks can help
get rid of the Acharya. These are for you both..
– Oh! I just need a little help
from you both. – Tell us.. Acharya..
– Acharya.. Everything is lost
and we are ruined! Destruction is
yet to take place! Let him come before me once! Acharya, you.. The 20 gold coins
that you gave us.. The both of us.. What do you mean?
– We lost them, Acharya.. You fools! You cannot do
even a single task properly! You lost my coins! When, how and where
have you lost them! Dear Acharya. It is better you come with us and help us search those coins instead of getting
enraged at us. Come on, hurry up.. Here are sweets for you both.
Have them. It is a rather joyous moment
for Vijayanagara. Vijayanagara is going to find
a deserving ruler in future. Please help yourselves. Bhaskar! Listen, the both of you may
leave now. Yes.. After all, it is time
for the wolf to arrive. Will you both keep laughing now?
Just go. Yes. Oh.. I brought sweets
and flowers for you but I made a huge mistake. Why? – The most beautiful person
in this world is standing here and I just brought
flowers for her. However, even your father has achieved
a wonderful feat. Of course. Look, whose father he is. The amazing father
of an amazing son. Search properly, Acharya.. Search everywhere properly. You will find it.
– Let us see. Yes, keep searching. ‘I did not give them any
gold coins today.’ You fools! You both are making me
search gold coins when I did not even
give you any today! Tell me honestly.
What is the matter? Tell me what the matter is! Bhaskar, tell me.
What is the matter? Why these flowers and sweets?
Tell me. These sweets are to eat and flowers are to put
in your beautiful hair. Stop! How dare you! You are talking about putting
flowers in my daughter’s hair! No..
– I will not spare you! No..
– I-I will not spare you! Oh, God! – You have had it!
– Amrapali, help! Father, anger is not a good
thing. Please.. – Yes.. Y-You heard it wrong.
I was just saying that I brought these flowers
for your hairs. – Yes.. Please do not hit me..
It will hurt me. Grandsire..
– Do not call me that! Call me Acharya!
– Grandsire. Call Acharya!
– Grandsire. Call me Acharya!
– Acharya.. Amrapali, hold them. Yes.
– Yes, hold them. Listen. Please look at what I
want to show you. What? You want to show something? How can you show something? Idiot, you can say something. Okay then listen.
– Yes, tell me. You can beat me up after that.
Okay? A-Amrapali, please turn around. Why.. Why will she turn around? I care for your reputation,
that’s why I am asking for it so that your reputation
is not damaged. Fine, do not turn around.
But do not blame me later. No.. Dear, turn around. Turn around..
– Turn around.. Tell me now, what it is.
– Yes. Does this remind you
of something? ‘Bhaskar!’ Okay, listen. Should I tell her?
– No. Let me tell her.
– No. No, let me tell. Amrapali, come with me. But where? Oh, do not understand. Grandsire, please ask Amrapali
to go with me. Y-Yes, dear. G-Go.. Quickly go away.
Go. Look, even your father
has given us permission now. Let us go.
Thank you, Grandsire. Pandit Ramakrishna! Oh. Why are you troubling me? Because you have lost
your mind. Why are you messing
with the queen, Rama? You have come to Vijayanagara
after so many years. Will you not let me be
in peace? I think, I have come to
someone else’s house by mistake. Such a warm welcome,
so much respect for me in my house? That too,
by my mother and wife? Rama, you have not understood. This is how the sacrificial lamb
is usually welcomed. Forget what she said.
Listen to what I am saying. I.. All right.
Mother-in-law is saying that she is proud of you. And she is saying
that in four years Swami will become a king. So in these four years try to impress him
as much as you can. So that when he becomes
the king, we can benefit from it and accumulate as much wealth
as we can. So that you can give me a lot
of gold ornaments. So this is your plan,
Pandit Ramakrishna. Thankfully, I found out
about your plan. You are planning
to accumulate wealth by pretending to be loyal
to the king. You have changed so much,
Pandit Ramakrishna. Greed has destroyed
your character. You are right, Acharya. I am very greedy. But I am not greedy for wealth but for the benefit
of the people. I am greedy about protecting
Vijaynagara’s constitution. I am greedy about
making Vijayanagara as an example of the best
kingdom in the world. Wonderful! Now that your secret is out,
you are feigning patriotism! We heard your plan,
so to cover that up you are making excuses.
And your son on the other hand who comes to my house
all the time and conspires
against me. Whereas you are conspiring
against the kingdom. But I will not let
your evil plan succeed. Now you will see
my old self again. I will keep an eye on
everything you do. I will always be
around you. You can no more do
you will, Pandit Ramakrishna. Because I have always been
a well wisher of Vijayanagara, I still am
and so I shall always be! What will you do now, Rama? He will trouble you again
like before. Sometimes I feel as if
he was born to trouble you. Be careful. Hail Queen Sulakshana Devi!
– All hail! Hail Crown Prince Swami!
– All hail! Hail Queen Sulakshana Devi!
– All hail! Hail Crown Prince Swami!
– All hail! Hail Queen Sulakshana Devi!
– All hail! Let us begin the proceedings. Mother. Before starting the proceedings
of royal court I want to say something. Go ahead, Swami. Mother, I have a friend who is troubled by
his father. I want to present his case
in this courtroom. Wonderful! Great talent starts showing
at an early age. Evidently, the crown prince has
the makings of a great king! He is trying to solve the
problem of a troubled person on the very first day. How wonderful! Where is your friend? Come inside. What? Is it her? This is a girl. Pratibha, do not be scared.
Please come inside. Everyone is served justice here.
So will you. Tell us about your problems. Mother, they all live
in a village nearby. They have summoned them here. But, Swami,
what is their problem? Pratibha, please tell us
about your problem. Well.. I.. Book.. Well.. School.. Do not be scared.
I am here with you. I will say it. Pratibha wants to
go to school and study She likes to study. But her father does not
want to send her to school. He does not like her studying because he thinks that girls
do not have the right to study. He thinks educating a girl
is a waste of time. And today I want raise
a question before this court through Pratibha. Why do girls not have
the right to study? What is your name? Charudattam. Charudattam,
can you please tell me why you think your son
has the right to education but not your daughter? Of what use is education
to a girl? At the end of the day,
she has to manage a home. So she should learn
housekeeping skills not academics.
– Hey, what are you saying? This is not right. Be it a girl or a boy..
– Bhaskar. Do not interrupt
the court proceedings. Dear lady, you are the mother
of this little girl. What do you have to say
about this? What will she say,
Pandit Ramakrishna? In our family, women do not
have the freedom to have an opinion. All right. But she is your wife should she not have a little
freedom to give her opinion? Why? I am one who brings home
the bacon. So things should be done
according to my will. What does she do? Only household chores,
cooking washing dirty dishes
and soiled clothes. That is all she does. The breadwinner of the family
has right to have an opinion and also the right
to have it obeyed. Be it man or woman,
a son or a daughter all of them have the right
to present their side. Pandit Ramakrishna, this world can work without women but not without men. In fact, a women is totally dependent on a man
for everything in life. Yes, he is right. He is absolutely right. Women should not be given
the freedom to do everything. What do women do anyway? It is an age old tradition that men are are more important
to society. A society without men
becomes extinct eventually. I also agree with Tathacharya. It is the right of a father to decide if he wants to
educate his daughter or not. Am I right?
– Yes. Yes, you are.. I agree with Tathacharya
and the Minister as well. It is an old age tradition. ‘Father, why do you not
do something?’ ‘How can you let this injustice
happen to women’ Mother, why do girls
not have freedom? You also take your
own decisions, do you not? I am different, Swami. I am not a common woman
but a queen. And the rights of a queen
are different from a common woman. We will have to follow
social norms that we have been following
for ages. But this is discrimination! Pandit Ramakrishna, tell us
what is right and wrong? All right, Prince. You see, Charudattam is right. Our society
is a male dominated society where men have more rights
than women. So the man of the family
has the right to take any decision
for his wife and daughter. So, if does not want to
educate his daughter then his family will have to
accept his decision. That is right.. That is right.. ‘How can father support
such regressive thoughts?’

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