[Thailand 3] 태국 방콕 왕궁 입장료로” 맥주 마시기
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[Thailand 3] 태국 방콕 왕궁 입장료로” 맥주 마시기

October 26, 2019

where is he best tourist destination at Bangkok? the palace tour is one of the best tour in the constitutional monarchy, Thailand. that is why there are so many people near palace. why there is so many people it’s just like the Gyeongbokgung in korea with many tour bus. but they caught at the gate. short pants tips to visit the palace in Bangkok
you shold wear the cloth with no exposure when visit palace and temple it’s banned to enter. sleeveless cloth is banned to enter I’m really bad in costume you are bad in manners how come you dress like that when you visit palace. I never dress like that even I go to housewarming. let’s have a look at least. wait 500 Bahts(about 14 dollars) to enter palace 500 Baht is too expensive Thinking for a while we watch everything already. let’s go back how soo-yong reply? yes it is…. wait. aren’t you going to enter for sure? there is no reason to watch inside anyway. we get no money we can see the palace in the internet we are going to eat icecream only staffs enter the palace to show palace to the viewers. * Cloth borrowing service at Bangkok palace *
the traditional skirt, Phasin and pants for man are free to borrow
but 500 bahts of deposit is needed staffs are going to watch palace the Bangkok palace which made at 18th century is the place where the kings live. palace and temples are glitted and decorated with porcelain and glass. and there are world famous emerald Buddha at the main temple of the Wat Phra Kaew so many tourist visit the palace to watch it. where are two backpackers now? it will give us great energy. it’s so cool we are going quench our thrist instead of watching palace cool Thailand beer, 1.5 dollar drink the happiness of 1.5 dollar you have to drink thie this is it. tour is to become happy let’s go now. with taxi wont’s we spend too much money? money is to spend okay let’s go

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