Thailand set to legalize same-sex civil unions| DW News
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Thailand set to legalize same-sex civil unions| DW News

December 18, 2019

These two like to be in perfect union – not
only in their workout routine. Woody Milintachinda and Ote Chabchitrchaidol
are more than just training buddies. The pair fell in love 12 years ago and have
been together ever since. Three times a week they start their day with
a workout. They say helps their bodies and their relationship
stay in shape. “Me and my partner are always on the go all
the time working, getting tasks done. I think the only time that we actually get
to spend together known as quality time is during our morning workouts like today.” Woody is a well-known TV presenter in Thailand. For more than a decade he has been in the
public eye. When he came out 4 years ago it made big headlines
– not all of them kind. Woody feels Thailand still has a long way
to go towards full acceptance of sexual minorities. He welcomes the new bill as an awakening for
Thai society. “People just started talking about this seriously
over the past year. And everyone wondered: What’s a civil partnership? Do gays really need to get married? The conversations are out there in a society
that has never talked about this.” Nada Chaiyajit is an LGBT activist. She acknowledges that a civil union would
bring some improvements for same-sex couples – for example when it comes to succession. At the same time she – like many activists
– fears that the move could entrench their status as second-class citizens. “If the law is discriminated by itself it
is difficult to create a mindset for society to understand that we are equal. So people will look at us and say ‘Oh, you
are second class citizens because you cannot adopt children, you cannot enjoy social welfare
which is a huge move from my point of view. So instead of taking baby steps to take some
rights, I would go for full rights.” Woody and Ote take a different view. They feel Thailand isn’t ready for full marriage
equality. Demanding all might just result in achieving
nothing. “If you push too hard you might be aggravating
the people that are living here. So it is about knocking at the doors, opening
the doors one by one.” “It’s a first step, a very important first
step. And if we manage to get this first step right
we will still be the very first in Southeast Asia to get that. And I think that on its own is such an achievement
both for Thailand, for the region, it’s something we can be proud of.” Most of the heavy lifting is done. What’s left now is the vote in parliament. Should the civil union bill pass Woody and
Ote want to be among the first same-sex couples in Thailand to legally tie the knot.

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  1. Civil partnership comes before civil rights. That's too sad for people under junta government. I'm Thai and do research about this very bill. Its contents are far behind minimum standard for civil partnership. You can't even sign the consent for your partner in term of emergency. Never support this movement under junta leader.

  2. They should keep it to them self and I'm against it. Not natural and not human, also this law opens the gate for more disasters.

  3. At least Thai people are being aware of equal rights and getting to the right step.
    It is better than nothing. Just go for it.
    Go Thailand!

  4. As a NYer they sound like NYers … I wonder if they’ve lived here ? Anyway they said it well , step by step . Best of luck to them and the Thai people..

  5. Progress is always made step by step. There is not a single country which has achieved full equality rights at once. So congratulations and good job Thai Land!!

  6. Maybe thailand can do that, but I hope other ASEANers don't implemented same-sex marriage. This is againts the culture, we only need to respect the LGBT and give them a chance to live better, but no same-sex marriage.

  7. Do you mean to say that these 2 men exchange bodily fluids in their mouths and rectum? That's yucky. It's a real sign of mental illness.

  8. They speak better english than I expected!
    And go Thailand! Legalize same sex marriage! Love is love❤
    I will explode when Thailand legalizes it. And I'm from Thailand btw

  9. they can not have children goddammit being in a traditional country its hard some parents can't accept or might accept the fact

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