That Was Weird – BYU vs Liberty
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That Was Weird – BYU vs Liberty

November 19, 2019

>>I’m not going to excuse you two young men yet because it’s your favorite part. That was weird and we — tuaki, and what symbol is that.>>That’s a bear claw.>>Is that a cat?>>Bear claw.>>Bear claw. Aggressive defense. Does he growl.>>Let’s do this and this.>>Tanner was doing that growling.>>BYU play sheet there’s something. Adam Sandler happy Gilmore is on there it’s a win.>>Ice cube.>>I think you should –>>Today was a good day was it not. Was a good day.>>Happy Gilmore, gotta love it.>>We move on. Tyler aljier, that’s not a fumble that’s holing on the ball.>>Impressive.>>And the pull up.>>The employers love getting their hand –>>Friendly guys at liberty.>>BYU hand out to cotoa, and Matt bushman will continue on down the field. He’s going to Forrest gump this thing. See you later Matt. Took it to the house.>>He went all the way to the end zone. Took it to the end zone.>>We’re not going to show you dancing.>>Quarterbacks work on this in the quarterback room they’re in there coming up with signals you never know who –>>What is Joe even doing?>>Looks at Joe what is that, haven’t seen that one. Look at him he’s like what are you doing, I guess Joe crystals was not the real play call.>>Crazy, that means something to someone.>>Chin fly away, chin, chin, fly away.>>Next, the scrum package was on second and nine.>>This is definitely weird.>>This is very weird.>>I think the important thing to not overlook is we picked up a yard on the play.>>I think they were trying to pass the field goal line. That was the key. They got past the field goal.>>That was two yards.>>Somebody was watching the TV they thought it was the first down line.>>This is twice we’ve done this away from the goal line.>>If you’re going to do this, at least entertainment give it to kyrus. How about the guy who wins a ring and proposes doesn’t waste time.>>Was it the same ring or did he have it planned.>>We’ll have to confirm it.>>Did he get the ring and decided to do it.>>Did he just meet this girl?>>You’ve got the ring, here, let’s do this.>>He seems to be okay with it.>>BYU. And then tanner Mangum postgame checking 60 yards off the set.>>Wind it up.>>Off the goal post. (Laughter).>>That’s live TV right there.>>Go past the goal post.>>Don’t mind the background.>>What happened and right into — you know how far that throw was, watch when I catch it. You’re back in the light way in the corner. And that thing ricochetted off, focus and conversation we’ll have to catch it off the karem off the gold post.

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