The 13th Amendment: Slavery is still legal under one condition
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The 13th Amendment: Slavery is still legal under one condition

December 16, 2019

So prisons in America specifically are some
of the biggest, most dysfunctional businesses we have in our society, and they are a business
because of the cheap and free labor. When you read the 13th Amendment—that basically
was the amendment that broke through slavery and freed the men and women who were enslaved
at the time—there is a clause in there that allows for the re-enslavement of people in
the event that they’re convicted of a crime. And so in prisons throughout our country,
you have people who are working for basically free, and if they’re not working for free
they’re working for wages that, if we saw that happening in another country, we would
be very critical of. When I was in prison I worked for $0.17 an
hour; that was my starting rate working in the kitchen. But there are also big corporations who invest
in prison labor because they can get this labor for $1.50 an hour. The sad part about it is that, in turn, they
don’t even hire these men and women when they’re actually released from prison. Everything in prison has inflated costs. It costs us—inside prison, when I was inside—anywhere
between $3 and $15 for a 15-minute phone call. We don’t have to pay that out here in free
society. There is a way that we can send emails to
men and women inside prison, and it cost five cents every time we send that, whereas out
here in society we can send emails without any charge. And so there are so many ways that the prison
is exploited: the cheap labor, the cost of services and goods, and it’s a model that,
sadly and unfortunately, has affected a large segment of our society. I think most people aren’t aware of why
the business models of prison exist, because most of our society has been left clueless
in regards to how our judicial system works. And it’s largely been through the effect
of campaigns that politicians have run for years, this whole idea that one of the greatest
fears you should have is crime in America. When you’re operating out of a space of
fear you’re not thinking clearly, so you’re not willing to examine things that are right
in front of us. And so the way that the prison system has
developed and evolved over the years, is it originally started as government-run, state-run
institutions, and then people started seeing investment opportunities when the states and
couldn’t keep up with the budgetary cost of incarcerating so many people. We currently have over two million men and
women incarcerated throughout the country, and we represent five percent of the world
population, yet we incarcerate 25 percent of the world’s incarcerated people. And so, at some point, states could no longer
keep up with those budgets, private investors moved in and seized an opportunity, and then
they started structuring laws in a way that ensured that people continue to be incarcerated
for the most frivolous things. Like, 40 years ago we didn’t have as many
laws on the books that we have now, and when you look at how the war on drugs itself impacted
incarceration rates, if you follow that pathway you’ll see how people seized on that opportunity
and began to invest in private businesses.

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  1. Prison should be the most uncomfortable, hated, and dreaded place to be….it is punishment. Dont get in trouble, you wont go to prison.

  2. No, out here we are TAXED to use the internet. Also to use the phone, to use Water, to use Electricity, to use a car, to drink booze, to smoke cigarettes, to ……
    I would gladly pay 5 cents an email than the THOUSANDS in taxes I have to pay on food, clothing, and boarding.
    But it is not slavery, because they can't force you to work. You can kick back in your cell all day instead.

  3. well duhh. They just chop off a hand, or a head. They don't incarcerate. I wish we would follow their example. Recidivism rate is what 1 more hand at most.
    But democrats wrote all those laws. They want to even make owning a piece of plastic a felony. See Massachusetts bans bump stocks
    Democrats were PROUD to say they wrote the drug laws to get back at blacks for not staying their slaves.

  4. If convicts didn't LOVE being treated like this, then they wouldn't keep voting for democrats who WRITE all those laws putting them in jail.
    But thank you for not spreading the lie of For Profit Prisons. If prisons make a profit we would open MORE of them and pay off the national debt.

  5. If you seen the prisons in Brazil, it is quite astonishing prisioners got e-mails! PRobably the 5 cent charge if is almost a simbolic charge is to verify what is the content of the e-mail, and the service may be public but it needs to be paid! It is incredible, not bad.

  6. Part of the problem is that of American excess. Giving prisoners the opportunity to work is not an inherently bad concept, it's just taken to a ludicrous extreme. There is a good reason behind every arrangement with which he takes issue, it's just taken too far.

  7. No, prisons are not fair to prisoners…. I thought that was the entire point. To punish criminals for their crimes. The problem isn't the treatment of criminals. It's the amount of people being thrown into jails.

  8. Prison labor, military conscription, and compulsory schooling are three examples of involuntary servitude.
    Are there any others?

  9. You do not have to work while in prison. You have the choice to stay in your cell. Also complaining about the cost of services and goods in prison but not mentioning your free lights, water, sewer, food and housing costs.

  10. We need to push to get that clause (except for punishment of a crime) eliminated. Other countries are doing rehab and their repeat offender rate is way down compared to US. That screams our methods are failing and it's on purpose. Most of our legislators should go to prison.

  11. I can see the problem with bail bonds, but slavery in jails? That’s easy to avoid, follow the law. Also if i go to jail the last thing in my mind is to worry about paying 5 cents for internet. Trust me there is worst things in jail than corporations getting my money.

  12. When I was in jail they wonted $1.25 for a .10 cent roman noodle and I had $250 .I got a staff infection They took it all for bandages no antibiotics .When I got out I hadv to go to the Dr.

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  14. Spitting on the sidewalk was a felony back when Jim Crow Laws were implemented. If you couldnt afford the fine for the offense, you were asked to sign to be leased out to work your time off at a refinery,railroad or mines.

  15. Sooo we are supposed to give them a bed and 3 meals a day and medical care if needed for free.? They did the crime and we have to pay for it? It's not slavery. Just like the restaurant field and they refuse to serve others because they feel it's slavery. ITS A JOB. Nothing more. Kanye west has no idea what he's talking about using Twitter from his JET.


  17. It’s time to lock the jailers up for a while, and the scumbags who own and run the prisons, and the judicial system that puts millions of non-violent offenders behind bars, while the real crooks are running things and sitting in the Whitehouse.

  18. I don't know you or your channel..but this is the best video I've seen about the 13th amendment.. you should be sitting next Jim Brown and Trump representing your people …not Kanye West.. thumbs up

  19. You could not commit a crime! To put a criminals in jail cost this country billions! Why should we have to pay your way!

  20. What about the victims of a crime, are they slaves too.
    My solution to your complaints, go to school, educate yourself and learn good things, get a job and do be a criminal.
    I really think our justice system is to soft with criminals , they need to be treated as criminals.

  21. Lol everyone was saying shit bout the 13th ammendment ans there was a movie about it then kanye says something to the pres and ppl act confused. Sad ppl let these news stations fool them smh

  22. Thank you for speaking out on this in a public forum. I've been well aware of the 13th amendment for years, and have spent many years in the system myself. We need to communicate with one another and stride to enlighten the public to how the 13th amendment works. Keep up the good work!

  23. really could not care any less its not slavery if you make a conscience decision to commit a crime and end up in a prison camp to pay your debt to society. No one is rounding up unsuspecting people walking down the street and forcing them to work without pay. You think convicted murderers, rapists, child molesters, robbers, drugdealers etc… should just get to lie around their entire sentence smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee? Who do you think pays the bill for them to eat 3 times a day have hot showers and a mat to sleep on?

  24. I am petrified-I never knew that slavery ended. All of this time I thought that I was still a slave. Check your stats, I thought Slave Ships were still bringing slaves to America.

  25. Prior to Lincoln, Congress didnt fck with the people. Prior to statute courts, the states didnt fck with the people. Thus, the origin of the system fcking with the people was Lincoln.

  26. This dudes not saying anything that’s helpful, he runs the risk of going back, he learned nothing, he’s just regurgitating the same B.S. that everyone who has been on the inside or will be on the inside will experience. It’s a LEGAL SYSTEM, it says in the 13th AMENDMENT ( unless a PARTY is duly CONVICTED of a CRIME. The ONLY way you can possibly be a PARTY is if a CONTRACT EXISTS. Everyone who’s incarcerated is there because they either plead guilty to, or was found guilty of, breaching a contract that does NOT exist, by way of offending a STATUTE. They never faced their accuser because it would be IMPOSSIBLE seeing as their accuser is a figment of the imagination. This LEGAL fictions Attorney prosecuted them in an Admiralty court under a criminal Maritime Jurisdiction.

  27. When you commit a crime (such as larceny for instance) you are doing damage to another party, and that puts a weight of responsibility for repairing that damage on your shoulders. That's what a justice system is for: making sure you do the time for the crime. All we have to figure out then is what should be classified as a crime.

    On a separate note; he talks about how we have 5% of the world's population, yet we have 25% of the world's prisoners. So what? If you want to stay out of jail, then don't violate the law of the country you are in. It is unjust to simply allow lawbreakers to roam free. It sends a message that you can do as you please without having to worry about being punished. Just don't violate the law. Why is that so hard to accept? Explain that.

  28. One of the biggest things ive been researching and trying to fight is "lifetime supervision" which is currently in missouri. Now, lifetime supervision i highly recommend gets abolished completely. I have completed parole successfully, but i still have to wear a gps monitoring device til im 65 years old ( im "eligible" to petition the court for removal). But even tho i am no longer a parolee, but now considered a "ex offender" ( missouri no longer uses convict), i am a slave to the state. I cant move out of missouri, cant remove the bracelet, and if i dont do what my "parole officer" says im charged with a class c felony. Read the definition of slavery people. I need help please. I shouldnt be subject to be a slave for the rest of my life expecialy when i completed my sentence. There getting away with it by adding it into a "CIVIL AGREEMENT" during a criminal sentencing. Most people are unaware during swntencing that this extra hidden condition actually means, and when they do…. its to late… thats what happen in my case…. the pwople need to fight to abolish any form of slavery

  29. One prisoner costs more to house than most Americans make working their butts off. Excuse me if I don't think prisoners should have a proper income knowing how much it costs to house them when I have to work my butt off just to get a roof over my head. Are their innocent men and women in prison? Sure but I like to think of that as a rarity. If you like to blame criminal activity on how society treats minorities then you may have a point but that's a separate issue. If you're found guilty and you have to do time damn straight you should be worked to help offset what you're costing tax payers.

  30. Being that the government can make you their slave if convicted of a crime I'm sure not seeing a slowing down in the volunteering of candidates .

    Uuhm…Why do you think that the number one deterrence of criminal activity is supposedly be a person's loss of freedom ? I think what has happened is that they have made prison stay too deceivingly comfortable for many people that they don't realize that Constitutionally they have made themselves a slave to the government . If prisoners conditions were truly treated in a servitude manner then people would understand the reality of the freedoms they have traded away when deciding to commit a crime . If you are not going to abolish that portion of the 13th Amendment then making a person's prison stay more comfy is doing a greater disservice to the people . A slave is still a slave regardless of how well they are treated , just like a cage is still a cage regardless how comfortable it is made .

  31. Beyond Psy.the man is telling the big dollars the prisons n industry that use prison labor make so your tax dollars going straight in the gov pocket

  32. Alright call me an asshole if you want but i just don't see no way out. If America runs off dunkin people in prison then leave America 😂 America ain't gonna change if all people care about is money

  33. I have to pay for Internet even taxed for "Everyone On" Obamanet. Cheap labor is Not Slavery when they gain something, in exchange. You voted For Private Prisons. Sell this "Victim" Shit elsewhere. Thank, Black Anthony Johnson for the court case to install that Amendment. Want to talk about Liberia???

  34. This coming in the perspective of an African American, so I do not want to hear anything about Caucasians resrricting freedoms of speech for others.

  35. yeah, most people aren't aware, because they don't commit crime so don't need to be. prison is obviously not a good time, that's why it's a deterrent

  36. It makes sense to have the people in prison working. Private prisons are not ok. I'm not sure how much monitoring of phone calls needs to occur. It may make sense to pay for the person to monitor the phone call.

    We need to work for restitution and return to life. We need clear people's records when they get out of prison, it is cruel and unusual to have a criminal record keeping people from working and becoming a valuable member of society.

  37. It’s called paying your debt to society prison sucks trust me I’ve been there too but I put myself there just like you and everyone else I would’ve gladly worked for free just to get out of my cage getting a few dollars for commissary was just a bonus Wise up dude 7% of the population but 50% of the population of jail


  39. "I love the poorly educated." Do you know who said this and why? We're a nation of sheep gladly walking voluntarily towards our demise.

  40. White Domestic terrorism is oldest and biggest threat to the United States.

    People of Middle Eastern descent or Muslim aren't the problem.

  41. The United States Corporation occupies the land of America for commerce and profit for the British Crown. There was never Independence, just deception. Title of nobility, the United States Corporation can only have a president and is forbidden to use titles of nobility such as Kings and Queens. Everything taught in school about the United States are hypocritical lies. It's a slave holding enterprise and military arm of the Empire Cities, the so-called holy trinity (Vatican City, City Of London, Washington D.C.). The allegiance to the Roman Empire which still rules the world today are shown with the use of the colors red whit and blue of nations flags. Every nation who's flag is red white and blue are under Roman Catholic Control. We've all been double crossed as it clearly symbolizes on the British flag.

  42. So whats a person supposed to do on the inside? It's not a spa! Maryland makes about 50 million from their very complex prison industries, BUT… they also are committed to finding employment for them once they're released and they do hire them. Usually shortly before release they can start working there and if spots are available they do hire them after release and its part of the state so they become state employee's. It's called MCE a division of police and public safety.

  43. I've been to prison and there was no slave labor going on. JS. But I also learned something else. It's changed my entire life! You wanna know what it is?? When I stopped breaking the law, I stopped being locked up! Wanna STICK IT TO THE MAN!?! STOP DOING CRIMINAL ACTIVITY! Start being a good person and a blessing to your family and your community.

  44. Then stay your ass out of jail and prison. It’s that simple cause if you do the crime then do that time. Instead of trying to get sympathy he should be using this as a deterrent to stay out of any incarceration. Let me say this I do not think it’s ok for businesses to take advantage of prison labor and something should be done to get that stopped. Now as far as getting paid for working in the prison it should probably be raised to a few dollars an hour $2 at the most. You can’t expect to get paid more than that if the prison is providing you with food, a gym, a bed, and cable. It’s like the inmates are kids and the prison system is their parents giving them an allowance.

  45. The "Big House" is indeed one of the worst parts of enslavement here in the land of the fee, home of the slave, but is not the only form of slavery. They do use that paticular "gotcha" in the thirteenth ammendment to re-enslave Black folk and others. It is my opinion that the thirteenth ammendment actually didn't free anyone but rather expanded the plantation which everyone is beholden too now, not just Black folk. Black fold are by and large still at the bottom rung of the expanded plantation, with various degrees and levels of slavery now. The plantation changed it's name to corporation and everyone who works form them is their slave working to make the owners, or bosses/CEO's rich. They give most of the people that work for them a pittance, some a goodly sum (the modern day overseers/supervisors) to keep the slaves in line, while they grow fat off of the slave"s labor, and the slave grows poorer and poorer because they have exchanged their most precious life/time for the paltry amount of money tossed at them, which is barely enough to survive. That being said, I don't disagree with anything said in this video, just wanted to point that out.

  46. I know it’s a slippery slope opening up the constitution for change but I think this amendment should be carefully looked at and abolished

  47. I'm not sure but I'm gonna look it up, but I heard it takes over 30,000. To keep one person in jail for one year. My feeling is work and quit crying. Working for a little cash is better then b
    Nothing. Doing nothing but being alone or fighting , I would prefer something to do. Prisoners have three meals right? A place inside to sleep, right? Not safe but not safe outside either. Medical where some folks not in don't have, right? I've never been it but willing to be schooled. I've listened from some on YouTube about prison and respect. What about respect for those you committed crimes on even if it's you. I wish you all the best and you find your way in this world. We are all slaves unless your dead. God Bless! be mindful and kind even when it's hard to do.

  48. Abolish that bullshit13th "amendment". It's embarrassing that something like that would even stick from some old fucks dudes in powdered wigs.

  49. The 13th amendment of the constitution reads as follows –

    "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

    That says slavery/involuntary servitude is unlawful in the United States….provided you’re not convicted of a crime. Slavery didn’t end. It had stipulations added to it.

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