The 2nd Amendment – Constitution Bootcamp: Bill of Rights Series
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The 2nd Amendment – Constitution Bootcamp: Bill of Rights Series

August 24, 2019

So we’re going to get right into it, and
please bear with me if you don’t understand me because (we’ll slow
down the video later) I actually took four shots of espresso coffee because I knew I wanted to be quick about this! Second Amendment… “A
well-regulated militia,” what is a militia, Louie? A militia according to
even the legal definition by the United States government is any able-bodied
citizen from the ages of 15 through 34. Correct, but during the time of our
founding our founding fathers were that was defined it as just any able-bodied
male, and that means that we even had nine year olds and twelve year olds
picking up rifles and killing British. But a well-regulated militia composed
of the body of the people, being the best security of a free State. Okay that is
what is called, according to Justice Scalia and District of Columbia versus Heller in
his writing, he said that that is called “the prefatory statement” so if you’re
discussing this with any of your progressive friends or whatever, yeah, and
they want to talk about the militia and all that nonsense,
you tell them that’s the prefatory that’s just the opening statement… the
actual right which stands on its own is that “the right of the people to keep and
bear arms shall not be infringed.” That right can stand by itself the right of
the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Well unfortunately
because of our government and other people who have allowed it to be
over the years, we have the 1934 National Firearms Act, which has infringed our
rights with regard to fully automatic weapons, short-barrel rifles, short-barrel
shotguns and suppressors. They call it the NFA, the National Firearms Act. 1968
they had a Gun Control Act. 1986 they had a firearm owners Protection Act. I think
if you have a firearm you’re pretty much protecting yourself, right? 1993 they had
the Brady Handgun Violence Act. 1994 they had an Assault Weapons Ban. And then
of course the one that really has, in my opinion, perpetuated a lot of problems
that we have with school shootings because they made schools gun-free zones,
they call the Gun-Free School Zone Act. so is that amazing it since the Gun-Free
School Zone Act we’ve had the worst school shootings, That’s where you know
these people they just don’t think. Anyway, just to find a brief where-we-are-
today… y’all may remember last year the State legislature had a package, a fire,
gun control legislation, well, the Bloomberg/George Soros… you know
during control people or Moms Across America, those people whatever, they
put forward the same package to all 50 State legislatures because if they
figured they couldn’t usurp the Second Amendment at the federal level that they
would attack it from the state level. Seven states have unfortunately followed
through and passed some of this nonsense. Well fortunately here in Louisiana we’ve
had some pretty good legislators who and also some advocacy groups who have
prevented a lot of this from coming forward. However New York, New Jersey,
Illinois, Washington State, several other leftist
anti-American leftist groups States have passed some different variances, and I’m
just giving you a blue brief overview of that, limiting the types of handguns that
citizens can purchase or own. California actually has an approved handgun list
and most of your common semi- automatic weapons like Cal Tech and
Rugers, Glocks, they’re not even on the list. You can’t even own that stuff in California that’s how far you know away from the Second
Amendment California has become. It’s ridiculous.
Criminalizing law-abiding gun owners… There was a city that passed an
ordinance in Illinois, I believe it was, that actually criminalized anyone who
owned a semi-automatic assault rifle and they said that they have so many days to
turn in or they were going to be put in jail. How is that America? Are we in America anymore? Magazine capacity limitations… so you have certain states
that have magazine capacity limitations. No more than ten rounds in a magazine or
seven rounds in a magazine but you know if you are being assaulted at a gas station
by three criminals who don’t follow the laws and they have 20-round magazines
and you’re with one seven-round magazine you’re gonna be out of luck. I mean that
if they have no thought for law-abiding citizens. It’s like you know they want to
open the borders and let criminal illegal aliens come in here and release
them into our society and then take away our guns. Yeah so our law enforcement
already outgunned by that. Another thing I saw recently was gun owner insurance. They’re gonna mandate you to have gun owner insurance. A permit if you
live in a free society should you have to get a permit to own a firearm? Where
is the whole idea of “shall not be infringed” … you know, escape these people?
Taxes on ammunition… they want to tax the ammunition because if they can’t take
away your guns they want to take away your ammo. The whole, you know, the whole thing
we know all about the progressive candidates for president we know about AOC and her nonsense… whether it’s a new Green Deal, Green Energy, Health Care, none
of that is about the subject that they’re talking about… it’s empty words
to them… it’s all about power and control that’s all that the Democrats that the
anti-American progressives are looking for is power and control and they cannot
have a firearm control as well as we as free Americans continue to keep our
firearms. So keep your guns, keep the powder dry, let me say this another one
came up a review of buyers social media… before you can… boy, and I’m a dealer…they would take away my (if anybody looked at my social media!) it’s be scary. Then there’s this one here… Red Flag laws. Have ya’ll heard about Red Flag laws? You know that is? Red Flag laws
is when the police or family members petition to the state court to order the
temporary removal of firearms for someone who may present a danger. So this is what
we would call ‘thought police’… this is the thought police this is the like Minority
Report where it’s a pre-crime, right? So you’re going to be judged on pre-crime
before you commit a crime, and they want to do that now, here’s the other bad part
about it, they’ve already had a gentleman I believe it’s Maryland he lost his life
because he refused to give it up and the police shot him. You know I was talking, I was
debating some idiots on social media the other day, and they were saying something
about well it’s not unconstitutional until it goes before the court and the court
decides it’s unconstitutional. So how many lives have to be lost before it
goes to court and before it’s judged, deemed unconstitutional? So we really have to be
vigilant here as tea party members and you know Mary and Terri and us Tea Party members, members of the Louisiana Gun Association all that stuff, we need to be
vigilant and be aware when they try to push anything that is
unconstitutional through our State legislature. We need to call them out
because remember and we’ll close with this… every legislator takes an oath of
office to protect, preserve, and uphold the Constitution of these United States
of America and here at the state of Louisiana
so if Troy Carter or one of those other leftists tries to push some sort of
anti-gun anti-Second Amendment bill… we need… let me get at them. I’m the pit-bull… I’ll get out the closet come right at em to say they should
be removed from office for violating their oath of office and tried for
sedition. Thank you all. One this is that the 13 States that ratified the Constitution actually had their own
State constitutions, basically saying the same thing, the right of the people to
keep and bear arms, so they can’t say it’s for the militia, and if it’s for the
militia, whose the militia for? It was for the States to go against the US well? Then how come the federal government can take control of the National Guard?
Thank you. Yes Louise’s correct… the whole point of the Second Amendment is not
about deer hunting… our founding fathers didn’t just get
through going on a deer hunt when they wrote the Second Amendment, they just got
through overthrowing a tyrannical government, and that’s what the Second
Amendment is for… is to protect Liberty.

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