The 3rd amendment
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The 3rd amendment

October 27, 2019

in the year 3000X Matthew bombard a
small rock farmer located Idaho America had his rights infringed by a British
soldier these are his stories howdy there partner my name is matthew
bombard thank you for stopping by my beautiful farm you know see I’m a I’m a
rock farmer if you can tell you know things are beautiful almost beautiful as
my wife over there Delilah dang let me tell you the rocks weren’t the only
thing hard the day I met her my heart was well come on let me introduce you the
rest of the family she’s right there my beautiful wife Delilah
hey there Delilah how’s it going what in the goddamn! toss me my gun! that’s it! What are you doing with me wife’s pussy- cat it’s not what it look like you can’t just come into my shack and shack up with my wife that ain’t right
I was just following orders mate you just violated the u.s. 3rd amendment of the
bill of rights thou shall not quarter well it’s wartime mate Your ass is going to court You’re going away for a long time pal what’s gonna happen to him? don’t worry Delilah will never touch you
again I wasn’t planning on it mate ???

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