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  1. By this video's logic I guess I'm a closeted conservative because I think equality of opportunity is an extremely important goal and equality of outcome is a terrible idea.

  2. I disagree, right now those who act like fascist are on the left. The Nazi were leftist. So Your whole argument at the end fall appart.

  3. 9:23 “This system requires an underclass. Someone’s gotta clean the toilets” – some commie

    If you’re so worried about the “poor people” who will have to clean toilets, why don’t you get off your pampered ass and make a product that cleans toilets automatically?

    Oh never mind, I’ll just do it myself; see you in a billion dollars.

  4. I think having both a system that uses hierarchies in a controlled format and a system that promotes total equality would allow both positives of each to exist while naturally negating the negatives. The controlled hierarchy can provide growth via highly motivated competition and if you dont like the aggressiveness of living like that, you can live in the equality based system which takes the product of the hierarchy, which would most certainly bleed into the equality system, and provide a system where people can live equally.

  5. As a Conservative, I think I am leaning more towards Propertarianism. The U.S. Gov‘t wasn’t created to control our lives. It was just intended to be an arbitrator amongst the citizens. If I can’t succeed then that’s my fault. The Gov‘t and the People shouldn’t have to pay me for my failures and misfortunes.

  6. Not a conservative, but this is the least charitable interpretation one could give. The same aversion liberals have toward fascism is shared by conservatives, but towards communism. If liberals can reference Nazis and the horrors of right wing extremism, conservatives can reference the Soviet Union and the horrors of communism. While you state the conservatives find equality unnatural, you may very well be right (and I would agree that this is a stupid point, as cultures evolving to accommodate different ways of living is very natural), but to ignore the fact that many are simply worried that egalitarian ideas are a Trojan Horse for communism is disingenuous. It is no different than conservatives ignoring how right wing ideologies led/can lead to fascism.

  7. Issue with most of these points is that it is more about what peoples definition of "equality" is.

    That is the important point that you missed here…

  8. I always was wondering about the "goverment don't owe you anything". But if they don't, why am I paying taxes? Shouldn't I not pay a dime then?

  9. 16:30
    I’m a centrist, not a conservative or a liberal. But if you ask me, liberals do this as well. An example is the gender pay gap. Don’t get me wrong, it used to be real and still is in some countries but at least in Australia, in the 80s there was an equality act put in place which makes it illegal. Women don’t get paid different for the same job in the same company, there’s other confounding factors that play a role.

    Modern feminists had a goal: show the western society that we’re still sexist (which we are in some cases eg: sexual cat calling towards women and men in America between 18-26 being forced to sign up to be drafted). When they had to think of reasons why, the get statics that had correlation but not causation and gave that as evidence.

    They both made an end goal before gathering evidence and therefore made false evidence.

    This also goes for a lot of feminism(feminazis) nowadays. You see videos of feminists screaming at people and physically assaulting them as soon as they show statistics or give evidence that they’re wrong because they’re also in denial that they’re wrong and they automatically go to their “reee I’m not wrong I’ll assault you reeee” autistic mode when opposed.

    You could also argue that doing the opposite gives a gateway to communism and anarchism which are just as bad.

    I could also argue that if you want to fight communism move right.
    Hitler(fascist) killed about one million people in the holocaust and Mao Zedong(communist) killed 45 million people in four years. So arguably, what you’re advocating for is worse.

    As I’ve said, I’m not conservative or fascist either. I’m a centrist. However, your thinking is one-sides, just like your opposing side.

  10. Yes because the National Socialist Workers party was head strong on individual rights and limiting government. This title should be; What liberals think how conservatives think. Because you were off the mark entirely.

  11. 25% grouping conservatives with the altright and capitalists with corporatists
    25% generalizations
    100% a man winning an argument with himself. Incredible.

  12. I don't like the idea of free college despite being left economically (but right socially), if everyone gets college for free, will it really be special anymore? The degrees will honestly be useless since everyone will have them.

  13. WOAH! The title says "Alt-Right," but you talk about conservatives (and badly at that).
    I hope people do realize that "Conservative" and "Alt-Right" are completely different things. Hell, "Alt-Right" is short for "Alternative to the Right."
    I am a self-identified conservative, but I think the alt-right, with its racism, bigotry, poor understanding of both political and economic systems, and all-around stupidity is about as bad, and maybe worse than, communists.
    But hey, as the video basically says at the end, "If you are not a leftist, you're a Fascist."
    Funny when you consider that the people who fought actual fascists would be called such based on their beliefs by today's standards.

  14. The US is not a democracy, we are a Constitutional Republic. We are equal under the law. We are different, with different goals, dreams, desires, and we dont all need to go to college. And college is not a necessity today. Plenty of success stories of college dropouts and high school grads making it on their own, not becoming billionaires, but honing skills to be of service to others and make a comfortable living. Visit for these real life stories.

    Healthcare can be made cheaper through making prices transparent and forcing drug companies to compete to drive down prices. the direct primary care movement (DPC) we are seeing grow in the US where patients deal directly with doctors and cut out the government and insurance middleman is making access to care more affordable.

    If you want Jeff Bezos to make less money, stop shopping at Amazon.

  15. The problem with this video is that it created an imaginary individual conservative, who they got to decide what opinions he would hold and then use that person as a representation of all conservatives and right leaning people. It’s disingenuous and a straw man argument

  16. You don't need $15 an hour flipping burgers but the minimum wage hasn't been raised in quite some time and while true more people are employed, the value of the dollar isn't the same and people are making less. Try raising it in minuscule amounts by the dollar instead and we should see something.

  17. So what I got from this is that a political mindset is complicated, but generally conservatives are selfish assholes that assume everyone else is a selfish asshole but are just hiding it, also there are nazis.

  18. "Any claim that everyone must be equal must be a Trojan horse for something that benefits them. Why would they assume that? Because it's what THEY do."

    You were so, so close to achieving self-awareness. It's not because it's what they do; it's for *the same reason you just made the same assumption about them*.

  19. Democracy = Equality = Equal access to life
    But this all attempts at this has failed, then = Equal access to death = Mutually Assured Destruction

  20. kinda weird of you to label all conservatives as "Alt-Right" and to paint a picture of radicalization and racism using strawman fallacies as extreme comparisons.

    A lot of conservatives actually hate billionaires or see them getting an unfair advantage due to government interference. Jeff Bezos and the other tech bros are incredibly bad examples because they are actively hated in those circles.

    Not every conservative is a traditionalist either. When you follow that false right-left dichotomy and collective mindset of labeling everything as The "Other" yer gonna run into some problems. This goes with any identifiable or collective mindset that involves group labeling or flawed conceptions of social structures. You go with assumptions and stereotypes.

  21. Democracy =/= Equality =/= Equal access to Education =/= Government pays for education

    Democracy has never meant equality as we see in older forms of democracy (Roman, Greek, Amazigh, Igbo etc) and even with systems proposed in the 20th century, 1 vote to 1 person did not hold
    Even if we say 1 vote to 1 person it does not mean equal access to anything. Equality as followed by reformation and pre-modern western philosophers rarely meant equal access to goods and services but equal opportunity, what you are talking about is equity
    And why does Equality mean Equal access to Education and not let say, Equal access to Goods and Services in general, so that the Governement redistributes goods and services, everything siezed from everybody rich and poor and distributed to everyone, as it should be comrad
    Governement pays for education, as seen with the increase in tuition fees since student loans, this would only incentivise the universities to gobble up more money and become more and more inefficient, taking up more and more of the budjet, it is also an avenue of corruption and creation of an incompetent government, as so much power is concentrated in one body, corruption multiplies, then more redundant offices are added to the government, bloating it further and creating a vicious circle

  22. Hey you got your straw man argument stuck in my political video…….. also keep corn out of this although I don’t like it but cause I’m right leaning I have to love it so DON’T FUCKING BAD MOUTH MY LOVE FOR CORN!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Let me take a swing. I dont really think its about morals at all. Its about perminance.
    No civilization has lasted forever.
    Thats the goal. We need to carefully look at other societies and see where they went wrong. We cannot start down a path that leads to one of these endings. Its all about making a society that can realistically last for an indefinate amount of time. Once we accomplish this we can look at quality of life updates.

  24. You should number the episodes of this series, I assumed this was a standalone video when it was released months ago until I saw there were others today

  25. uh oh, bad whitey make bad white man jobs and food. Seriously, if you care about me, Give me a job for food and shelter. just do it. no one is stopping you

  26. We are so stupid to separate ourselves. Our politicians and political system are shit. They are shit to not do what's best for the human race. But hey if I I made billions off of making people stupid I'd probably do it too

  27. Generally good, though your ability to "argue" the conservative side is hampered a bit. Human greed is a thing, and people will always try to screw each other over. People also have different work ethics and talents, and those natural proclivities may be rewarded more or less depending on "The Market". But believing things are that way doesn't necessarily mean things should be that way. There will always be rich and poor, but there shouldn't be massive income inequality. Capitalism harnesses greed to produce innovation, but regulations are needed to make sure the innovation is in products and services and not "how to screw my workers/customers".

    There's a center-right position that, while rare these days, does still exist.

  28. "if you want to fight fascism go left" idk much about politics but for one, day sounds pretty fascist-like, for two, how about just don't be a fascist? How hard can it be to say that Nazis are ba- ooooooohhhh yeeeeeaaah

  29. I did quite well explaining what most conservative think but there's one issue: it's the last part. We don't give a shit about sex or colour of skin. We don't choose who's legitimate or not and we certainly don't discredit people based on anything (unless there's clear evidence of baseless discrimination). We don't care about white men, black men, women or anything really.Shit, I'm algerian and im a conservative (according to a Canadian liberal, I'm alt-right… IDK but I don't feel that it's positive). I also don't choose if something is legitimate or not, if there's demand, there's offer whatever it is a black people being super heroes in movies, a feminist becoming rich or a pornstar becoming famous. The only difference is whether there was baseless discrimination. Example: in the case of black panther, the actor must be black because that's how the comic depicts the person but if someone gets discriminated based of skin colour or whatever other physical attribut even though it's not needed because "equality" then I have a problem.

    Edit: also, trump isn't a fascist but "marine le Pen" (french political figure) is. Trump doesn't care about race (he cares about illegal immigration)… But Le Pen does… Very much… Like it's the whole base of her party.
    Edit 2: trying to discredit Jordan Peterson was a bold move my friend. Just saying "we're not lobsters" doesn't contradict anything he ever said.

  30. But Black Panther did play the race card. The movie was a painfully average superhero film that’s praised for being some sort of godsend

  31. powerful "white"(mostly jews) people make it easier for the middle class Whites ? that's why the demographics changed so much since the '70 and
    Whites almost became a minority ? I think you should be sincere with yourself, big guy. The billionaires are helping you leftists, and mindless Whites are following them thinking that they are the ones geting helped.

    Don't be so happy though, Whites saw harder times than today's, and it will end with a bloodshed for sure.

  32. Strongly disagree, if I ever make videos again I hope to do a response to this. I'm not a conservative, I'm actually an Anarchist, but would certainly consider myself "right" before I ascribe to leftism.

  33. Anyone that thinks the government paying for something is "free". Is too stupid to be allowed to vote.

    The National SOCIALIST German Workers Party were…socialists. Deal with it libtards!!!!!!

    Trump 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Call me a filthy Fascist but I don't believe equality is always the best solution, especially when it's equality of outcome.

  35. Im pretty sure this guy just tried to make an arguement that white men become billionaires cause the "scales are tipped in their favour" and not the fact that most of them have invented something extremely useful or convienient lol.

  36. "They used to be where they belonged until the liberals came and gummed it up with their government handouts and forced representation."

    I don't see how this is wrong, and I can't understand anyone who disagrees with this. Forced diversity, at the very least, obviously puts people where they don't belong in the hierarchy.

  37. Bruh moments
    What does any of this have to do with the alt right?
    How is 4chan fasist?
    Why isnt any statement sourced.
    Why has this video ommitted scholarly quotes.
    For what purpose did you make this video

  38. the problem comes when people base their entire opinion on one political philosophy. It makes them into automatons. You have to be liberal on some things and conservative on others otherwise you're not thinking at all and your behaviour is fully predictable. When the deranged higher ups want to manipulate you into political action, you will simply comply.

  39. Lol this video became a joke as soon as you tried to tie conservatism with as you say it "white fascism" lol you're so racist that you point out white people when there are many non white capitalist and conservatives lol

  40. This video is such bullshit, your talking about power pyramids, however socialism pushes the power pyramid even more by killing those who are currently in power, or those who are rich. Socialism is a cover to take over a country with a militia and create further class division

  41. This was fucking perfect. No one has been able to explain the divide to me in such thorough terms.

    Excellent. Excellent fucking job. NOW YOU GET MY MONEY. <<runs to join your Patreon>>

  42. Saying conservatives think more like capitalists than democrats is like saying "Stalin thought more like a DICTATOR than a communist"
    Capitalism is a economic system and democracy is a system for governing.
    By your logic a dictator can be a democrat because he believes in "equality'.
    Lastly democracy is the idea that everyone should have 1 vote FOR THE GOVERMENT and not that everyone is equal.

  43. Well, it's not like there is a precedent for government aid causing prices to rise to meet the infinite spending power of the federal government as opposed to the average citizen….
    cough Medicare and federal student loans cough

  44. It is so unpleasant how this video speaks in generalizations of "conservatives" without any proper reference. Its strange how I seem to share your policy views 100% but I would hate it if anyone "debated" with me in the tone you speak of whatever distorted view you have "conservatives"

  45. "Drifted further to the left"
    "Gone sharply right"
    Haha you only drift left no radicalization there haha there's NO WAY that you could Haha I dunno kill people if your on the left like omg myrder is a fashist ideeologee

  46. I honestly can't tell if this video is a joke or you fail to entertain why people may have a different opinion on how to accomplish the same goal.

  47. The nationalization of the industry is a socialist position, education is a industry. 17% is not greater than 79% calling it mandatory does not mean it goes away. Most of the richest people in the nation made their money from a industry that only came about 30 years ago. 53% of Americans will be in the top 10% of earners for at least five years. Shockingly, trying to interpret the modern economy through the lenses of a reactionary to a 1800s Russian monarchy gets you the wrong conclusions.

  48. Nonono. 15$ for flipping burgers doesn’t make sense because everyone assumes he’s being paid minimum wage and if you don’t see why raising/high minimum wage is an issue than you shouldn’t make a video about politics (even though I enjoyed it). Just seems like there’s a harsh left curve and the one above you were strawmanning by picking the wrong argument

  49. "Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat, but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires"
    -John Steinbeck

  50. I personally am not right wing but I just wanted to remind everyone that if you wanna fight communism MOVE RIGHT any extremes are bad for our society,moderate and progressive reforms are the way to go yes of course they are but to every pro gamer in this comment section, do you still remember Mass effect Andromeda? Do you remember why it failed? If not let me refresh your memory it was because the company responsible fired a huge amount of veteran developers and staff and replaced them with amateur woman in order to meet a quota. Putting people in places they have no exexperience in simply because they have a vãgina or penïs is wrong and sexist. People blindly following an Ideology without thinking properly first will be the doom of us

    Thx for listening to my Ted talk

  51. Capitalism by its very nature follows the Pareto Distribution.
    80% of the money, and power
    , go to the top 20% of companies ( and people since people own (and legally are) companies ).
    Without some kind it equalizing counter-force capitalism must needs conquer the bottom 80% for the benefit of the top 20%.

    Now; in economic systems this is good, indeed it’s fucking great!! We want the best ideas implemented by the best people to rise to the top!

    Indeed, like cream, we NEED it to happen, rhe entirely of the global Economy, possibly even human civilisation DEPEND ON IT!

    BUT because of their top 20% success in one domain they… constantly look to expand their success into other domains, presumably related ones; but that is not, a priori, true.

    In fact they’re just as likely to become monopolies, which, again, must needs become both a rent-seeker and a implementer of regulatory-capture.

    In fact oligarchy would HAVE to be the eventual outcome of any purely capitalist economy, imhlo. (In my humbly learned opinion)

    Thus we HAVE to eventually take the gains and successes of those top 20% and share them with the other 80%.

    THUS, some principles of socialist systems must be implemented. We implemented some back during the last depression (see The New Deal) and so we must expand, re-envigorate, and re-evaluate what we must do to bring us forward into the 21st and 22nd centuries.

    To my mind the best, current, options are things like a UBI (#FreedomDividend) and #Medicare4All.

    We are the most prosperous country IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD.

    All our problems are of our own making, and only by our own actions can they be fixed

    It’s not left.
    it’s not right.
    It’s forward!!

    #YangGang #Yang2020 #ISupportYang

  52. The ideology of conservatives is : The only good is whats good for me. They only respect money/power and violence and they will abandon their ideology if they feel it makes them safer for the time being.

  53. I usually don't like leftists but ur one of the few leftists that can actually make good intelligent points and not just some salty feminist named karon who hates all men just because she got divorced

  54. In Physics we know that If a system achieves thermal equilibrium now work is being done on it or it is not doing no work. Equilibrium means a stagnant state. The Same way, if you think that equality can exist then no work will be done. The best example are Rich Kids. If a kid knows he'll get all things regardless of anything, he will never have ambition. So a Utopia will be the stop of Human Development. It is inequality what made us what we are today. It's darkness that's why you can appreciate light. Everyone had suffered, even the guy with the most money. The world isn't fair, nor it will be. Accepting it is the only solution.

  55. Yes they hate freedom and love fascism. Then they proceed to accuse the 'enemy' of what they themselves are doing, like their Goebbels would have said. That's why you actually crush them, not discuss with them. They are not overachievers, they are saboteurs, thieves, frauds and murderers. I mean, they have not one but TWO right-leaning parties to pick from, and they consistently pick the worst.

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