The Articles of Confederation – Constitutional Convention – Extra History – #4
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The Articles of Confederation – Constitutional Convention – Extra History – #4

August 24, 2019

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  1. The Revolutionary War has ended… but the Articles of Confederation appear to be falling apart with it. This needs to stop.

    PLUS! Join our friend Cody from the Alternate History Hub for a look at what might have happened if the Articles of Confederation remained the law of the land!

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  2. Hamilton: My client needs a strong defense, you're the solution.
    Burr: Who's your client?
    Hamilton: The new US constitution?

  3. Can you guys do an episode/series on Nat Turner? I know it's a dark subject but it helps frame American history.

  4. I still find it confusing that madison argued for central power, but weak central power. A strong proponent of the idea of Congress, while also a federalist opposing Democratic Republican…

  5. i always wondered wtf was wrong with the us..
    it … wasn't even good at the start..
    it was.. never good, but they put on this big overriding propaganda narrative of how heroic they are.. how great they are.
    bs. in the united states people only care about one thing.. themselves.. always have always will.

  6. The end with the open studio/lock door, reminded me of Liberty's Kids when James and Henri kept trying to gain access to hear what was happening in the First Continental Congress. This was later repeated in the final episode, which was the constitutional convention.

  7. Me and Alexander Hamilton are actually related! I found it out when my family was checking their DNA and Me and my dad were related to Hamilton!

  8. Madison was laid back, intelligent, and savvy. His amiable persuasive demeanor convinced his fellow Virginians including (Washington) on board his Virginia Plan/Constitutional ship.👍

  9. 5:00 Alexander Hamilton was an evil con artist, made evident with his influnce for a central bank that would steal the money of the nation for himself. He wanted the country united under HIS one central bank.

  10. Dude, I may be the only Hamilton Musical fangurl here, so on 6:06 thAT was one heck of a reference!!! Like, one BIG reference.

  11. Man flirts with me in a bar
    "I can get any girl I want."
    "Um, that's not true."
    "It could be true."
    I was last seen getting into his car.

  12. Pennsylvania and Connecticut were at WAR because of a border dispute? I'm pretty sure they don't even border each other! If I'm wrong it's extra embarrassing because I live in PA…

  13. Hey, anyone know the source for the claim MADISON proposed the Virginia Plan? My textbook has the name of some other guy from Virginia having proposed it.

  14. Now I see this video, i think maybe Washington refusing to be the first president initially was not entirely out of his desire to rest and be a humble guy. These people are insufferable

  15. Me : That was very good I wonder if Alternate History Hub did an alternate history on this
    Cody : Breaks down door W H A T I F I T D I D ?

  16. Hamilton's uphill battles
    1. Bastard
    2.Orphan, son of a whore
    3. A Hurricane came devastation rained
    4. When he was ten his father split full of it debt ridden two years see alex and his mother bed-ridden half dead sittn' in their own sick, And alex got better but his mother went quick.
    5. Moved in with a cousin, the cousin committed suicide

    Is that it or are there more?

  17. In a nutshell, articles of confederation would of needed lots of amendments added in to make it work , but it stead of fixing it they just started over 😂😂😂😂

  18. Seriously, I would love to hear from the people who do not like this series. What are the problems you find in it?

  19. Hahaha! Cody dropping in like that at the end was funny. It would’ve been funny if he stuck around longer and you guys did his style of outro.

    “This is James of Extra History”

  20. It's always nice to listen to Extra Credits old videos and then hear a voice you think you heard before and it's a YouTube channel you watched in the past as well.

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