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  1. Thank you for this video! Wonderful demonstration! I was given a Snap-n-Go base by a friend, and just bought a Graco carseat. I could mostly figure it out, but couldn't for the life of me see how the front of the carseat was supposed to be secured! Unfortunately, I purchased one of the new "Click Connect" carseats, and it looks like the sides in the front are slightly higher so the red clips will not slide over the top to keep the seat in place 🙁 I'll have to figure something else out!

  2. I hope you figure it out — my Graco infant seat was compatible with the Snap N Go, but that was quite a few years ago now! Good luck with your baby and keep me posted on how things are going or any questions you have!

  3. I'm having the same problem as rrradams. I have the SnugRide35 car seat, and the same frame that was reviewed in the video. The seat can be attached to the frame, but the connection is rather flimsy, and the sides of the seat are too high to use the red tabs. I'm guessing Graco changed the way the seats are made in the last year or so, and the new seats no longer fit the old frame strollers.

  4. I am going to have to look into this issue — why would they do that? Thanks for telling me about this — I am filming new stroller shows in a few weeks and going to try to tackle this issue! xoxo M

  5. This is really something I didn't know about so thanks for telling me and I am going to look into it! Sorry that you have had to deal with this!

  6. I have actually figured it out by contacting Graco. The old stroller does work with the new seat, you just have to be rather forceful when putting the seat in.

  7. I have just reviewed the newer model of this stroller frame — the Graco Snugrider Elite — and it claims to be compatible with all Graco car seats. Review coming soon! It's a bit easier to use as well… wish I had had this one!

  8. There are now two of these stroller frames, an updated model is slightly more expensive but is supposed to fit all Graco infant car seats– check the model numbers for this older model to make sure b/c I know for sure there are certain car seats that don't fit as well.

  9. I was wondering what can kind of car seat is that? I bought the baby trend stroller n car seat travel system and i need something like that for my car seat. it would really be helpful.

  10. Hi Melissa – I need your advice and hope you can help me. I live in China and we don't have a car. I frequently need to climb up many flights of stairs (subways, apartments, etc) and also need to take taxis (usually some combination on any given day). Most people here do not put babies in car seats or buckle them in EVEN IF THEY HAVE THEIR OWN CARS!!!! Usually kids are playing with the dashboard or being held by someone. I also asked some cab drivers and they said nobody ever puts a car seat into the taxis. There are usually no seat belts in the back but there are always seat belts in the (narrow) front passenger seat. There are no airbags. I have really been thinking hard about buying this stroller and the Graco ClickConnect 40 car seat because this is the lightest frame stroller I could find that would still allow me to put the baby into a car seat in a taxi. Honestly, I'd prefer to just put the baby into a Bjorn or Ergo or something like everyone else does but I just can't imagine putting my baby unsecured into taxis day after day. So my idea is to get this stroller because it's so light I can carry it up and down all those stairs and fold it up easily into a taxi, and then the car seat goes up to 40 pounds so I can keep the baby safe for a long time. I was a little concerned about whether or not this stroller can deal with curbs, uneven pavement, etc. and whether or not baby will be comfortable sitting in the car seat as a stroller even when they get bigger (closer to 40 pounds). Also, it has to be really fast to get the stroller folded and the car seat installed into the front seat because there are a lot of people wildly driving scooters here, I would have to be able to handle it in heavy rains, and taxi drivers probably don't have much patience to wait. I can't try the stroller/car seat for myself because it's not available here but a friend is very kindly offering to bring a stroller and car seat from the US on an upcoming trip. Any thoughts on this? Any better recommendations? City Mini with another car seat (although it's heavier might be better for rough roads?) If I had to pick ease of getting in & out of car vs ease of pushing over rough roads I think ease of use is more important. I have wanted to ask you for a long time but didn't want to burden you but I thought you would understand since you are also an urban mom! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

  11. Thank you so much! We have a snap and go that someone lent us and we couldn't get it closed til we saw your video!

  12. Can the stroller frame attract to a different seat? For example when baby grows out of the car seat, can I attach a seat to the frame?

  13. Thanks! I couldn't figure out how to open this darn thing. Bought it used, my twin snap n go is a little big for one baby this time. 😂😂😂

  14. This was given to us and our snugride click connect 35 infant carseat does not fit on this stroller frame. It sits above the red tabs, so the car seat is not held in place. Only the front clicks into place. Hope this helps some else in the same situation.

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