The Battle of fortress Eben Emael – The composition and objectives of Sturmgruppe Granit
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The Battle of fortress Eben Emael – The composition and objectives of Sturmgruppe Granit

October 14, 2019

Hello and welcome to The AceDestroyer! This video is the 1st part of the Battle of
Eben Emael. In this part I’ll be going through the composition
of Sturmgruppe Granit, what they had at their disposal and their objectives for the 10th
of May 1940. A full overview of the battle is for a later
video, when I will film at the Fortress of Eben Emael itself. The Germans planned 4 Fallschirmjager assaults
near the Fortress for the 10th of May. They were planned at the Bridges of Veldwezelt,
Vroenhoven and Kanne. The remaining objective was the Fortress of
Eben Emael, one of the most sophisticated fortresses of its time. These attacks would be carried out by the
Sturmabteilung Koch. The attack on the fortress itself was planned
for sturmgruppe Granit. Sturmgruppe Granit was commanded by Oberleutnant
Rudolf Witzig. He had 85 men under his command. The 86 man strong Sturmgruppe would be transported
in 11 gliders of the type DSF 230. In order to take out their fortified objectives
mostly being casemates, turrets and various other bunkers, the fallschirmjagers took hollow
charges with them. This was a new type of explosive which could
easily take out such fortifications. The Sturmgruppe was armed with around 6 MG34’s,
18MP38’s and around 54 Kar 98K’s. Every single fallschirmjager also carried
a pistol with him. Now, let’s take a look at each trupp. We’ll begin with the 1. Trupp, commanded by Leutnant Egon Delica he
was the Air liaison officer. With him were 2 NCO’s. Feldwebels Niedermeier and pilot Raschke. The other 5 of the trupp were regular soldiers. Trupp 2 consisted of 3 NCO’s and 5 other
ranks. The Truppführer was Oberjager Max Maier. There were problems with the glider and the
trupp was forced to land in Germany, they didn’t see action at the fortress itself. Trupp 3 consisted of 2 NCO’s and 5 other
ranks. The 3rd trupp was commanded by Oberjäger
Peter Arent. Trupp 4 consisted of 2 NCO’s and 6 other
ranks. It was commanded by Oberfeldwebel Helmut Wenzel
who would get wounded to the head later on the 10th of May 1940. Hence the bandage on his head. The 5th Trupp had 3 NCO’s and 5 other ranks. This glider was commanded by Feldwebel Erwin
Haug. 6th Trupp was commanded by Oberjäger Siegfried
Harlos and also consisted of 3 NCO’s and 5 other ranks. Oberjäger Fritz Heinemann commanded the 7th
Trupp. Under his command was 1 other NCO and 6 other
ranks. 8th Trupp, commanded by Oberjäger Karl Unger
consisted of 3 NCO’s and 5 other ranks. Oberjäger Ewald Neuhaus was in command of
the 9th Trupp which consisted of 3 NCO’s and 4 other ranks. The 10th Trupp was in reserve. It was commanded by Oberjäger Willie Hübel
and had 2 more NCO’s and 5 other ranks. The 11th Trupp was in reserve as well, they
too had difficulties and could only land on the fortress at 08h30 in the morning. In this trupp was the overall commander of
the Strumgruppe Oberleutnant Rudolf Witzig. The trupp was completed by 2 more NCO’s
and 4 other ranks. The main objective for the Sturmgruppe Granit
was like I said the immense fortress of Eben Emael. In order to take out the whole fortress in
the least amount of time each troop had 1 objective. Because 2 gliders fell out some groups had
to take out 2 objectives. The 1st troop’s objective was the Maastricht
2, a triple 75mm gun emplacement. 2nd’s troop objective was the cupola 120
with its 2 120mm guns. But, because they had to land in Germany,
Trupp 10 took over this objective. 3rd Troop had the Maastricht 1 and the Bloc
II for their record. Maastricht 1 was a triple 75mm installation. Bloc 2 consisted of Machine guns and anti-tank
guns. The objective of the 4th troop was Mi-Nord
an observation emplacement with a searchlight and machine guns. The AA positions and Bloc V would be taken
out by the 5th troop. The Bloc V was equipped with a double 75 mm
gun installation and had a handful of Machine guns defending it. 6th troop had as objective a 120 mm gun cupola
which turned out to be a false gun. Their other objective was the Canal nord bunker
with AT-guns and machineguns. 7th troop’s objective was the most northern
objective a 120mm cupola, which too, turned out to be a false one. 8th troop’s objective was the twin 75mm
gun emplacement of North Cupola and Bloc IV. 9th troop objective was the Mi-Sud, an observation
bunker. 10th troop had the Visé 1 bunker as objective. This bunker had a triple 75mm gun installed. Because the 2nd troop couldn’t make it,
the 10th troop also took the 120 mm gun emplacement for their record. 11th troop came too late, but were useful
in the later stages of the battle in the fortress itself. All paratroopers were carried in the DFS 230
glider. This assault glider had the capacity of carrying
9 fully equipped men and a extra load of 270 kg. It was 11 meters long and its wingspan was
21 meters. It was the perfect plane or glider for the
job. With the DFS 230 they were able to silently
glide their way on top of the fortress. It was also perfect for the truppen as each
trupp could fit in 1 glider. In the next video about fortress Eben Emael
we’ll go through the battle of the fortress of the 10th of May. But, I first need to shoot footage at the
fortress itself before I’ll make the video. I hope you enjoyed this composition and objectives
video about Strumgruppe Granit. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and leave
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  1. I like it how you use all the footage and photos to tell the story in a lively and interesting way. Also your German pronounciation is very good. Keep up the good work!

  2. Very interesting documentary. Liked it. You can find a short interview with Rudolf Witzig on my channel: Zeitzeugen im Gespräch Teil 1.

  3. I would enjoy your layout video,immensely. The video would be up to date.Matched with old photos.= spectacular. The commentary as usual will be smashing.

  4. GODDAMIT! I wanted actually to ASK YOU if You could make something about "Eben Emal" only to find out You ALREADY DID!! 😀 😀
    PS. VERY NICE, by the way! 🙂 🙂

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