The Best Bed Frame | Raised Folding Metal Heavy Duty Cheap & Easy Bed Frame 2019
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The Best Bed Frame | Raised Folding Metal Heavy Duty Cheap & Easy Bed Frame 2019

September 20, 2019

Hi there guys, Trent here! I wanted to
share with you guys what is in my opinion the best bed frame you can get!
(or at least for the money) It’s a raised bed frame, that needs NO Boxspring. Which gives you a HUGE amount of room underneath the bed, that can
be used for storage or whatever! It stands 14 inches off the floor with
12 and a half inches of clearance under the frame so that’s a lot of room! The
frame itself supports 2,400 pounds of weight! evenly distributed across the
frame. You can see the luggage fits very nicely under there and there’s even room
for a lot more than that! Underneath you could store Blankets, Toys, Containers, Fold Away Beds, Travel Luggage, Clothes Storage or a million other uses
for the space! Makes for great forts with the kids too! It’s pretty awesome. You can
see this high quality steel construction. This is what it looks like
folded up. It provides the best support and most solid foundation out of any bed
frame I’ve ever tried! The twin bed has six supporting legs alone and the
king-size frame has double that, twelve points of contact supporting the legs.
The design is far more efficient than any bed frame in the past with a
design that makes use of common sense unlike other bed frames I’ve tried and
it creates the most ideal bed frame that you could ever ask for.
Here it opens up pretty nicely, very easy, there’s no tools required, it
disassembles in minutes! You can put a box-spring on this by the
way, but most people don’t, but if you want your bed to be really high you can
do that. It has these retractable support bars that rotate out from the legs and
slide underneath the wingnut. Once the legs are folded out and wing nuts
tightened you simply lay it on its legs. And I can’t have to tell you how extreme
extremely light it is, I believe the king-size is about 20 pounds for each
half of each side of the bed, so each frame you see. For the largest frames like the
king-size you’ll have two metal connectors with corresponding metal
slots that slide right in with ease. I was blown away by just how easy all this
was! So easy an elderly person or a child could do it with no help at all!
Here’s both twin frames connected to make a king frame, this design is
patented by the way and it can attach to your current headboard or footboard
using their custom brackets that you have to buy separately. This frame also
has almost a full five stars out of almost five thousand reviews on Amazon!
(At the time of this video) It’s a very cheap, affordable bed frame and it’s heavy-duty
enough that it’ll withstand pretty much anything you throw at it!
disassembly likewise is very easy and effortless, you simply lay the frame on
its side and loosen the wing nuts, slide the support bars back, fold the frames,
and then fold the entire frame. And as you can see this allows for very easy
and compact transport or storage. They easily can fit in in my trunk of my car
or I could even imagine these being brought along on deluxe camping trips.
I hope you guys enjoyed my video! To see this bed frame on Amazon click the
button you see here, or find the links in the description below, or you can also
check out another of my videos about the best mattress by clicking this link in
the video. Or subscribe for future videos like this!

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  1. 2 questions!
    1. On wood flooring, does the frame move or scratch the floor?
    2. For someone who is 230 pounds, which would you suggest?

  2. will you get back pain after sleeping on this? i have a good bed but it’s so bulky in my tiny room. looking to switch it out & just put my current mattress & base 🙂

  3. watched this video probably about two years ago and bought the twin frame along with a 10in memory foam mattress. i still use the same exact setup today and it still works wonders and love the amount of storage space and stuff that can be tucked away underneath. with this memory foam combo, this setup makes NO NOISE for ummm activities on the bed lolol. came back to this exact video to find the link to the frame again because i am upgrading to a full this time. again, i will be pairing with a 10in memory foam mattress – but a full this time 🙂

  4. I lime the height but I can’t seem to find one with a nice height and wheels/sliders it seems like it’s either or. Also with this can you add a head board separately?

  5. I bought this in the king size from Sam's Club online and saved 45 bucks from the Amazon price. Absolutely couldn't beat that pricing, shipped free as well

  6. Would I need to get a headboard? Also I have an inflatable mattress would it move a lot of I were to put it on this bed base?

  7. Got mine in March for my birthday 🎁! I’m a senior and was able to set this bed up in a matter of minutes, by myself, no tools, so easy! Easiest bed I ever had to move/set up, and so much storage space underneath! So far, I love it, with my new 10” memory foam mattress! Now I think I may check in to those under-the-bed storage drawers you mentioned at the end of the video!

  8. Great video! Shows alot of detail noone else does!

    Question, how thick is it when folded? Whats the folded dimensions?

  9. What does the screws and wing nuts look like? I lost mines after I moved I just want know what I’m looking for , when I go to the hardware store ???

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