The Best Part of the Constitution

September 13, 2019

Today is Constitution Day! So what’s your favorite part of the Constitution? I’m not sure, what’s it’s actually about, yeah. You get to do whatever you want to do. I don’t know, I have no idea. Lot’s of people had no idea. But some knew and many had favorite parts: The ability to amend it. That was key. It allowed Americans to get rid of the bad parts. The 13th Amendment outlawed slavery. The 21st ended alcohol prohibition. Other important parts are the right of the people to bear arms, a guarantee of trial by jury, and lots of people mentioned the 1st Amendment. Free speech Freedom of speech, even though it can be abused. I’m a firm believer in saying what I want to say. And I would hate for somebody to restrict me. I asked a bunch of freedom loving people. You have a favorite part of the Constitution? The 1st Amendment. Jim Caruso run a craft beer brewery. Why the 1st Amendment? If you don’t have the ability to express what you truly own, your thoughts and ideas, you don’t have any of the above. Libertarian Party chair Nick Sarwark says his favorite part is the whole Bill of Rights. The rights of the individual, the right to free speech, the right to keep and bear arms, the limitations on the powers of government. Congressman Thomas Massie says his favorite part is the 9th Amendment. It says, “Just because we have listed some of your rights here in the Bill of Rights and in the Constitution, that’s not an exhaustive list.” It says that all of the rights are yours, Congressman Justin Amash says his favorite part is… the equal protection clause. You can’t pass laws that don’t apply equally to everyone. Sen Mike Lee chose the 10th Amendment, which gives most government power to the states or the people. States do stupid things too. Sure they do. But the difference is, with a state you can turn around a lot faster. Charles Kirk, who heads a student group that fights against big government also picked the 10th Amendment because I think it shows the humility of the founders where they say we didn’t get it all right here. What amazing humility for the founders to put that in. It’s a remarkable document. I hate the archaic way parts of it are written, but heck it’s still mostly working 230 years later. The reason we should celebrate today Constitution Day.

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