The British Royal Family Explained
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The British Royal Family Explained

September 9, 2019

Of the nearly 30 monarchies in the world today,
far and away the most famous is that of the United Kingdom. From the death of Princess Diana, to the Royal
Wedding, to the queen’s many hats, the international media seems to be obsessed with Britain’s
royal family. But there is a republican movement in the
United Kingdom that actually wants to see an end to this centuries-old institution,
as it reportedly costs taxpayers millions of dollars every year. So, where did Britain’s royal family come
from, and what role do they play in society today? Around the year 827, King Egbert of the region
“Wessex” conquered kingdoms in every direction, eventually becoming the first King of England. Over the course of roughly 700 years, England
saw dozens of kings from multiple family lineages. But in the late 1600’s, the Royal line of
succession came to a standstill, as the King and his wife had only one legitimate heir
who ultimately bore no children. Foreseeing an end to the family line, Parliament
passed the Act of Settlement in 1701, which stated that the royal lineage should restart
with one of the King’s distant relatives, Sophia of Hanover. Although Sophia ultimately died before inheriting
the throne, her heirs took over the line of succession, beginning with her son, King George
the First in 1714. In the more than 300 years since, all British
monarchs have descended from this line. The Act of Settlement not only limited the
throne to the ‘legitimate heirs of Sophia of Hanover’, but also excluded all Roman
Catholics and those who marry Roman Catholics. The British monarchy has been at odds with
the Catholic Church since King Henry VIII broke off from Catholicism in the 16th Century. Henry the 8th wanted to divorce his wife but
couldn’t under the principles of Catholicism, so he formed his own “Church of England”. Traditional laws of succession also stated
that royal sons inherit the throne before daughters, and older children are prioritized
over younger. However in 2011, Prime Minister David Cameron
announced that all future monarchs will be able to marry Catholics, and that future rulers
would no longer by limited by the gender-preference rule. The role of the UK’s monarch is to act as
head of state, and is limited to ceremonial, non-partisan duties. This includes bestowing honors, hosting dinners
for foreign leaders, traveling abroad and appointing the Prime Minister, as recommended
by the House of Commons. When a monarch dies, their heir automatically
takes power, hence the phrase, “the king is dead, long live the king!” Queen Elizabeth II took over in 1952 after
her father died. When she passes, her eldest son, Prince Charles
is next in line for the throne. After Charles is Prince William, then Prince
George, and then so on. In fact there are more than 5,000 descendants
of Sophia of Hanover who are eligible to succeed the throne, according to the language of the
Act of Settlement. Monarchs cannot abdicate the throne unless
they have approval from parliament. Abdication is extremely rare, although it
did happen in 1936, when King Edward VIII relinquished the crown to marry an American
commoner, who was, to the dislike of the Protestant church, in the midst of her second divorce. Queen Elizabeth II is the UK’s longest reigning
monarch, and still plays an active ceremonial and political role in London. It doesn’t appear that Brits would have
it any other way, as 2016 polls suggested that the Queen has a 75 percent approval rating. Despite rising pressure from anti-monarchists,
it’s unlikely this historical institution will dissolve anytime soon. If you’re a fan of history, science and
exploration you should definitely check Discovery Go. You can watch all of your favorite Discovery
Channel shows in one place. Click the link in the description below to
learn more. The British Monarchy is an old tradition,
with almost exclusively ceremonial purposes, and the same is true of most monarchies around
the world. But why would so many countries maintain such
a seemingly unnecessary, and expensive tradition. Why do we still have monarchies? Find out, in this video. One of the most successful absolute monarchies
is in Vatican City, which is governed by the pope. The rest are primarily in the Middle East
and Africa; these nations tend to be plagued by human rights abuses because there aren’t
sufficient checks on the monarch’s supreme power. Thanks for watching Seeker Daily. Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more
videos every day.

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  1. actually, I have no idea about this and I don't understand what this man was trying to say can you please tell me what's going on?

  2. You are so boring blah blah blah blah blah is all you say I mean I love the royal family but maybe this YouTube channel should be fun so listen to me everyone is this YouTube channel fun to you he doesn't even reply back to you you white everything's long does he fly back to you no go see Pat and Jen they are the best YouTubers or you could see little Carly and little Kelly please don't get bored. You go on the phone you want to watch YouTube videos fun ones too so please go see little Carly and little Kelly indefinitely go check out Pat and Jen it's not as boring as this.

  3. With the collaspe of the USSR, The British Royals have become the last enclave of facist society in the entire world. I pray that the honorable American, Russian and Chinese spy agency’s continue to expose the obvious human trafficking ring that’s going on at the top of British society for MI6, MI5, the Royals and the parliament have become containmentated with the stain of pedophilia. This is Also dangerous to any commonwealth country, would the Royals actually prefer the entire British Empire breaks out into bloody anti monarchist revolution when the truth gets out? the Royals use their excessive powers to cover this all up, the Russians and Americansare trying to expose the truth

  4. If something were to happen to William and Kate and sense the next in line age wise would be Harry… Why isn't Harry next if something were to happen to William. Prince Goerge is well a little boy. Just starting school. He should be focused on his studies until after college and if something to happen to Harry. It only makes sense the George is in line after Harry. How the queen Elizabeth ll was pushed in right in after the loss of her father was not fair for her. She was only able to shed a tear or 2 before she was pushed in to Queen. Love her dearly and my heart goes out to her of not ever really having a normal life. It's so complicated.

  5. Meanwhile people here in the US complain about people having too much power. Any country should be ashamed of having a monarchy today.

  6. Whose interested in world of the monarchy. They are normal natural ordinary people. Why would any one in their right minds hail them as GOD. JESUS CHRIST is the only word of GOD.

  7. All these " so called monarchs" up to queen and up, why should they be the world class. Please explain who these pepple are. JESUS CHRIST IS GOD. Please not these bunch of idiots running around carrying on like made crazy things, to the queen an up 👹👹👹

  8. There germans and the real British are the Welsh . The royal family are just the biggest scroungers in the world .

  9. I still don't understand what that old lady does. No one will give me a straight answer on what these people do.

  10. Question so Prince Harry is like 6th in line but what if Prince harry dies obvsly the kids are like wayyyyyyy to young would it skip them and go to William or how does that work?

  11. I do like the British royal families
    Princess Charlotte is so cute
    but that family seem to only get married to someone that is related to it for ex:Meghan she could only be married to Harry sense on her father side he has someone related to Harry has a distant member plus i doubt that if Meghan was born to a family where neither the dad or the mom is related to it them the marriage would not happen allowed
    that is why my top favorite royals are 1:Monaco at least in this line we have two princess that were born from not related to royal family and become princess
    2:is Netherlands

  12. This should be dissolved!
    this doesn't make sense!.. why are we to designate them as a royal so called kings and queens!?

  13. The UK Queen and their family will fall just like the others before them. Do you actually believe the muslims will let you be ruler over them, Shame on you for destroying your country.

  14. The Brittish please keep your Royals. I would love to see Prince George be KING one day love him to bits from Zimbabwe africa

  15. "Almost exclusively ceremonial" is correct. Almost is the key word here. The queen is the Commander in Chief of the UK Armed Forces. Only the Queen can declare war. The queen wields power through her ability to appoint court judges and her ability to remove ministers at will, as she removed the Australian Prime Minister in 1975 through her Governor General. Her seal of approval is required on all British laws passed by the Parliament. Her power extends through the common wealth through her Representative Governors General, each of which acts as Commander in Chief of those countries, ie; Canada, Australia, etc. The British constitution exists at the Queen's pleasure. This is not well known by her subjects who believe they actually live under a democratic government.

  16. I have never understood the hype around the royal family.. They've done nothing of great significance in the past 50 years.. They've simply just been born. Maybe I'm just a cynic.

  17. It is abuse of slavery! And young genaration not to realty! A person not for above the rules of GOD ALLMIGHTY and social consess of UK! This is not Morale, Not Scintefic, Not the eqel justice for all! So that Sccotland demand right to exite of queen empire! Late Kuldeep Naiyer and others right to return all the Indian heritages from british meusioum likelly coastally Diomond Kohenoor to India they have no right to captured to Indian freedom after the 1947 declared total freedom! 1857 first grand meuteny by honurable Indian Sorgent MANGAL PANDEY! At end ADOLF HITLER is right once againe! Really he gave to Globel freedom by his Great World War to US! —— CARTIK

  18. The British changed the Law of succession and Canada never did, so if Prince William had daughter first it would have made a constitutional crises for Canada.

  19. The House of Lords, all three branches of government in queen's hands and no any Сonstitution. Is it democracy? It's rather absolute monarchy. I think it is time for british people to disband the House of Lords and remove royal family from the power. It's time for British Socialist Revolution

  20. Ok, that’s enough. Stop this. How dare you use the word British. British is Frisian; also upstream English Family, of which I am sole-blood-heir. Stop stop stop. Wales Neanderthal has hijacked my throne, then, unauthorized, sold position therein, for their own personal profit. This is my Royal House. This is my Roschild wealth. Comply, appalling subordinates, shocking rogue.

  21. Did you have a limited time to do this vid? You talk awful fast! I'm very glad that I'm not British. I'm a descendant though. Very far removed 🙂 I wouldn't like to see my tax money flaunted where the royals would dress 1000 times better than me and live off of my tax $. It's something that would upset me. But, I generally like them. 🙂 oh well!

  22. How can they just deny the authority of pope and Catholic Church just like that ?
    They should comeback and say sorry and restart the communion with Rome

  23. Revelation 12:9 King James Version (KJV)
    9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan,  which deceiveth the whole world  : he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

  24. Well, the first king actually did something, ruled and conquered over England, but I don't see Queen Elizabeth doing anything. She's only "queen" 'cause she has "inherited" that title, but I don't see her doing anything that makes her deserve the title of queen. It's only 'cause she has quote "royal" blood". So stuck up just cause she comes from a family of Rulers and conquerers while she doesn't do anything herself. Talk about riding coattails.

  25. Yes the The US Presidents are most likely get more money than the English Royals, but Kiwi what have the English Monarchies done, they do nothing realistic and they are parasites. They kill for power and are part of a Evil gender, Yet most see them as beautiful and just people. And don't want to people to know what really goes on. They are accussed of abducting children, charges were made againgst the Evil elizabeth and her husband. Even alledgely are in control the Satanic groups.

  26. They only started paying taxes when it was brought up in the media, when Diana insisted paying taxes to her Country. There were only a few in history that actually paid and wanted to pay tax.

  27. You who follow the English Royals are traitors to the human race. Thay have done nothing but to ensure they have power and make misery of us. Take a real look at their history, they create their own world to serve them selves no matter the cost of us who suffer and struggle to survive. Just wake up see the real truth.

  28. I have no respect for royal families. Their families have committed more crimes against humanity than most governments. Just because today's queen doesn't kill people doesn't mean that is all forgotten.

  29. Salam bahagia Ratu Elizabeth beserta keluarga besar. Saya merasa senang melihat Ratu Elizabeth tetap dalam keadaan sehat dengan mahkotanya. Sukses selalu bagi keluarga kerajaan Inggris dan rakyatnya. Semoga Tuhan YME senantiasa melimpahkan cinta kasih dan rezki terbaikNya bagi kemajuan, kesejahteraan, kebaikan, dan keselamatan di dunia dan di alam akhirat bagi kerajaan Inggris beserta rakyat di dalamnya. Amin. Salam Hormat saya from Indonesia Iriasih. Congratulation.

  30. The line of the Stuart monarchs didn't end with Queen Mary II and William III, the throne went to Mary's sister Anne that's when the stuart line ended as she had no surviving children. William was Mary's first cousin and the prince of Orange and they got married, the line wouldn't pass through William as he wasnt from the house of stuart. James VI & I of Scotland and Englands great grandson George, a German prince was next in line and that gave birth to the house of Hanover.

  31. As somebody who does not even live in a monerchy I still say
    Long live the Queen/King

  32. King Henry VII made himself, the monarch, leader of the church of England. This means Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the Anglican Church, right?

  33. I hate Britian…..
    India vs Pakistan
    Palestien vs Isreal
    All fault of this Foolish kingdom………

  34. Where is the Irish Republican Army when you need it? Lol
    21st century and people still doing curtsies! What a moronic concept!

  35. what i want to know is how did the concept of royalty, kings and queens, start? like who was the very first king ever? lol

  36. Ohh man, I wished that I was the monarch of England or any other country…. becoming a monarch was always my dream plus I have all the capabilities that a king should have….. but sadly I've got no royal blood 🙁

  37. British will never be the same again without the royal family. I am not British, but I think the Royal Family is a symbol of Unity, Love and peace in the World. The tradition and class outclassed the world. God Save the Queen. Long may she reign.

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