The Case Against Donald Trump: Rep. Al Green Says President Must Resign or Face Impeachment
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The Case Against Donald Trump: Rep. Al Green Says President Must Resign or Face Impeachment

September 20, 2019

AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now!,,
The War and Peace Report. I’m Amy Goodman. NERMEEN SHAIKH: And I’m Nermeen Shaikh. Welcome to our listeners and viewers around
the country and around the world. Fallout from President Trump’s former attorney
Michael Cohen’s plea deal and former campaign manager Paul Manafort’s guilty verdict is
continuing to grow in Washington. On Capitol Hill, a number of key Democratic
senators are calling for a halt to the nomination process for Supreme Court justice nominee
Brett Kavanaugh. Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey said, quote,
“No American citizen should be able to choose the person who will be judging them when they
are subject to a criminal investigation should those matters come before that judge.” Booker’s comment came a day after Trump’s
former lawyer, Michael Cohen, directly implicated Trump in committing a federal crime. Cohen admitted that he arranged to illegally
pay out money to two women—an adult film star, Stormy Daniels, and Playboy model Karen
McDougal—to keep them from speaking during the 2016 campaign about their alleged affairs
with Trump. Cohen said the payments were made, quote,
“in coordination with and at the direction of a candidate for federal office” and that
they were made “for the principal purpose of influencing the election.” Meanwhile, talk about the possible impeachment
of President Trump is also growing. Earlier today, Trump was asked about impeachment
during an interview on Fox & Friends. AINSLEY EARHARDT: Seventy-six days away from
the midterms, hard to believe. If the Democrats take back power, do you believe
they will try to impeach you? PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Well, you know, I
guess it says something like high crimes and all—I don’t—I don’t know how you can
impeach somebody who’s done a great job. I’ll tell you what: If I ever got impeached,
I think the market would crash. I think everybody would be very poor, because
without this thinking, you would see—you would numbers that you wouldn’t believe. AMY GOODMAN: The Need to Impeach campaign
has announced plans to spend over a million dollars in ads pushing for impeachment. The campaign is funded by billionaire Democratic
donor Tom Steyer. But the Democratic leadership has resisted
calls for impeachment. The New York Times reports House Democratic
leaders have privately urged members to avoid the topic of impeachment. Some senior Democrats fear talk of impeachment
will hurt the party’s chances in November. Meanwhile, there have been other Democratic
lawmakers who have been publicly pushing impeachment for over a year. We go now to one of the first, to Houston,
Texas, where we’re joined by Democratic Congressmember Al Green, who introduced articles
of impeachment against Trump last year. Congressman Al Green, welcome back to Democracy
Now! So, talk about why you want President Trump
impeached now. And have your reasons changed over this year? You were the first to openly introduce articles
of impeachment, against the wishes of the Democratic establishment. REP. AL GREEN: Well, thank you for allowing me
to be on the program. This is a very sad time in the history of
our country. This is not something that I enjoy talking
about, nor is it something that I would like to do. But I think it’s becoming increasingly clear
that the president will have two options: One, he can resign from office, or, two, he
can face impeachment. Impeachment is something that the Framers
of the Constitution provided for a time such as this and a president such as Trump. The president does not have to commit a crime
to be impeached. In fact, the president is not likely to be
indicted, which means he’s not likely to be found guilty of a crime while he’s sitting,
which means that if this comes before the House, it won’t come before the House as
a president who has been found guilty, but rather as a president who is alleged to have
committed certain offenses that are onerous to the Constitution and that harm society. And what this president is doing is harming
society. More specifically, what Mr. Cohen stated in
court—he had a lawyer. He is a lawyer. He says that he and the president of the United
States conspired. He didn’t use that exact word, but that’s
what it means when you say the president directed you, and you followed through. So they conspired to commit an offense. The president may never be found guilty of
it, but he can be impeached for it. It’s my opinion that the Judiciary Committee
is not doing its job. This whole impeachment investigation is being
outsourced. The Framers of the Constitution intended for
the Judiciary Committee to do this—gather information, make decisions, move forward. If the Judiciary Committee doesn’t move
forward, then I think it’s incumbent upon the 435 members, each of whom have the opportunity
to bring articles of impeachment, to consider doing so. I will surely consider doing so. NERMEEN SHAIKH: Well, Representative Green,
as you’re aware, many of your Democratic colleagues in Congress are saying that the
crucial thing to do now is allow Robert Mueller to go ahead with the investigation. And I’d like to turn to one of those senators,
Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, being questioned about why many Democrats remain hesitant to
talk about impeachment proceedings. CNN anchor John Berman questioned her on Wednesday. JOHN BERMAN: And what I’m hearing from you,
Senator, and what I’ve heard from you in your interviews over the last few months—and
you’re not alone among Democrats here—is a reluctance to talk about the I-word directly. Why? Why would you be nervous to say, “Hey, I
think the House Judiciary Committee should hold hearings and look at this as an impeachable
offense”? SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN: I’m not nervous; I just
want to be effective. And the way that any of us are effective is
to say, “Let’s get all of the evidence. Let’s get all of the pieces out there. Protect Robert Mueller. Let him finish his investigation. Let him make a full and fair report to all
of the American people.” And when we’ve got that, then we can make
a decision on what the appropriate next step is. NERMEEN SHAIKH: So, Representative Green,
your response to what Senator Warren said? Is the key thing now to let Mueller go ahead—to
protect him and allow him to go ahead with the investigation? REP. AL GREEN: One of the pre-eminent reasons for
my being a Democrat is because within the Democratic Party there is not a belief that
you must have unanimity of thought. We are allowed to be thinkers. We are allowed to have our own ideas. And I respect the ideas of all of my colleagues. And I believe that while their ideas should
be respected, I, too, have ideas that must be respected. It’s my opinion that you cannot allow an
unfit president to continue to cause harm to society. Let’s take just a few examples quickly. When those persons in Charlottesville were
saying “blood and soil,” “Jews will not replace us,” many of them worked in
places that probably serve Jews and minority persons. One can only imagine what would happen to
the food of a person who is of African ancestry who is being served by one of those bigots,
one of those racists. Let’s take the example of what happened
at the border with those babies that were being separated from their mothers by virtue
of a policy instituted by this president. That was a form of bigotry that is intolerable. We don’t have to allow the president to
continue to harm our society. The Framers of the Constitution contemplated
that there would be a president who would do things even more horrible than this, but
also things as horrible as this, such that that president could be removed from office. And the Framers concluded that no person should
be above the law and that the president should not be beyond justice. It is justice that we seek for the people
of this country, and the president should be impeached. He doesn’t have to commit a crime, only
has to have his case brought before the House of Representatives, and 218 people decide
that he has committed an impeachable act. AMY GOODMAN: I want to turn to a recently— REP. AL GREEN: If the Judiciary Committee doesn’t
act, I will. AMY GOODMAN: Congressman Green, I wanted to
turn to a recently resurfaced clip of Trump ally Senator Lindsey Graham. This is back almost a decade ago, in 1999—actually,
20 years ago. Then-Congressman Graham argued for the impeachment
of President Bill Clinton for seeking to hide evidence of his affair with White House intern
Monica Lewinsky. This was recently highlighted on MSNBC. REP. LINDSEY GRAHAM: You don’t even have to be
convicted of a crime to lose your job in this constitutional republic, if this body determines
that your conduct as a public official is clearly out of bounds in your role. … Because impeachment is not about punishment. Impeachment is about cleansing the office. Impeachment is about restoring honor and integrity
to the office. AMY GOODMAN: Senator-now Lindsey Graham is
not exactly speaking in the same way. In addition to congressmember—in addition
to Congressmember Al Green, we’re joined by Ron Fein, legal director at Free Speech
for People. He’s the co-author of a book that is just
out right now. The book is called The Constitution Demands
It: The Case for the Impeachment of Donald Trump. You’re not in Congress, Ron, you’re outside
Congress. You’re part of a movement around the country
calling for the impeachment of President Trump. You’ve been doing that for quite some time
now. Did yesterday, the day of the guilty pleas
and verdicts, change your demands? And what—if you can lay them out? RON FEIN: Yeah, I think yesterday was a very
big day. And I want to commend Representative Green,
as well as some other brave members of Congress, who have been calling for impeachment before
this point. But what happened yesterday with Michael Cohen,
the personal lawyer to the president of the United States stating in open court that Donald
Trump directed him to commit crimes, is a game changer. And it’s going to have repercussions that
will be felt over the coming weeks. But what’s important to know, as Representative
Green said, this is not the only basis for impeachment hearings. And the Judiciary Committee is long overdue
for impeachment proceedings on a whole other range of grounds about Donald Trump. NERMEEN SHAIKH: Well, Representative Green,
you said earlier that Trump’s case should be brought before the House of Representatives
to a vote about whether Trump should be impeached. But do you think there would be sufficient
support for that vote? And also, you said that if it’s not brought
to the House, you will act. What exactly do you intend to do? REP. AL GREEN: Well, Dr. King reminds us that the
time is always right to do that which is right. And we cannot allow political expediency to
trump the moral imperative to save our country from the harm that this president perpetrates. I have no desire to be first. But if the Judiciary Committee doesn’t act—and
it has a duty and a responsibility to do so—I’m going to get back to Congress. I’ll wait to see what the Judiciary Committee
will do. And if it does not act judiciously, then it
is incumbent upon me and other members to take this to the floor of the House. That’s the bar of justice for the president. It won’t be found anyplace else as long
as he’s president. And we have our responsibility. I will live up to my duties, my responsibilities
and my obligation. By the way, whether we like it or not, whether
we won it or not, or whether we oppose it, impeachment is going to be on the ballot in
November. AMY GOODMAN: And what about that issue? Some people say, “Why impeachment? Let people vote.” And they voted for President Trump, even if
millions more did not vote for President Trump. “But let the election decide who will be
president.” Why is impeachment such an important tool
for you, Congressmember? REP. AL GREEN: First, let me acknowledge the author
that is on with us. I think he was very kind, but his advice is
quite clear that impeachment is an option. And here is why we should move forward with
impeachment. Because of the harm the president is currently
doing to our society. You cannot allow this harm to continue. At some point, the harm can become irreparable
in certain circumstances. We don’t want our country to become a country
wherein persons of color who are arrested by the police may be harmed because the president
has said, before police officers, “When you arrest a person, when you get them in
custody, you need not be nice.” That’s encouraging persons to violate the
Constitution. We don’t want the persons who were in Charlottesville
to think that they now have cover for their dastardly deeds and their ugly protestations. We want this country to be what it’s said
to be—a place where one can receive liberty and all can receive justice. That’s what America is about. That’s what I’m about, not about my career. It’s about character. Do we have the character, the courage and
the belief that we have to stand on the Constitution? I do believe we should. NERMEEN SHAIKH: I’d like to turn to former
Trump campaign adviser Michael Caputo talking about impeachment to CNN’s Poppy Harlow
Wednesday. He spoke about the November elections. MICHAEL CAPUTO: I’ve been kind of parting
ways with some of the Republican consulting class in Washington now for quite some time. I really believe that the vote that the voters
make on November 6 is going to boil down to: If they vote for a Republican member of the
House of Representatives, they’re going to vote against impeachment, and if they vote
for a Democratic member of the House of Representatives or a challenger, they’re voting for impeachment. This is all about impeachment. POPPY HARLOW: You think that’s all it’s
about? MICHAEL CAPUTO: It always has been. POPPY HARLOW: That’s all it’s about? MICHAEL CAPUTO: I think it always has been. And, in fact, with this one charge that Cohen
has made apparently at the president, we know that they have enough to do it. POPPY HARLOW: OK. MICHAEL CAPUTO: So it’s about impeachment
in November. POPPY HARLOW: I gotta go. Quick yes or no to this: Is the president
closer to impeachment today than he was 48 hours ago? MICHAEL CAPUTO: I believe so. NERMEEN SHAIKH: Ron Fein, can you respond
to what a former Trump adviser said in the interview? RON FEIN: Well, look, people have a lot of
different motivations for voting, but I think that the issue of impeachment is going to
be on the ballot. And whether that’s Democrats or Republicans,
people are looking to hold the president to account for what he’s done. And as Representative Green has said, this
is not just about the plea that Michael Cohen entered. Trump has been violating the Constitution
since literally the day he took office, when he was violating the Foreign and Domestic
Emoluments Clauses of the Constitution, which are anti-corruption provisions, because he
takes payments, through his businesses, from foreign governments. And because he was allowed to get away with
that, because Congress has done nothing about it since the moment he took office, he has
learned the lesson of impunity, that he can get away with more and more, including directing
law enforcement to prosecute and harass his political adversaries and his critics, including
obstructing justice, including undermining the freedom of the press by trying to use
the levers of government to punish critical media. So, impeachment is high crimes and misdemeanors. Some of those will be criminal offenses, like
the one that Michael Cohen has implicated Trump in. Others are abuses of power and of office,
that may or may not also be statutory crimes. But as we lay out in the book, Trump has already
accumulated a record that justifies immediate impeachment hearings. We shouldn’t need to wait for the election. We should be starting now. AMY GOODMAN: So, Ron Fein, at the same time— REP. AL GREEN: May I say amen to what he just said? AMY GOODMAN: Yes. REP. AL GREEN: If I may, I’d like to say amen. AMY GOODMAN: Ron Fein, I want to ask you a
question about what else is developing at this point. On Tuesday, you have the guilty pleas and
the guilty verdicts against Trump’s former lawyer and his former campaign chair. But at the same time, you have this revving-up
for the hearings, the confirmation hearings, for Judge Kavanaugh to become a Supreme Court
justice. You wrote a piece in Newsweek_, you co-authored
it, “Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation must be stopped until Mueller’s investigation
is complete.” That’s not the direction that the Senate
is going in right now, though many Democrats are calling for it. Explain the significance of what’s taking
place right now, before the November election. RON FEIN: Well, I think that Kavanaugh’s
confirmation hearings do need to be put on pause. And that’s for two reasons. The first is that the president should not
be able to nominate and have confirmed any justice to the Supreme Court while he’s
under these types of investigations, because any justice that he would nominate would be
in a position to hear cases that would directly affect the president’s own criminal liability
and perhaps impeachment, as well—for example, whether the president can be compelled to
testify or even to speak to investigators if he refuses a subpoena. And that is particularly true for Brett Kavanaugh,
because he has gone on record saying that the president, a sitting president, can’t
even be investigated, because it would interfere too much with his time. So, the Senate needs to put those hearings
on pause, wait for criminal investigations to play out, wait for impeachment proceedings
to play out. And then, after all of that has been resolved,
then and only then should the Senate begin to reconsider a nominee for the Supreme Court. AMY GOODMAN: Can you lay out what you believe
the articles of impeachment should be, Ron Fein? RON FEIN: In the book, we identified eight. And since then, we’ve identified two more,
because even though the book was released just a week ago, the finishing of the manuscript
happened, and then Trump keeps committing more offenses. But the very first one, as I mentioned, was
violating the Foreign Emoluments and Domestic Emoluments Clauses of the Constitution. This is something that the Framers of the
Constitution identified as an impeachable offense in the constitutional debates. And there’s really no dispute that Trump
is violating it. So, the fact that Congress hasn’t taken
action since day one is a travesty. We also have identified two grounds that do
overlap with the Mueller investigation, as well as a number that don’t. And it’s important to note that the emoluments
clauses are not part of the Mueller investigation. Mueller is not looking into them. They’re not criminal proceedings. They’re not part of the scope of his appointment. We’re not going to learn anything about
emoluments from Robert Mueller. We are going to possibly learn more from the
Mueller investigation about two other grounds. One is the extent to which Trump was involved
in conspiring to solicit help from a foreign government during the 2016 election, which
is a violation of federal campaign finance law and a serious threat to our democratic
institutions, and also the extent to which he obstructed justice by working to frustrate
and impede the investigations into himself and some of his associates. Now, what we’ll learn from the Mueller investigation
may be some internal discussions, but the public evidence that’s already out there,
which we’ve laid out in the book, is already enough for Congress to conclude that Trump
has worked to obstruct justice. We’ve also identified Trump’s directing
law enforcement to prosecute political adversaries and critics as a ground for impeachment. That was part of the articles of impeachment
against Richard Nixon. And as Representative Green has said, advocating
illegal violence and undermining equal protection of the laws has been a constant theme of the
Trump presidency. He urged police to be rough with suspects,
and he gave aid and comfort to neo-Nazis and white supremacists after Charlottesville. And in addition to that, we’ve also identified
undermining freedom of the press via his constant attacks on the press, and not just words,
but also use of the levers of government, as a ground for impeachment. Now, since the book came out, we’ve identified
two more. One is cruel and unconstitutional treatment
of migrant children and their families. And the most recent one is what just happened
with Michael Cohen, which is we now have enough evidence to tie Trump to violating federal
campaign finance law, conspiring to do so, by paying hush money to silence his former
mistresses in order to influence the 2016 election. NERMEEN SHAIKH: Well, Representative Green,
I’d like to get your comment, as well, on Brett Kavanaugh’s forthcoming confirmation
hearings for Supreme Court justice. What do you think should happen there? And what are the potential rulings, the issues
that he’ll be ruling on, if he is made Supreme Court justice, that directly pertain to Trump? REP. AL GREEN: Well, I think it’s very likely
that he’ll have to rule on the president’s impeachment, because I’m confident that
it will happen. It’s just a matter of time. The country is not going to tolerate this
kind of behavior emanating from the presidency. So I think that he may have to rule on some
issues related to this. And I think he’s already indicated that
he is adverse to having the president—a president investigated. He seems to think that while the president’s
in office, the president is totally immune to any sort of judicial scrutiny. And that’s unfortunate. But I do believe that he should not be appointed
currently. I think there should have a time for us to
consider these other options associated with the presidency. And after that, maybe we can move forward. But he is currently the person that the president
would have there, ostensibly to be a great justice, but covertly, it appears, to support
him in a time of need as it relates to impeachment. Finally, I would say this: I’m very disappointed
in the Senate. I’m disappointed in the way they have approached
not only this nomination, but a previous nomination. The Merrick Garland seat was hijacked. And there has to be some justice accorded
the country for what happened to Merrick Garland. I’m opposed to moving forward because of
that circumstance, as well. It’s time for us to come to some conclusion
as to how we will consistently handle these judicial nominations. The Senate has changed the rules when it benefits
the party that’s in power. That’s not just. And finally, if I may add this. We have a Constitution that shows us the way
to deal with these circumstances. It really now is about will. Will we have the will to do what we know the
Framers of the Constitution intended? And if somebody is interested, read Federalist
65. Read the words of Alexander Hamilton. It was concluded that this would be a time
of great turmoil, that parties would become recalcitrant, that it would be difficult to
do, but that it was something that should be done if we find that a president seeks
to be beyond justice—not in those words, but that’s the essence of Federalist 65. AMY GOODMAN: We want to thank you both for
being with us. Congressman Al Green, Democrat from Houston,
the first to openly introduce articles of impeachment on the floor of the House of Representatives
against President Trump. And we want to thank Ron Fein, legal director
at Free Speech for People. His new book, written with John Bonifaz and
Ben Clements, is called The Constitution Demands It: The Case for the Impeachment of Donald
Trump. This is Democracy Now! When we come back, the sole African-American
dissenting voice on the North Carolina Historical Commission that voted yesterday to keep three
Confederate monuments on the Capitol grounds in Raleigh, just two days after students toppled
Silent Sam, a Confederate monument on the grounds of the University of North Carolina. Stay with us.

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  28. What a fucking joke. Rep. Green's 'Harm to Society' is like Conyers' fictional 'Good and Welfare' clause of the Constitution. These dumbasses have no idea what they are talking about.

    Race relations under Obama were the worst in decades. Something tells me that Obama's 'Harm to Society' would not sufficiently motivate Rep. Green to call for his impeachment… Hmmmm… I wonder why?

  29. LOL… this is a bunch of leftist bullshit… seriously do you actually think your shit is not biased?? like what kind of fucked up brain must you have to actually think you are true journalist with no biased views? Fucking pathetic… Have fun getting raped when the civil war comes.. you fucks are the first to die.

  30. Impeachment is useless if the senate does not remove the president. For that a 2/3 majority is needed. Even if the Dems win the house and the senate, they'll never get a 2/3 majority. Republican senators will only support a removal if criminal acts are proven. If collusion with Putin can be proved: he will be out, I am sure. But I strongly doubt if that can be proved. Let allone, I doubt that Trump is smart enough for collusion. Immoral behaviour is not reason enough for removing a president. Kennedy also had his share of prostitutes in his days. If he pays them from his own money, there is no reason for removing him.
    Off course it sucks that this mobster is president. But the elite of the DNC is also to blame for him winning the electoral vote in 2016 by running an almost annointed dream candidate who was hated by half the population. I am sure that most Dems would have beat Trump; but the elite Candidate H R C failed misserably. The USA and the world pay the price for this. Run a better candidate in 2020 please!

  31. Hillary conspired with Ukraine to meddle in the election and with the UK and Russian spies to spy on Trump. This is almost treason.

    Trump paid up two bimbos. This is legal.


  33. Appalling that a man under FEDERAL CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION is allowed to pick a Scotus judge my goodness America is no longer a nation of laws. Was it ever really?

  34. I think Al is right. As long as Trump Stays in Damage will be done and it will reach a point where we will not be able to go back and fix it. As so as possible he needs to go.

  35. Why is Trump, not out of the white house already, Trump is so stupid, step down, and that includes Mike pense, another monster

  36. The Demonicrats have hit an all time low even for themselves, foaming at the mouth holding a baton and waving it like random lunatics will only increase the Republican base. You cannot impeach a sitting president even with a low level offense. That is call the Constitution. You may think it, wish it, fantasize about it, but in reality it will never ever happen. As the Communist USA Party subverts and takes full control of the Demonic Party it's moderate core base will just plain get out leave. Al Green has been ranting and raving like a lunatic for two yrs now and he has done absolutely nothing, a useless spineless sub-human bottom feeder.

  37. Here’s the face of the Democratic Party! Typical lib moron living on your dime.pos needs to meet an illegal alien like Kate steinle did.

  38. Unless Mueller produces a SERIOUS smoking gun ,and not some round about technicality, or some he said she said confession from a snitch, Republicans will never vote to impeach Trump. Period. Because lest we forget you still need 2/3 vote in the Senate as well not just the House, sounless something MAJOR turns up, which I doubt, you may as well forget about impeachment. Won't happen.

  39. Can anybody be uglier than this harry faced A** Al Chimp Green…ooooh did I say that? How insensitive of me…this joke is a US Rep????? What lunatic ignorant jerks voted for this moron? And apologies to chimps and the rest of the monkey family…on second thought, he’s pure slime…how’s that libs…he’s fecal matter..just a witless thug!

  40. Representative Green would like to play the race card like he does back in his home district. One can easily see that the Congressman hates Trump mainly because he's white. I hope this clown isolates himself even more with his impeachment bullshit.

  41. Als a miserable old man who is resisting the change taking place across the country, were turning back the hands of time and undoing every single one a Obamas failed policy's, and just to be sure it stays that way he's stacking the supreme court and federal courts across the country with like minded conservatives. President Trump will go down in history as the greatest president ever. Al ? His legacy will be Hate and misery.

  42. Who are these hags reading the news? They could bring living in the cave with Al Green.
    Don't worry Al, no one is going to be impeached. Especially by worthless democrat quota politicians like you.

  43. I'm registered unaffiliated.. no ax to grind…I believe, the truly guilty in all this will soon be perp walked… justice is coming…bush jr, hrc, o, biden, clapper, comey, brennan, Mccabe, Fusion gps, Bruce ohr & wife nellie, lisa page & her cheating lover… et al… better lawyer up

  44. You got to be kidding !! Racist communist m.f. idiots TRUMP WILL WIN BY A LANDSLIDE ( WATCH ASSHOLES)

  45. Democrats are not for America they are for themselves along with their anti American owners. Looking forward to seeing them lose all power in 2020.

  46. uhhhh..yeah….pay attention and we "working" Americans will show you what we think of Trump in 2020 too bad it can't keep going past 2024….or….can it? Demorats are getting what they deserve!!!!!

  47. trump acting like JimJones and a dictator Putin trump dont owned American people's of all race we all have constitutional rights to live as a citizen in our community and work and vote in America trump and old senors Republicans Congressional leaders are racist Biggit McConnell slavery owers and madam Chao of Kentucky trump perpetuated Birth Conspiracy mexico as sending rapists Refused to denounce david dukes he still Central Park Five are still Guilty Despite DNA Evidence and trump said Mexicans American Judge couldnt be Impartial trump attacked NFLPlayers forKneeling during Anthem trump referred to Haiti and African Nations as shit hole Countries

  48. this al green must impeach himself why?…he looks like a naenderthal that hasn't fully evolved yet like most of the democrat politicians acting like pack of baboons…

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