The Constitution Guarantees the Right To Bear Arms

September 24, 2019

the you now to debate the merits of this
proposal on banning weapons in shotguns and
pistols from the american center for law and
justice j secular and former congressman alley foxnews
contributor dennis kucinich gentlemen welcome back
to the program pressure i think you silly by dennis in particular lamont ely it would we disagree on issues uh… the
are pretty honest guy though started changes were done sure you
believe that they should follow through on it so brocco obama said he’s never got in
the laughter our guns twenty cent he made that promise why would he do that now but if that’s what he’s doing well you can’t beat you know he can’t
get rid of of everyone’s guns because the supreme court case d_c_ versus
heller established uh… the right to bear arms as an individual rights so
that given but his trial the point is he’s trying but it but the constitution
protects the right to bear arms with its allies trying to do anniversary
recognize the constitutes or is it ok it exempts about twenty two hundred and
fifty different kinds of god’s but it clearly is going after assault weapons
and i mean i understand it but i just one point i want to make before we start
the debate and then it says here’s what i don’t understand the people are weapon ising themselves
historically because they’re of you know historically you go back to beginning a
constitution it was to protect themselves against a
tyrannical government so now with government getting ever more
powerful people weapon ice themselves what’s happening at the same time more
of our tax dollars is going dropping to make a government even more powerful
somebody as a puzzle it out for me the and beanie up scott e_j_ dionne uh…
let me dennis kucinich is the first level that is that that seems to actually have
an understanding of the second amendment well the and it didn’t end the congressman said his credits uh…
correctly the supreme court is recognized but the second amendment right to bear
arms as an individual right but sean when you look at legislation as a lawyer and the congress of course those
assiduously years of service in the congress yet to say what’s the name of the
legislation here and can the problem with the senator feinstein’s bill not only is it broader then the the in
nineteen ninety-four provisioning assault weapons ban but it’s they call
it an assault weapons ban but that’s not what it is it goes much further it would
be unconstitutional if this legislation became law the supreme court which
strike it down as unconstitutional but sean there’s another thing here that we
have to be really really concerned with and that is the political move of what’s
happening to remember right after the tragedies that took place audits sandy
hook elementary school the president was asking others were
asked questions about how about having police officers on these elementary
school campuses in the aids was we don’t need more guns in school well the answer
though is really that exact opposite of that what the n_r_a_ and others have
said it is the answer security personnel in elementary schools
and other of that and you have the by the way it’s forty adventure barn
security you have it on college campuses it’s focusing on the wrong issue this f_b_i_ said that the assault weapon ban on
nineteen ninety four did nothing to lower crime indus anybody that’s
watching this broadcast now think that a sign posted it said do not carry a weapon in this uh… area
is going to prevent what happened sandy hook would we have to localize it hippa
laws so that medical professionals when they
find out there’s a problem can take action premier al is glad to hear you actually
have a fundamental understanding of the second amended more so than anybody else
on your side so far that i’ve heard book armada have an honest discussion
i’ve been a marksman since some eleven twelve years old sold by understand more than anything
else gun safety um… my guns are locked out you can’t get to them we should have responsible gun ownership
in this country but won’t talk about guns going really we want to stop sandy
hooks but we have to deal with mental health
but we have been aware parenting style uh… values businesses don’t fire
themselves to congressman you know thank you i mean i i if i would head
making up i was in congress this assault weapons ban is something i did care for
consideration to but i want to say something would you just said fundamentally right
this is a broad issue that touches all the american society we we have a
unfortunately a violent society our guns make it very easy for people to act out
again on their aggression but the truth is that the mental health problems in
our society have not received enough attention you do when there’s five
violence against the attention but we weren’t able to get mental health parity
and a lot of health-care legislation art you know i i know individual family
uh… members who have struggled with problems he will not be able to help
mentally ill people you can’t do it well which allow you to be a society we
didn’t care for people r_j_ let’s throw them away fairly or unfairly hit laws that help hippa laws the privacy
laws of our the problem here and the president things by the way for the hand
he can undo those any can’t this is the problem here is you need a fundamental
review all the mental health laws so you can prevent sandy hook so that medical
professionals are not afraid to notified authorities and i would hope that that
in the congressman said he understands that lets good news i’ve not been that
since i was just at the surface go back in congress have been vote that way five
all because i don’t know if that will be changed in congress but shot at the end
of the day if that is not addressed all of this is meaningless that has to be
addressed our mental health professionals communism knowingly
privacy issues that you have to be careful about but at the medical science
rhyme at the same time we have to recognize as
unit you pointed out shot this abroad issue currently make how do we make this
a less violent society that’ll be the discussions as it’s not only know this
is only about guns you can you can’t pass all the gun legislation you want
you’re still going to have some underlying issues of violence in the
society congressman local into uh… the network jail is with us

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