The Constitution Has Become a Religion
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The Constitution Has Become a Religion

September 14, 2019

let’s talk about the constitution i’ve
have been really thinking about this for all of this time that we’ve seen the
constitution become the object of basically fetishes that it has become an object of dogmatic
religion i mean but let’s think about the things about the comparison and v compare and contrast and like you and
see how they are similar the bible and the constitution both are constantly
misrepresented and misquoted accidentally and deliberately to serve specific political or moral agendas both were written anytime of slavery but signified nothing
condemning slavery as we have pointed out many many times conservatives now
have made a habit of holding up the constitution as some kind of final and
ultimate arbiter of life and lost to a level that really exceeds rationality
which is something similar between the constitution and between in religious conservatives
and the bible in one of the country is there’s so much obsession with a document written hundreds of years ago when any type of law is discussed having
the time to are you aware of any similar failed fetishes and that is taking place
with an equivalent to a constitution anywhere else there is also a little bol diya justices
scalia and thomas adhere to textual ism an original is a man the waiting through
the constitution and that sort of like un analog of young
earth creationism and taking the scripture in this case the
constitution literally in terms of it being a completely absurd
a way of interpreting at the pics what they would criticize as the living
constitution theory in quotes is what i would refer to as an analog of
people who e-mail catholics and jews and all sorts of people who look at the gut
the bible and they say oh boy you know when it says the earth was created in
seven days it’s a metaphor it’s not literal and maybe we should
reinterpreted based on what science has now shown and i think it’s the same type of
absurdity lewis i would not be surprised to hear to
actually i mean i i understand the constitution has become kind of a
defacto religion but and this may even exist and i’m
sorry if i’m not aware of it an actual religion based on the constitution well that would involve uh… dat of
some sort of right by definition any father c_i_a_ backlit uh… that would be a scary thing because then
you know we you will have uh… like he said even more misinterpretation no question that i thought oh one thing
out there is a term for this in academia told the american civil religion as
people look it up uh… there’s a wikipedia article about
it’s the idea that in other words it gives the name toward
describing the idea that there is some kind of nine official civil religion
using the constitution as as the scripture and the founding fathers as the d_a_’s
if there had to be a modern-day had of that religion who would it be would it be like sculley uh… wayne
lapierre would it be wayne lapierre from the n_r_a_ yahoo would it be well here’s where we should do we need
to get on the ball here and we need to form his religion ourselves as a non
profit so that it is our interpretation of of the constitution that is attached to
this religion

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