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The Constitution Is For Everyone

August 27, 2019

the president banning citizens from
seven muslim-majority countries from entering the US. He’s going after muslims
and discriminating on the basis of religion. Demonstrations across the
country right now to these new deportation actions from the ICE. My
first hour in office those people are gone. President-elect Donald Trump calling
for jail time for individuals who set fire to the American flag. Just because I
don’t like it doesn’t mean that it’s not legal. What do you want this country to
be, only what you like? You know you have one guy over there shouting get them the
hell out of here get him out of here get out. Do you feel accepted here? Do I have to answer that? Sometimes no. I’m an Indian Hindu who’s married to a Pakistani Muslim and
I’ve experienced what this was like. Every American is from immigration so you
think it’s going to be very open. Our daughter still gets stopped every time she
flies back into this country although she was born and raised here. I don’t think a
lot of people realize what’s going on. I feel that there’s not only one language
one way of thinking one color and one- one everything which is the feeling i’m
feeling now

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  1. it does not protect us anymore we let them over run it. There is nothing wrong with legal immigration but just letting them come in and the government setting them up is not fair for the ones that have to pay and pay by themselves. We are technically at war with Muslim majority countries and yet we let in radical Muslims and house them? did you know all border towns are constitutional free zones thanks to Obama's executive orders and Bushes patriot act. give me a break. Wake up and arm yourselves because we are headed straight toward war

  2. The constitution is not for everyone. It is for United States citizens. It is the citizens job of other nations to establish their own freedom. This channel is very misleading. I respect the ACLU sticking up for free speech, but this channel is very misleading

  3. Where's the ACLU? I have a illegal wiretapping case right now in Pennsylvania that will reveal alleged criminal actions by county and state officials leading to mass incarceration by alleged illegal means! ANSWER: "NOWHERE!!!! They denied to represent!

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