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The F/1.4 Full Frame Vlog Lens!? | Sigma Art 20mm

October 13, 2019

– [Gene] Good morning
we’re doing a little bit of adventuring out in San Luis Obispo. I got a cool little toy in the backpack, so we’re going to go
hike out to some caves and see if we can get some cool shots. – [Carrie] Nude beach, that way. Caves, that way. – [Gene] Let’s go. Wait, where you going? Hey come back here! Stop looking at him! – He’s like lotioning up. There he goes, the speedo’s coming off. The speedo’s off. (laughing)
– [Gene] Okay. Let’s turn around, let’s go the other way. (cheery instrumental music) Quick detour, actually. Oh yeah, look at that. (laughing) – Happy anniversary. – I think I am gonna need a Bandaid. I guess this is what I get for hiking with like beach flip flops like I knew it was a bad idea, but you know how sometimes you’re like this is probably not a good idea but I’m gonna do it anyways, now I have many regrets. What’re you looking at? Hi Carrie! – Oh, I think I’m gonna be sick. (cheery music) – Anyways, let’s try that again. I got a few new goodies in my bag, and we’re in Idaho, I think. No, are we in Idaho, are we in Montana? I think we’re in Montana,
it is beautiful here. So times like this I just want to be able to fit everything into a little backpack like this and just go out into the middle of places like this. So I’m always looking
for stuff that’s nice and small and lightweight. This is a Geekoto X25 Defender. That’s a fancy name for this
tripod, like “Defender.” (laughs) This was not necessarily
the most lightweight one but they had a lot of really
good review on Amazon. I figured I’d give it a shot, but this one’s cool ’cause
not only do you have this center column here, but you can get some extra height outta there, but you can also turn it to the side. I don’t know exactly when
I specifically would use this feature too much but I know a lot of photographers that would, and also what’s cool is
I have this base plate on my camera which is for
the large gorilla pod heads and this also fits onto here as well so I could switch between
this taller tripod and my gorilla pod without having to switch out that base plate. This is pretty good maximum height, huh, I’m five eight here and
it’s going over my head so that’s pretty good. And then just fold up
pretty nice and small so I’ve just been slinging it like that but this definitely is feature packed like for example you could
take off one of the legs and turn it into a monopod,
but I am still on the search for the lightest weight
tripod out there for, if I’m doing a long big hike. So, let me know if you have any
suggestions in the comments. I think there’s a train coming
quickly pull out the drone. How fast can we get the
drone up in the air? I need a flat surface. (drone whirs) (upbeat electronic music) That was a pretty quick takeoff time. Let’s go see if we could find this train. Oh, there it is. There it is.
– [Carrie] Oh! That is so cool! (music continues) – [Gene] That’s a huge train, holy crap! (music continues) – No wonder…
– When’s it gonna end? Well, that’s pretty cool right there, with the mountains in the back. And we got the Polar Pro
filter on there right now. So we’re getting the shutter at 150, so that should be pretty
cool for the shutter. This looks awesome! See right now the train’s going backwards, but I’ll just reverse that shot and it’ll look like the
train’s going forward. That was good timing. Thanks for the heads up on the train
– (laughing) Yeah. – She heard it in the distance. Choo choo! She’s like, “Get the drone out, pronto!” So yeah this is still my go-to drone. It’s the Mavic 2 Pro. Shout out to Polar Pro for
sending this out to me. It’s a ND4, ND8, and a 16,
comes in a set of three, but one of the things I’m
most excited about right now is this new lens I got it’s a
20 millimeter full frame lens, so it’s a nice vlogging
distance I can hold a camera at this distance and I can
still get a reasonable vlog shot but what’s crazy about
it is that it goes to 1.4 so obviously you need to adjust it with the ND filter I got right here. Look how blurry that background
is, it’s a wide angle lens, but it’s an F 1.4, that’s pretty awesome. Look how soft that background looks, so this is just me if I were
to walk around vlogging. Look at that shallowness. See, look, Carrie’s like right behind me, and she’s out of focus. So this is a Sigma Art lens,
it’s definitely not cheap, but I don’t believe
there’s much else like it out there right now, and there
are definitely pros and cons to this lens that I’m already noticing but why don’t we take
it around a little bit and see how it works. One of the things we really
want to see is Aurora Borealis, did I say that right? – I think so. – Aurora Borealis, the
Northern Lights basically. (laughs) but seeing the Northern Lights
is definitely a hit or miss. When I was in Iceland for
a whole week the goal was to see it and we left
without seeing it at all. This is like rock skipping
Heaven, every rock here is a perfect rock to skip. There’s even this giant one. Watch this. (laughs) You guys like our rental car? It’s pretty baller, right? It only has like 80 miles on it, it’s brand new, we booked
like the cheapest 4×4 vehicle and they were just like,
here’s a free upgrade. So, yes! – Are you trying to get a
Chevy sponsorship right now? – Yeah, Chevy!
(laughing) – Yeah, Chevy, sponsor me! Unless Jeep wants to sponsor me first. Whoa, this looks straight up
like a scene from a commercial. See, Chevy, this already looks like a Chevy commercial right here. Look at this, this is like
the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in my life. It actually looks like a great photograph. But just, with our eyes. (instrumental music) We’re in a city called Whitefish now, where we’re staying for the next two days. This place is crazy,
it’s just so different from what we’re used to back home. Where are all the skyscrapers? What is this? Are these like little
teepees that people made? So people have been saying, “Watch out for the bears, they’re starting to come out this season.” So let’s hope the title of this video is “The F 1.4 20mil lens” not
“How I got attacked by a bear.” So first, obvious downside of this lens is there is no image stabilization, so let me turn on the
digital image stabilization on the camera just to smoothen
things out a little bit and there hopefully
that’s a little bit better and I don’t have a gorilla
pod or anything attached to this camera right now
which would help stabilize it a little bit more. But how’s it look? Do you guys like how it looks at F 1.4? Look how blurry Carrie is. If Carrie were to say
anything, she’d just be like a blob in the background. Hi there. – Blob. – This is F 1.4 right now,
but my other lens is an F 4, so if we were shooting
with that it would look a little bit more like that. So we can at least see
a little bit of detail on Carrie’s face, I can
still walk next to you and I can get both of us in the shot and you’re still somewhat in focus, but F 1.4 is crazy as F
1.4 I’m right next to you, and you’re all blurry, it’s
definitely a whole lot harder on the auto focus on the camera too ’cause it has to make all
these micro adjustments to stay up and sometimes it’ll lock on to the wrong face and if
it’s focused on Carrie, then I’m all blurry. – What would you do if
you saw a bear out here? – Bears are tricky ’cause
there’s black bears and brown bears and I’m pretty sure that what you’re supposed to do, is the complete opposite
depending on the type of bear, I can’t ever remember
which bear, you’re supposed to do what with, if a bear comes up one of us will probably play dead and the other one will start
making a bunch of noise. Everything will be messed up. We should probably do research
on what we’re supposed to do. Quick cut-away, according to
the National Park Service, what do you do if you see a bear. You want to travel in
big groups and you want to look big but stay calm. So you’re going to basically be like, “Oh my god, I just encountered
a three legged bear. Look, I’m a human, I
am not a threat to you, do not attack me, I’m big.” And hopefully the bears don’t attack you, but then if that bears not having it and they start jacking you
up, then you have to identify, Is it a brown bear or black bear? Alright, so here’s the
part where it’s tricky. If it’s a brown or grizzly bear, leave your pack on and play dead. So lay flat on your
stomach with your hands behind your neck and spread your legs to make it hard for the
bear to turn you over and remain still until
the bear leaves the area. Fighting back increases the
intensity of the attack. I think you’re a brown bear. Oh no, I’m getting attacked. Ah, ah! However, if the attack persists, so, if the bear continues
to like cut you open, then fight back vigorously. Wait wait, what, so you’re
supposed to be like this for as long as you can
and then once you realize I’m almost dead, then that’s
when you’re supposed to fight. What. Or carry bear mace, that sounds like the more reasonable answer. So that’s with the brown bear,
then if it’s a black bear, then do not play dead, try to escape, find a car or something. And if that doesn’t work then fight back. So yeah, if watching this video helped you survive a bear attack you
can send me a postcard. (footsteps) I am so glad I have this lens right now, ’cause it actually looks so good. I’m all the way wide open
in the F 1.4 right now, and I’m utilizing it. In most cases this F
1.4 is a bit too much, but in some cases, like
right now, it looks so good and this lens is wicked sharp too. There are definitely a
few downsides, though. For one the lens does protrude out, kind of like a fisheye
lens, so if you’re the type that likes to put on a UV
filter to protect your lens then you’re out of luck
here, and also the lens cap is one of these it’s not
one of those flat ones that you could place on, because again, the lens looks like a bubble. So it has become a little bit annoying to fit this bigger thing
in my pocket opposed to a flat thin little lens cap and since this thing protrudes out so much you definitely
want to keep it protected as much as possible, just
because it’s so exposed. Things come up and scratch it, you can scrape it against
something pretty easily. Probably one of the
biggest issues, is the fact that you can’t just thread on like a 77 or 82 millimeter ND filter ’cause of the way the lens is shaped. I actually shoot on the Eos
R, so I do have my ND filter that sits in behind the
lens, so if you happen to be shooting on one of the cameras that has internal ND filters,
then this isn’t going to be an issue but I realize that most cameras don’t have this option to throw this ND filter in behind. So that is one thing that is really nice about this Canon RF system
is that I have the option to just do that and it is a variable, so I can just adjust it right here, and it’s nice and easy if you
do want to put an ND filter in front of the lens,
there are a few companies that do make ND filter
specifically for this lens but it’s going to be much bigger. But a huge advantage of F 1.4 is the spectacular low light
capability of this lens, like here, the fact that you
can see is pretty awesome. This is my iPhone 10 S Max
it like doesn’t see anything. And this also would have
been the perfect lens to shoot the Northern
Lights, but unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’re
going to be able to see it. So one tip don’t travel
somewhere and assume you’re gonna be able to see the Northern Lights. Go to a place and hope you can see it. And if you see it, that’s awesome. – It’s like chance, 100% like chance. – Exactly and it’s not
very common, but if we were to see it, this would be a
great lens because you get that super wide angle lens at an F 1.4. Whenever we drive through
one of these little towns, I’m always so curious on
what goes on in this town. You know what I think
would be really cool, is just go and live in a
tiny town for a few months. Wouldn’t that be cool? – Yeah that would be.
– Would you be up for that? – Yeah. – Carrie has Summer break,
so maybe for one Summer, we’ll just go and pick
a random little town, and just live there for a little bit. Just imagine how many dogs we could have if we lived out in one of these ranches. – We could have a dog ranch. – I’m sure there’s a
lot of people watching that don’t live the city life and they’re like, “what
are they talking about, this is just so normal.” (laughing) But to us it’s really interesting. Check that out, population of 1044. It’s very specific, you think they have to update the sign every
time someone moves out? Anyways, we’re heading back today. This has been an awesome
trip and this lens, I’m digging it. One final thing is the sound it makes when you shift focus so I do have a Rode Videomic Pro Plus, I
think is what it’s called, on there right now, and you
can kind of hear every time the focus shifts, so
here I’ll let you listen. (soft mechanical shift) And here if I just use
the onboard microphone, that’s on the camera then
you’re going to hear it, even more so here’s that. (mechanical tapping and clicking) So yeah, if you’re running internal audio that’s probably going to
get a little annoying. It’s not the quietest lens I’ve ever heard but at the same time
it’s not the loudest lens I’ve ever heard either
it’s kind of right there in the middle where you can hear it but it’s not terribly loud. Anyways thanks for coming on
this little journey with us, let’s read some comments
from our last video, which was all about the
slider by edelkrone. Top comment was from Josh Haynes, “That moment you realize three more inches makes a huge difference.” Those are the blacklisted
words from this channel is “up” and “inches.” If I say any number, and
then inches after that, immediately you guys turn into a bunch of perverts so thanks guys. “Damn, this actually looks really sexy, man I’ve already spent too
much money on my credit cards. Stop.” That’s what I do, convince you
guys to max out credit cards, and this lens is only like 1000 bucks but it’s awesome there’s
not much else like it and there’s the Canon 24
millimeter L series 1.4 But those, uh, four millimeters. Oh no, I gotta stop saying measurements of anything but that four
millimeter difference makes, makes a difference, dammit. I’m gonna get it again in the comments. The GAB PACK Family says
“I watched your UdeMy class and it was the best two and a
half hours I spent this year. Please make another one
and make it very long.” First of all, thanks to
everyone that took my course and also rating it so high that I got the little top rated banner on the website I’m very
proud of that little band. I never got a college diploma, but that’s, that’s close enough, the
top rated banner, I like it. Tekky Ty says, “Can you do a
video where you run through some of the professional videos
you’ve done for clients?” That’s definitely one
I wanna do, it does get a little bit tricky in the commercial side of things because there are a lot of NDAs that get signed, the
bigger and companies gets, less you’re allowed to
talk about it publicly. I’m looking for that fine line project where I can shoot a commercial but still bring you guys along with me and talk about everything we did. For example I’ve never really worked with Apple but I know
their contract for working with them is really intense
and by the way NDA stands for Non-Disclosure
Agreement, so if you sign it, it says you’re not allowed
to talk about this thing. I have been doing a lot
of projects for Boeing and I am trying to get
some footage, out of that, that I’m allowed to show but
most of it is classified. I’m working with their
government division. I got to film their F-15s,
F-18s, Apache helicopters. I’m not allowed to show any
of that footage, though. (groans) Oh, I did recently direct
music video for Pepe Aguilar, phenomenal Latin artist, but I do have a lot of
behind the scenes footage from that and I believe
I’m allowed to share that, so maybe I’ll make a little video about shooting music videos that could be kind of interesting, right? (cheery electronic music)

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