The Federal Judiciary: More Diverse In Race And Gender But Not In Class.
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The Federal Judiciary: More Diverse In Race And Gender But Not In Class.

November 26, 2019

uh… up until uh… recently within the
last ten years particularly if we take a look at the federal judiciary uh… like uh… the other branches of
government like the corporate world this was a society dominated by white
males from wealth and that’s who most judges were and to a large degree still are now
we’re finally making some progress more women are
getting on the bench more minorities are getting on the bench uh so these uh… white males are going to come to the bench with
their own world view you can’t separate that from from being a human being the uh… better ones i think are the ones who
learn to exercise self-restraint and to try to work and it’s difficult i think all of us have been in positions where
we’ve had to step outside our own roles and to try to to put aside our own prejudices the ones
who fail are the ones who don’t seem to care and say I’m just was gonna let my
prejudices uh… dominate the day uh the better
ones are the ones who put them aside and uh… i don’t think anyone can do it
perfectly but i do think that um… make an attempt or make an attempt and i think what still happens is that although
we’re getting more diversity in terms of race and sex i don’t think we’re getting
mort diversity in terms of class i think the people who tend to get on
the bench are still from the wealthy uh… from the power centers the
powerless by definition tend not to get on the bench and that is a big problem within our
system I think this excerpt is brought to you by the massachusetts school of

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