The First Black Man to Stand in the San Marino Parliament Tower?
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The First Black Man to Stand in the San Marino Parliament Tower?

December 9, 2019

– We’re off. ♪ We’re off to San Marino ♪ ♪ We hear it is a wonderful country ♪ ♪ That’s why we goes ♪ ♪ The wonderful country ♪ (hip hop music)
Hey, what’s up? My name is Phil. Milwaukee raised me, basketball pays me and it got me exploring the world. Now I’m spreading the power and positivity of the black traveler in
Europe’s great cities. This is Phil Good Travel. (hip hop music) San Marino, mwah. (upbeat music) Welcome to the tiny San Marino. Did you know it’s surrounded by Italy, and it’s one the world’s oldest republics? Uh huh, that’s right. This is Phil Good Travel. Let’s roll. (upbeat music) We’re here in San Marino, and this is our guide, Leonardo. Nice to meet you.
– Hi, welcome. – Thank you.
– San Marino is the third smallest European country, after Vatican City and Monaco, and of course it’s totally
surrounded by Italy. – All right, let’s roll. (upbeat music) Who’s that guy right there? – He is our patron saint. – [Phil] That’s San Marino. – He is the man who founded San Marino in the year 300. – Okay, San Marino, nice to meet you, bro. (upbeat music) – We have to enter the
parliament of San Marino, but we cannot enter with that shirt. Let’s find a right shirt. – You’re right, I’ll
take it off right now. (laughing) (applauding) Let’s roll. Could I get a picture of
me standing on the balcony with the flags? – [Leonardo] No, we are not allowed. – Hello, hello. Mwah, mwah. Did you say tourists are
not allowed up there? That’s right.
– Right. – So I’m probably the first black man to ever stand on top of there? Representation, it’s all
about representation. – Hello!
– How you doin’, bro? – Doin’ well.
– Nice to meet you, man. When you see another
brother in San Marino, you gotta acknowledge him. What’s up, my brother? – What’s up?
– California right here, man. – Take care.
– Nice to meet you, bro. Acknowledgement, it’s all
about acknowledgement. When you see a brother,
you acknowledge him. In San Marino. (upbeat music) Nice to meet you. A police officer. African Americans and police officers aren’t good in the USA, but in San Marino, we good. The beard reminds me of
Abraham Lincoln’s beard. It’s lit. Abraham Lincoln was an
honorary citizen of San Marino. (tape rewind squeaking) Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves. You know that, right? He emancipated them, but he did it strategically. He didn’t do it because he wanted to, he did it to save the union, but anyways we won’t talk about that. Abraham Lincoln, he used
to write to San Marino, or did he come visit? – [Leonardo] No, no, no,
he was never in San Marino. – I was, Abraham. – You wasn’t. – I don’t know if we are allowed to enter, but just a quick visit. – Bob Barker. – Bob Barker? – Yeah, his microphone
used to be like this. The Price is Right.
– No, I don’t know. – Come on down! You’re the next contestant
on the Price is Right. No? Get your pet spayed or neutered? You don’t know that? – (laughs) No. (upbeat music) The most important national celebration is the third of September, because San Marino was
founded on that day. ♪ It was the third of September ♪ ♪ A day they always remember ♪ – There is also a song
from Earth Wind and Fire. ♪ Ah ye-ah ♪ (slide whistle music) (upbeat music) – What’s the name of this castle? – Guaita. As you an see, they’re
from the 13th century. – Let’s check it out. (upbeat music) Here? So this castle used to be a prison? – It used to be a prisons, actually. – Okay. – A prison with nice view. – Yeah. (upbeat music) (folk music) Y’all got little desserts up in here? – It’s very good. – What is this called again? So, I’m enjoying some San Marinan food. That’s a hamburger. I know about that. What is it, it’s beef and onion. Mmm, mmm, piadina, piadina. Delicious. Salute. To San Marino, salute. (glasses clinking)
Thank you for having us. I had a great time. The catwalk, what is this called? The witches path was our playground. Oh, the beautiful view. How do you say beautiful in? – [Woman] La dolce vita. – La dolce rita. – [Man] Okay, la dolce vita. – Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. San Marino, mwah. Thanks for joining me on Phil Good Travel. See you in the next city. Let’s roll. (upbeat music) Buongiorno. – Buongiorno. Nice to meet you, bro. Ciao bella, oh, bello, sorry. You gotta make sure you get
an I Love San Marino shirt. Ain’t that right, Fidel
Castro, I mean Leonardo. You reminded me of Fidel Castro. – Oh, yeah, a little bit, yes. Because of this?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s a beautiful San Marino shirt.

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