The Five: ‘Keep America Great’ vs. ‘Make America Boring Again’
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The Five: ‘Keep America Great’ vs. ‘Make America Boring Again’

September 11, 2019

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  1. Trumps exhausting??? how about 3 years off nothing but reporting lies everyday about Trump by the main stream mediocres. 95% of everything reported was negative lies about how Trump was a Russian spy who didn't pay taxes and was a racist who mistreats women. How about that for exhausting.

  2. Biden needs a new nickname. Joe says “look me over.”
    I think he meant “warm me over.”
    Baking powder biscuit Joe. Just add chicken gravy.

  3. Fox please change your show to four, we don't need Juan, even me in South Africa can see his bias towards trump

  4. Biden is just a dummie, for Michelle Obama to make her grand entrance on the presidential stage, watch folks the demonicrats think Michelle O is their secert weapon, ooo God has other plans, Michelle a warning to you, God will expose you to all the world, stay under your rock !dear

  5. Fox, you are trouble makers for the Americans. All you do is pit the people against each other. We always have a choice.

  6. These American union workers were ordered to not cause a disturbance, or protest. Maybe they should ask their employers if and when they can hit the head? ALL AMERICANS HAVE A RIGHT TO CHOSE. THIS IS TRUMPISM, NO CHOICE WITHOUT PENALTY. TRUMP HAS WEAKENED AMERICA AND WE ARE IN DANGER . FAKE CROWD ORDERED BY EMPLOYERS TO ATTEND OR THEY WOULDN'T GET PAID.

  7. Polarising times??? And you got the polar bear!!!!! Shame he’s being attacked by all those seals and a few Puffins (on an inhaler)

  8. Juan Williams represents what the media has thrown out for years to represent the voice of black America to make it seem like black Americans are one monolithic race. Stop listening to that type of foolishness. Juan Williams doesn't represent the voice of black Americans, he represents just one voice of many voices. Now thinks to YouTube and other social media outlets, we black Americans are getting to hear those other many voices that represents black Americans as well and not just the one sided drivel that Juan Williams constantly spews.

  9. Biden is incredibly boring, and for some reasin Millenials love him. Its a good thing the new census will disqualify the, from voting for Biden. They cant act that way in my county anymore, not untill they behave.

  10. I will down vote, and not watch any video Fox News disables comments on, if this continues I will just unsubscribe, and block any and all Fox News videos.

  11. Dont forget how Kamala Harris got her nickname HORIZONTAL HARRIS. had an affair with Former SF Mayor Willie Brown. (A MARRIED MAN)

  12. Juan Williams is pathetic and cannot see past the color of skin, otherwise he would demand that obama face justice for his many crimes and could care less about integrity whatsoever. Between him Chris the worm Wallace and Shepard Smith, we've given up on Fox and watch one American News out of San Diego most of the time 😡

  13. Trump is like the new guy on a work crew, making everybody look lazy in the process of making himself look industrious. Everybody in government is, like, "Take it down a couple of notches, Trump; you're making us look bad, like we've been gold-bricking forever–you're wrecking a good thing!" hahaha 2020's going to be a barn-burner, as they used to say.

  14. juan is disgustingly partisan. It's one think to lean be way or the other, but he is intellectually dishonest in nearly everything he says.

  15. "Trump is tearing us apart" – translation: "We don't feel like we have the upper hand anymore, so we feel like tearing everything apart."

  16. Trump never told Israel to do anything about these traitors in or out of their country, show a clip or tweet to prove that BS.

  17. Whether you love me or hate me you gotta' vote for me..
    -Donald J. Trump.

    I am a very stable genius.

  18. Dana (Dog Food) Purina is,a never -Trumper, if she couldn't have Jebby, she'd take a democrat. Projectile vomit.

  19. "My name is Joe Biden! Look me over! If you like what you see, fine! If not, vote for the other guy!"

    Me: Zzzzzzzzz!!!!

    TRUMP 20/20

  20. What good has Trump actually done for the American people? Aside for the incarceration reform that is…tax cuts was a flop, border wall a waste of money that Mexico did not pay for, drugs prices are still going up, stores are still closing down, jobs are still leaving US…can someone educate me? Also please provide resources, Fox News & CNN should never be used as resources they're both biased.

  21. no difference between the clown and the puppet, except we see and hear that the clown is a racist and a warmonger. creepy joe tries to conceal it.


  23. Democrats realize that they have exhibited the demeanor of a child. Now they want to calm down and stop trying to undermine reasonable logic. Tell me I'm wrong. Give me a reason. The president dishes out the bs that he is given. Don't be a child, Dems.

  24. Dems are wrong to think that this election is simply going to be a referendum on Trump. The fact is, aside from Trump's rhetoric, the actual political climate and events are boring. Everything is going far more smoothly than anyone has anticipated. It turns out that most people's fears from the left and the right were unfounded.

  25. Juan Williams you're a complete out of touch hypocritical old bigoted black man. You're transparent hatred for president Trump sickens me you should be banned from America!!!🇺🇸

  26. If you're over 30… You should know and disdain what Socialism really is.. It is giving your life and liberty to the state.

  27. If you described the Democrat Party using only two key words "Predictable" and "Responsible", everybody in the room would be 20 IQ points dumber for hearing you having said it.

  28. The reason trump got elected that we wanted a change and different because politics have become to curropt look at these democrat pedophile ring just as the msm is trying to attach pedophilia to transgebder and normalize it. No we dont wmat to go back to your "normal" NEVER AGAIN!

  29. Keep America Great? Right! Sure, everyone now have smart phones, fast food, etc. But; now we also have lower wages, higher cost of living, broken families, higher crime, sky-high housing, schooling and medical. Sure, it's great!

  30. a friend turned me on to THE FIVE…… it, love Greg & Jessie.
    i even like Juan, the left wing human punching bag.

  31. Yeah it is the MSM that is tearing the country apart with their yelping about how Trump is tearing the country apart. They think if they say it often enough then it will be so.

  32. Joe would be ok with riding on top of a station wagon, strapped down… he's building his case for an insanity defense when he has to face his charges.

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