‘The Five’ reacts to Trump looking to end birthright citizenship
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‘The Five’ reacts to Trump looking to end birthright citizenship

August 26, 2019

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  1. There has never been "Birthright Citizenship"! Even under the Obama administration, adult children of foreigners here illegally were debated.
    The 14th Amendment talks about "Under the jurisdiction of…". The 14th Amendment was about slavery.
    Foreigners who have babies here are under the jurisdiction of the parents' home country! The parents are REQUIRED to register their child's birth with their embassy!
    Just because the welfare system has treated ut differently does NOT make law!
    Obama deported adult kids who were born here, as have other presidents! Treating it as anything else is just a lie.

  2. Do it. Birthright citizenship needs to go. The 14th Amendment was meant to keep former slaves free. Unfortunately, the Democrat party figured out how to enact Jim Crow laws and disenfranchise the former slaves and remove their rights to vote until a Republican Congress passed the civil rights acts in the 1960's.

  3. Hey Waters, crossing the border is not illegal. Crossing the border illegally is illegal. Hence the term "illegal border crossing". C'mon man…one more word was all it took. That is just lazy editorializing.

  4. End birthright citizenship, build the wall and protect the country from the invasion by cultural misfits!… Also kick out some citizens who don't deserve to be here!… You can't speak English, out! You don't watch our movies, out! You wear your ethnic clothes on our streets, out! You stink of spices, out! Revoke citizenships!

  5. The left uses inflammatory rhetoric to blind the people, yet the reality is they care about nobody or nothing except absolute power and their own benefit.

  6. 2:35……What dafuq, Ben's mom? What a stupid, stupid woman!!! She seems to just be concerned mostly with migrants on the other side if her beloved…The Wall!!

  7. Well originally there was no birth right, because according to the 14th Amendment you had to have one or both parents that are a
    Nationalized citizen or a US Citizen and it isn't overturning the 14th Amendment it is removing the redaction done in 1956.
    Ha Ha 36% that is 3% higher than Obama at the end of his first term.
    Face it illegal migrants cause wages to go down taxes to go up, and fewer jobs as many illegal migrants will work for less than minimum wage.
    Also illegal migrants cause crime to go up and employment to go down as many of them robe you and take your jobs.
    For Democrats this is all about demographic because 93% of all Spanish migrants vote Democrat and I guarantee if they voted Republican they
    would be screaming for the 14th Amendment to be abolished.

  8. Whoever thought that a guy who bankrupted CASINOS through over spending wouldn’t be great with the budget?

    Trump is growing the federal deficit by $10,000 PER PERSON during his term. If you family has 4 people, he added to your family debt by $40,000.

  9. Sorry I just can not stand to listen to Juan Williams, the guy is an effen tool and a hypocrite of the highest order. When he opens his mouth I turn the channel or go to another video.

  10. I used to enjoy watching the Five. William's interrupts anyone making a good point, then he does most of the talking using Democrat talking points. Their are so many important things going on in the world, but after the first half of the show, few important subjects are covered. How about covering Hong Kong or so some segments on international news.

  11. My 2 cents…..(Trump supporter)……We cannot trample on the 14th amendment. If you are not a citizen by birth then when are you a citizen? Laws can can be twisted by politicians to suit their needs. We do not want the government using this to exile those who are not in line with their ideals. I will say they can amend the 14th by adding that any one born here who's parents are here illegally are not citizens but to do away with the 14th is a slippery slope!

  12. The best thing that Fox has done of lately is bring Sarah Sanders on board, now get rid of Juan , Donna , Shepherd.

  13. im proud to be joining trump and americas army…. absolutely… even he doesent get re elected im confident that our leaders will carry the torch for years to some…. god bless america….


  15. End birthright citizenship for any child born of an illegal invader and those pregnant women who pay handlers to bring them into the USA in order to hatch their offspring here to become automatic citizens. Some of them then return home with their USA citizen baby and raise it to hate and undermine our sovereignty. This is shameful.

  16. They talk about ripping illegal immigrant's babies from there mother's arms yet in favor of ripping real American unborn babies out of the womb of a woman up till they are born and killing them through abortion.

  17. Where juan fails is to realize that we are not just talking about our DEAR President Trump but the will of the MAJORITY who elected him!!!

  18. Hey Juan, there called illegal immigrants not immigrants. There is a huge difference. One legally comes to this country and is recognized by the United States as a immigrant Citizen. The others avoid the line as well as being recognized as a citizen. Better get your facts clear

  19. Did you know that it is temporarily impossible for anchor babies to be loved by the biological parents? Because they can't be both an object of love AND an anchor, because an anchor is not an object of love. Those children are being objectified, and some have already been gifted to drug dealers and/or Coyotes. Those "parents" are asking the US government to take custody of the children.

  20. It's about time we have a President who is looking into ending birthright citizen babies, anchor babies !!!!

  21. UK closed the loophole decades ago…. child's nationality is governed by parent citizenship… not the place of birth…. high time to close the "anchor baby" loophole….
    I am a LEGAL immigrant and all for the closing the loophole..

  22. So now we are in the realm of overturning the constitution? Then let’s start with the 2nd. Only idea Trump has is hatred. These lot are jokers.

  23. I here by concede that WAN doesn't believe a dam word he says. And basically reads from CNN talking points of the day.
    There is case law about the matter, no one has ever looked at it. It does need to be addressed if we are going to tighten people who come in our country.
    WAN can't be that stupid. or??

  24. Love it it nice job Jesse wish I could herd wants answer to that they're breaking the law as soon as they cross not going to a point of entry and of story should have no rights because technically they're not here or supposed in a crucial

  25. the 14th amendment needs to be removed. It no longer has a purpose! It's purpose was to make slaves babies legal Americans. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. It doesnt matter if the plight of slaves. If the children of legal immigrants meet the plain meaning, they qualify for birth right citizenship.

  27. This is tough. I agree but I also think that as an American I think that if my child is born here they should be considered Americans. I mean how about sending and setting up more border patrol agents along the border and offices. The walls almost done. Let’s do that first before we take the right of Americans.

  28. children should be of the same citizenship as the mother ! pure and simple , The child belongs in the mother's care till the child is old enough to care for themselves . The Democrats are pure HATE nothing else !!!!!

  29. What is it to be American? Nothing. Thats the problem. We all only have America. These immigrants have their own lands. How is this so hard to understand for the children of migrants in congress.

  30. Countries that give "birthright citizenship" to children  born in their country:
    Antigua and Barbuda
    Costa Rica
    El Salvador
    Saint Kitts and Nevis
    Saint Lucia
    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    Trinidad and Tobago
    United States

  31. I didn't actually think I'd see racist assholes in the comment section, because I usually assume people are better than this, but jeez you guys need to calm down.

  32. send barron ("birth-right") and melonia (over-stay work visa) back to
    Ukraine. melania's parent's ("chain migration"), too. three examples
    (according to tRUMP) of immigrants that shouldn't be granted entry into
    America. i have to agree with him on these…

  33. send barron ("birth-right") and melonia (over-stay work visa) back to
    Ukraine. melania's parent's ("chain migration"), too. three examples
    (according to tRUMP) of immigrants that shouldn't be granted entry into
    America. i have to agree with him on these…

  34. This is the most common sense approach to maintaining any hope of sovereignty.
    American sovereignty is meaningless without enforced laws that preserve it.
    Is Globalization a forgone conclusion?
    It already exists in the Silicon Valley.
    Homelessness is skyrocketing and new development caters to aliens. The land where I have lived my whole life is nolonger distinguishable as American and all but a fraction of citizens are being forced to the fringes of a new 3rd world.

  35. For everyone that thinks breaking and entering is no longer illegal can we have your address and we can cross right in your back door!!!!!!! Thanks amego!!!

  36. The right wing claim to be Christian but really they are demons destroying this country by robbing the working poor and giving that to the already greedy rich!! They only talk it but they can never walk it! They go after abortion so they can claim to be for God but they hurt the poor that Christ himself said to help out! The republican party is the most evil and twisted party because they use religion to justify their evil deeds but they fail to see that the God they claim to believe in, is watching them all and they better hope they never face him on judgement day, because they will all get a huge rude awakening and what they deserve!!! It's time to call them all out for being the no good rotten fruit bearing fake Christian hypocrite lying racist sexist twisted evil bastards that they really are and in 2020, no more of them left in office, time to vote out every republican for good!!

  37. oh, so now democrats care about "ripping children from the bosoms of their mothers"? I wish they had the same sympathy for unborn American children.

  38. If your born in the UNITED STATE by American father in mother then your American if you born from mexico you are a mexican child it a fact i support TRUMP.

  39. Frank A has information about the stabbing in Fullerton. J is aware that there was a tease at the dorm. Witch craff, seduction. US should mobilize vs black countries.

  40. What 970 idiots object.this is our nation.go to Mexico and live there.this whining..racism..always kids..ripped from the bosum..what horseshit

  41. Keep them out! The birth right is not right, because they are not anchored to our laws.
    Juan is a totally Arsehole, and should be sent back to Cuba 🇨🇺!


  43. ,,,, lmao,,, why,,, lol,,, Why is, and how is, it possible of all things, I hear a rant about "immigrants in America" when Juan should have said "illegal immigrants"… We do remember,,, how about a hotter topic, talk about the Byrne 🙂

  44. Shitist news agency ever, always spreading false news by twisting the truth and paying people to say things to enforce their crruption

  45. Juan is basically, just a silly leftist crackpot and I resent that fool being the sole representative on the show of people of color. He's constantly OPEN BORDERS insanity and pretending that LEGAL and ILLEGAL immigration are the same. On the "anchor baby" matter, he intentionally misrepresents what the 14th amendment and the U.S. Supreme Court actually said. He's a LYING leftist crackpot, but his filthy misconduct DOES accurately represent the current level of deep, filthy corruption in the current Democratic Party!

  46. This ludicrous policy should never have happened , other country’s would deport both or arrest them for spies, mass deportation is in order illegal is criminal

  47. You wouldn't need to overturn the 14th amendment. It was written so that former slaves would gain citizenship, Not immigrants. And was enforced as such for decades only being changes by the Kennedys later on.

  48. Juan the Affirmative Action hire reveals his own personal racism towards White People and disdain for America. He is the cleaned up Diet Coke version of Colin Kapernick

  49. Where both parents are NOT citizens of the US a child born here should not be a US Citizen, There are Countries where a family has to be there 5 generations before a child can be born a citizen.

  50. Pregnant alien women should be denied access to the USA. If an alien child is born in USA, it should automatically be NOT a citizen of of the USA.

  51. Juan is by far is the most educated, logical and reasonable amongst these talking clowns. And one of them is a judge, shame.

  52. Don't mention the Trillion dollar increase in budget deficit, the billions of dollars increase in trade deficit, American consumers having to pay the import tax I.e. Tariffs, don't mention any of Trump's complete lies and con tricks or his fraudulent university having to pay $20 million in reparation or Trump's fraudulent charity being run as a family bank account, or most of his products being made in China and Philippines or how much his resorts have charged taxpayers for his visits. Just keep up the BS.

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