The GI Bill and the Racial Divide
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The GI Bill and the Racial Divide

September 11, 2019

our guest at the beginning to the show
you know I pointed out that that Ferguson and many other black enclaves are 8 poor and be black in part because the way the GI bill was
administered and and he said will give me some numbers to
prove that and I didn’t have them at my fingertips
so here they are the GI Bill for small was
ninety five billion dollars where the program’s which is you know a fair amount of money I mean
it’s it so it’s less than a tenth of what george were spent in Iraq but it’s
still hella lotta money air sixteen million veterans attended
college or bought homes or receive job training
as a result of the GI Bill the bill clinton once called it the best
deal ever made by Uncle Sam however the congressional leaders when he wrote the
GI Bill they made sure that the money the money didn’t come like when my dad
for example used the GI Bill to buy a house a house Lansing Michigan my dad was bar
the occupation Japan after world war two but when he joined went through basic
training the war was still going on and so he qualified for the GI Bill and when dad did that the money it wasn’t like Washington DC wrote a check for backstopped the loan that my dad got for that house instead or for that matter when my dad went to
college the money was given to the state of Michigan and state officials administer the funds so as a a historian by the name of katznelson
rights written under I am in quote written
under southern auspices the law was deliberately designed to accommodate Jim
Crow it was as though the GI bill had been earmarked for white veterans only sewing
congressional leaders made certain that the programs are directed not by
Washington but by local white officials businessmen bankers in college administrators who
would on our past practices so numbers our guest was sinking numbers let’s just take a look at the state of
mississippi for example in one year 1947 there were 3,229 a loans to purchase a home a business or
farm under the GI Bill in mississippi in 1947 3,229 how many went to black veterans to their numbers

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  1. asian immigrants did pretty well without the GI bill.  Blacks more affected by CIA introducing drugs to their community and outsourcing of manufacturing and BET propaganda. 

  2. This veteran does not need to tell you that nowadays, most veterans do not use their GI Bill benefits. The fact is that we usually can't even if we want to! I completed an associate's degree with the GI Bill and got most of the way to a bachelor's. My GI Bill expired so I could not use it any longer. Tuition had more than tripled since starting at the university so I could not afford to continue. Many vets DO NOT have accommodating employers. I could use my benefits because I worked an odd schedule. I am hoping that the expiration date is eliminated and veterans can simply take as much time as they need to exhaust their full benefits.

  3. Ok, Get your FACTS Straight. VA Home Loan is a totally separate program. The GI Bill is for college. Not that hard to figure out. Home Loan – buy house. GI Bill – get education. Did I dumb it down enough for your to understand?

  4. the fact of the matter is no one race has been oppressed like the African descendents …White women Gays whites every other so called minority  benefits from the BLACK CIVIL RIGHTS ACTS…SMH  now it's gentrification in black neighborhoods whites want to move back into the city after their grandparent ran to the suburbs after the G.I. BILL ACT  property that blacks own is not worth any thing until whites move in it….Someone made a great point about prominent black community being destroyed by white DEVILS the influx of drugs brought in to the community …Banks also played a big part no loans where given  too black to create business  like there given too other minority's i just mentioned …another thing is blacks don't forget their history …white women weren't allowed to vote the white man wouldn't let his own mother vote…don't get me started on ASIA white man has bombed poisoned Asia all threw history…OPIUM …but Asians don't care because their forgetful or submissive foot stools…i live in SEATTLE where china town used to be black until the white police and law makers slowly moved blacks too the CD THEN  WHITES FLED TO THE SUBURBS now there kids children are coming back to the city using GENTRIFICATION TACTICS …WHITE PEOPLE ARE THE UNSEEN CAUSE AND AFFECT OF SOCIAL AND ECONOMICAL PROGRESS…

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