The Glorious Revolution of 1689
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The Glorious Revolution of 1689

August 24, 2019

The Duke of York is my heir, and will remain so. His right is ordained by God, and no man may alter it. I declare Parliament dissolved.
Gentlemen, go home. I will not trouble you any further. [Narrator]: Almost four years to the day after his accession, and following the birth of
his son, the Catrholic heir to the throne, James II was deposed by Parliament in favor
of the Dutch Protestant, William, and his wife Mary, James’ own daughter. Catholics
were barred from the throne forever, and remain so to this day. No monarch of England would
ever again attempt to rule without Parliament.

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  1. It wasn't the "glorious" revolution, it was the infamous revolution! The rightful king James II Stuart was deposed by some filthy heretic peasants. 😡 They replaced him with protestant usurper William II and transformed kingdom into parody of monarchy where king has no true power. Even now, in 2011, democrats degraded monarchy by divesting king's command to dissolve parliment. 😕 King James II granted freedom of worship to Catholics, nonconformists and dyssenters. The 🇻🇦 One, True, Catholic Faith 🇻🇦 bacame once again the royal religion with no persecution against protestants. 👍 The shameful revolution was probably one of the worst moments in British history besides act of supremacy, rule of Henry VIII and usurper Elizabeth "the First", enhlish civil war and rule of tyrant Cromwell. Not mentioning all of long-lasting ones like large colonial industry and exploitation, gross slavery againsts Native Americans, Asians and Africans and also persecution against Irish people as well as all of Catholics and half of protestants. 😠 God bless You all and greetings from Poland! #Christianitas #DeusVult 🕇 🇵🇱 ☧ ♱

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