The Grandparents Frame by JOHNSON’S® Baby
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The Grandparents Frame by JOHNSON’S® Baby

October 15, 2019

[Muziek] en abonneer hoe stabiel [Muziek] ik ben erdoor stabiel bent meteen en dus alweer we telen sabbia oro verse bloemen ze heeft mijn cabanon was helemaal live in dat ze dood ging normen boel ijdel tube module die jaren eerder de en violetta salaf hebben we hebben daar zomaar gaat het zo de door hartelijk wij willen hiermee verder kill a loan was de bedoel dit uw het aerotech kamala r9 bezorgen maar van die dakterrassen met hmm steden zijn hen door het noorse dus in drie dus de tumor big bang waar de bal allemaal een beletsel voor een bijnaam perceptie beginnen geen redden aan ze les tractie redden sambo dag weer af zijn we zijn dus nu mijn charlie showroom zoodra kwijt en dan wat het wil en [Muziek] ik ben [Muziek]

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  1. I've never seen the love of Grandparents but as an expat away from home far from the loved ones, i can very well relate to this video. Thanks for making such a great video!!!

  2. Sweeetttt idea but these guys are nt real grandparents. they r actors. have seen 2 of them in other ads on tv 😀 :))))

  3. I wish my grandparents were still here so I could have shared more of my life with them while being abroad. And with me all other young fast-paced globetrotters can relate to this, as this is such a universal emotion.

  4. كل ما ارى اي منتج يستخدم او يمتهن او يستغل مشاعر الناس لاجل انتشاره او تحسين صورته اقاطعه مدى الحياه …. انا مع ان المنتج يخدم نفسه بنفسه بدون دعايات انسانيه واهيه لان بالاول وبالاخير هم يريدون المال و اي منتج يحصل على الارباح من العاطفه او التعاطف هذا منتج سيء جدا جدا لانه يتاجر بمشاعر الاخرين

  5. طيب الفيديو كله عربي ليش كاتبين اخر شي بالانجليزي مسوين هاي كلاس؟

  6. so to get the grandparents close to their grandsons is buying a phone and taking pictures? this is a really low way to get people to buy your phones, your pathetic

  7. :,(
    حن دووم ويا يدي ويدتي حتى ان البيت ممزور بعيال عيالهم الحمدالله ع النعمه
    ربي يكون في عونهم قطعو قلبي

  8. Great Idea! Helps change the world.. Lost My Grandma recently.. RIP.. I wished I could Have shared more times with her, at least digitally.

  9. I don't think you got the concept.

    – You buy the Picture frame and send it to your grandparents
    – you download the app to your phone which then connects to the picture frame
    – every time you take a pic of your children and save it in the app (on your phone), it gets automatically transferred to the digital frame (at the grandparents house).

    hence, even though they are far, they can still watch in real time, what their grandchildren are doing.


  10. شوفو احنا عاملين ازاى دلوقتى ومفيش غربة كمان
    Look at our situation now pitiful without travel

  11. – – تأثرت وأحسست بمشاعرهم …
    حتى أن عينآي دمعت لبكآئهم …
    وشفتـآي إبتسمت لفرحهم …

    كم تمنيت أن يكون لي جد أو جدة ولو وآحد أو واحدة فقط :_(

    فقد مآتوا قبل حتى أن أرآهم .. حتى أنه ليس لهم صور كي أرآهم وأقنع عيني بأن لديّ أجداد .. 🙁

    يالله .. أسعد كل جد وجدة برؤية أبنآئهم وأحفآدهم وأحفظهم لهم ..

  12. Personally, I've never seen a stronger love than that of grandparents to their children and their grandchildren… As a person living abroad, one of the hardest things I have to go through is watching my grandparents cry when my parents and I leave. Just breaks my heart…

  13. Love the concept, still sad though, grandparents should be able to watch their grandkids grow in real life, not virtually, but if their situation is complicated; its great to see something that could link them together.

  14. Bapir yan nenk sersamkern, serasime debêtyan, cêysernc, sersuřhêner, baweř pênekraw, řaçlekandn, nayab, mucize asa, sersamkrdn, hoş-helker:)

  15. this will not nor slightly happen to new generation..because they know how to use FB and twitter and gadgets to simply enjoyed themselves, if it happens..simply they're not prepared to that kind of situation that's enivitable..but simply human with a soft heart if you put your self into it..

  16. سبحان الله والحمد لى الله وﻻأله إﻻ الله وحده ﻻ شريك له له الملك وله الحمد وهو على كل شي قدير ﻻ حول وﻻ قوه إﻻ بالله العلى العظيم اللهم صلى على محمد

  17. بجد اعلان مقرف…عاملين زى اعلانات التبرع لمعاهد الأورام…بطلوا متاجرة بمشاعر الناس…!!

  18. اللي يقول استغلال مشاعر ..
    أنا أشوف الإعلان سلط الضوء على نعمة من كثير تقدر التكنولوجيا تمنحنا إياها مثل إنها تخفف آلام هالأجداد في غربة أبناءهم وتخليهم متواصلين معهم ولو لحد ما .

  19. This brought tears to my eyes. Grandparents are such blessings. they give unconditional love to their grandkids. which i still had mine. but they are resting now. family! the greatest gift of all time!

  20. Would be even better if the grandchildren actually visited them more often and spent some great time with them :'(

  21. I am very much interested in the app and frame for my grandparents, but how does it work when they do not have WIFI/internet at home? Is this a requirement? If so, is there an option to buy prepaid Internet usage via a USB stick that can be plugged into the frame?

    Also, is a tablet also OK or does it have to be digital enabled frame wifi with email functionality?
    thanks so much!

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